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Become Dubai Tour Guide: Get License Follow This Guide

Would you like to work as a Dubai tour guide and show visitors the beauty and diversity of this city? Dubai is one of the most popular destinations in the world, with stunning architecture, rich culture, and a variety of attractions. If you want to become a Dubai tour guide, you need to obtain an official license that certifies your skills and knowledge.

In this article, we will explain how to obtain a Dubai tour guide license. We will tell you about the requirements, the exam, the application process, and the benefits of being a Dubai tour guide. We will also give you some resources and tips to prepare and stand out as a tour guide in Dubai. Read on and start your career as a Dubai tour guide today.

Importance of Getting a Dubai Tour Guide License

dubai tour guide

To understand the importance of the Dubai Tour guide license, there are two essential aspects that you have to know. In this section, we will introduce you to these two factors so that you can understand this matter.

The need to have a license: Currently, Dubai is a top tourist destination due to the multiple options that exist for tourists. For example, its vibrant nightlife, rich culture, stunning heritage sites, and world-class shopping destinations. Every good tour guide in Dubai is a key player in improving the visitor’s experience. As well as offering about the culture, history, and attractions of Dubai.

In order to achieve this goal, you need a Dubai tour guide license, so you can carry out the job effectively and professionally. Having authorization to be a Dubai tour guide is more than a simple formality. It is also a testament to his integrity, professionalism, and commitment to high standards in the provision of tour guide services. The Department of Tourism and Marketing (DTCM) and the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) are the government agencies that oversee this process.

Furthermore, these bodies must ensure that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide an excellent service to tourists. This process involves different essential stages; for instance, training, examination, and approval. Each of these has its design to maintain a high level of service from the Dubai tour guide.

Advantages of becoming a licensed Dubai tour guide: With this license, you will have access to a world of opportunities. These opportunities are not only for the tourism industry but also allow you to network with other professionals in the sector. Plus, you can share your passion for Dubai with visitors with tourist visas from all over the world.

Qualifications and Skills Requirements

If you want to be a good Dubai tour guide you have to meet certain prerequisites. The DTCM authority responsible for issuing this type of license establishes these requirements. Thus, the highest quality of service can be guaranteed to the country and tourists. Among the most important requirements you need to obtain the Dubai tour guide license are:

Training and education: Becoming a licensed Dubai tour guide involves comprehensive training programs and rigorous exams. Some institutions offer courses that delve into specific aspects of the topic. For example, unique city attractions and the art of customer service.

The evaluation process may include oral interviews, written exams, and practical assessments to evaluate some aspects. For instance, the ability to take captivating tours, your understanding and evaluation of knowledge.

Linguistic and interpersonal skills: Mastering the most common languages ​​among tourists is a crucial requirement. This skill allows you to communicate effectively with a wide range of visitors. However, it takes more than language proficiency; Excellent interpersonal skills are also essential. The interactions you have with tourists from diverse backgrounds can significantly enrich their visit.

Understand the history and culture of Dubai: A Dubai tour guide must have in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of the city. This knowledge prepares you to offer insightful and historical context to tourists. Thus, your understanding and appreciation of Dubai can be enhanced. Training programs and exams ensure that tour guides are well-equipped. Specifically, to share Dubai’s rich historical and cultural legacy with international visitors.

Dubai’s Licensing Procedure

Like the tourist license, the license to be a tour guide in Dubai has requirements and a process to follow. Below, you will see a list of the requirements to meet together with the different steps to follow.

Request the evaluation as a Dubai tour guide: In principle, you have to present the documents to start the license application process, which are

  • No Objection Letter (NOC)
  • Criminal record
  • English Proficiency Certificate
  • Academic certificate
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Emirates ID
  • Passport-size photo of the Dubai tour guide applicant.

These documents are essential to demonstrate compliance with the applicant’s high standards. Specifically, the professionalism and integrity that the government requires for the profession.

Preparation and exam: After meeting all the eligibility criteria, you can prepare for the exam. Some institutions provide training programs for any Dubai tour guide. For instance, the Dubai College of Tourism. These programs delve into a variety of topics, from the culture and history of Dubai. You can even find some that are about the practical skills needed to take a tour.

The evaluation process and program may include evaluations of different types. For instance, written tests, interviews, and practical assessments to assess your skills and understanding.

License Application Process: Upon successful completion of the exam, the applicant can apply for the tour guide license. The DTCM manages this process, intending to maintain the high level of the tour guides. That is, guarantee the professionalism and integrity of the tour guides. The process is rigorous and thorough, reflecting the high standards expected of Dubai tour guides.

Costs in the licensing process: Obtaining a license as a Dubai tour guide comes with certain costs. Among these fees for training programs, are the license application and the exam. However, the benefits of being a tour guide far outweigh the costs.


The first thing you need to know is that the eligibility criteria to be a Dubai tour guide are strict. First, you must be at least 18 years old, have command of the language, and have a minimum level of secondary education. Additionally, you may need some background checks and other licensing prerequisites. Thus, its reliability and suitability for work can be guaranteed.

It is essential to comply with these requirements and operate with a license to avoid legal consequences. However, the obtaining process also involves some challenges for the applicant. Passing exams, meeting eligibility criteria, and navigating the application and evaluation process can be overwhelming. But, you do not have to worry about any of this. Today, there are resources available to help you overcome these obstacles.

A good option is to seek guidance from professional associations and attend seminars or workshops. In addition, establishing contacts with good tour guides. All of this will provide you with support for the obtaining process and will give you all the necessary information about the eligibility criteria.

In summary, becoming a Dubai tour guide is not just about getting a job. Truly, it is about being part of a community passionate about sharing the beauty and charm of Dubai with the world. This is a good option to share Dubai’s rich historical and cultural heritage with the global community. That is why today you have to take the first step to practice this beautiful profession.

Documentation Required and Application Procedure

If you want to obtain your Dubai tour guide license you must have certain documents and follow the proper procedure. Below you will see the documents and the procedure to follow to obtain your license:

Documents: To apply for your Dubai tour guide license you must be at least 18 years old. Additionally, you must create an account and have the following documents:

  • Your Emirates identification.
  • The English proficiency certificate.
  • A certificate of completion of secondary school or grade 12 or higher.
  • A first-aid certificate.
  • The NOC from a sponsor.
  • A passport-size photograph.
  • The police clearance certificate from Dubai Police.

Dubai Way Online Programme: Dubai Way is the first part of the assessment. It costs 750 Dhs and will take approximately 12 hours to complete (in stages).

Interview Knowledge Assessment: After passing the Dubai Way section, candidates will be invited to complete an initial interview and a written exam. Its cost is 1,520 Dhs and lasts 2 hours.

Online Skills Development Program: In this e-course, you will learn essential skills as a tour guide. This part lasts 6 hours and 40 minutes, with a cost of 5,250 Dhs.

Obtain your license: When you have successfully completed all stages you will be granted your tour guide license.

Licensing Exam Preparation

To be a tour guide in Dubai you need to obtain your license. Additionally, you need to complete an online training program and obtain your license which is issued by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce. In this way, the training program is completely online and is taught in English and Mandarin.

Courses include training in history, culture, geography, tourism and communication skills. Additionally, if you want to be eligible for this program you must be at least 18 years old and provide the necessary documents to register.

Hands-On Training and Practical Experience

Specific training is necessary for people who want to acquire their tour guide license in Dubai. Therefore, the General Directorate of Tourism Professionalization and Competitiveness offers online courses for tourist guides. In addition, these are endorsed for hours of tour guide endorsement.

Tour guides must possess knowledge about the most popular tourist places. Additionally, you should know about safety and local regulations. It is important to highlight that Dubai has many tourist sites of great importance such as the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Mall. For this reason, practical training is important to evaluate the performance of license applicants in real situations.

Concluding Assessment and Certification

dubai tour guide

If you want to obtain a tour guide license you must complete an online training program. This program consists of different modules that cover different topics. Among these topics we can find Dubai history, local traditions, culture, geography and the most popular tourist sites.

In addition, language courses are included so that guides can communicate with tourists from anywhere in the world. The certification exam to acquire a tour guide license is not publicly available. However, upon completing the training program, all students must undergo a final evaluation.

Included in this final evaluation are the topics taught in the training program. If you pass this exam you will be able to obtain your tour guide license in Dubai and work as one. This way, you will have the opportunity to share all the knowledge and love for Dubai with all the tourists who come from all over the world.

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