How to Obtain Golden Visa: Know everything about it

Golden Visa Uae

For the past several years, the UAE has emerged as a top option for entrepreneurs and investors to establish their businesses and homes. Due to a booming market, forward-looking investment objectives, and the possibility to opt for a Golden Visa, many individuals decided to set up in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirati jurisdictions.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about how to obtain a golden visa in the UAE. Additionally, you will discover the full list of main requirements, types of visas, and conditions to apply. You will also learn more about:

  1. What is a Golden Visa?
  2. Top Benefits of UAE Golden Visa for investors and entrepreneurs
  3. Who can apply for a Golden Visa in the UAE?
  4. 5-year Golden Visa: Requirements and profile
  5. 10-year Golden Visa: Requirements and profile
  6. Step by Step Golden Visa application process
  7. How can we help you obtain a Golden Visa in the UAE?\

1. What is a Golden Visa?

The UAE’s exponential economic growth caught the eye of investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Thanks to its pro-migration policy, the Emirati authorities created a special long-term residential visa, also known as Golden Visa; to help “talented people and great minds” to settle in the UAE territory.

As a result, the Golden Visa allows foreigners and residents business owners a way to get a resident visa without resorting to a local sponsor. Since its creation in 2019, around 400 professionals moved within UAE borders to work, live, and, most importantly, thrive in all senses.

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However, Golden Visas have some special conditions. Firstly, not everyone is eligible to apply for them. Applicants must be professionals with years of experience in priority areas, researchers, investors, or large entrepreneurs.

Secondly, according to career and profession, a person can opt for a 5 or 10 year Golden visa (it will depend on the individual’s profile). Lastly, it is possible to apply for a renewal. However, to get it, the holder must follow some conditional terms.

2. Top benefits of a Golden Visa

The major benefit of the Golden Visa is allowing investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals the possibility to relocate to the UAE for a long-term period. According to solicited requirements, holders can reside in the country for up 5 to 10 years.

Likewise, holders enjoy:

  • Multiple-entry permits: Golden visa holders have greater options to move out of the UAE frequently. Unlike other residential visas, Golden Visas beneficiaries are exempt from remaining physically in the UAE every 6 months.
  • Beloved one’s extension: One of the general benefits of the visa is the extension of the visa to immediate family members (spouses and children) and business partners.
  • Permanence Security: Thanks to its long extension, foreign Golden Visa holders feel safer to enjoy a long period of stay in the UAE.
  • Renewal option: Although some conditions must be fulfilled, there is a possibility to renew the visa
  • Aid and special services: Golden Visa also comes with aid and assistance programs to help foreign and resident investors. For instance, the 24/7 “You are special service” program in Dubai.
  • Affordability: Contrary to what you may think, Golden Visa is one of the cheapest kinds of visas worldwide, making it more accessible for investors and entrepreneurs.

2.1 Golden visa cost

Cost may vary according to the type of visa you apply for. Each type has its own fees, documents, and requirements. However, it is around AED 5,000 for investors.

This amount excludes PRO services, additional fees, and charges.

3. Who can apply for a Golden Visa in the UAE?

The Golden Visa is intended to attract individuals who can contribute to the local economic growth and promote scientific, technological, and cultural advances.  Therefore, this visa is aimed at a specific type of foreigner.

It is typically given to people specialized in technology, venture, or creative fields. Likewise, other foreign and resident professionals like:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Researchers
  • Large company’s owners
  • Promising science students
  • Specialized and experienced professionals
  • Public and private secondary outstanding students
  • Outstanding artists

Although all of these careers and professions are suitable candidates to opt for a Golden Visa, the duration of the Golden Visa will depend on the requirements to apply for the 5-year or the 10-year.

4. 5-year Golden Visa: Requirements and profile

5-years Golden Visas are related to the educational and investment fields. That is to say, they are aimed at investors, entrepreneurs, and outstanding students. The conditions and requirements for each one are:

4.1 Entrepreneurs

Business owners with organizations valued or with a minimum capital of AED 500,000. Moreover, another condition is that they have an incubator business credit approval within any of the UAE Free Zones, Mainland, or Off-Shore companies.


  • A six-month multi-entry permit
  • Visa renewal for another six months
  • Long-term visa including spouse, children, a business partner, and three executives

4.2 Investors

This profile includes entrepreneurs with investments equivalent to AED 5,000. In addition, another condition is that the investments cannot come out of a loan. On the other hand, if they have investments in real estate, these must be restrained for at least three years


  • The investor’s property or projects must be in a certified UAE field.
  • Applicant must own the supporting organization
  • Applicant’s company must provide records of support to startups or smaller enterprises. That is to say, they must provide resources and services to other organizations.
  • The applicant shall provide insurance for themselves and their immediate family members at the time of application.

4.3 Outstanding students

In this case, College and secondary students can apply for a Golden Visa if they are cursing scientific studies or possess an outstanding GPA.


  • Public or private secondary students with a minimum grade score of 95%
  • College students, within and outside the country, with a 3.75 GPA by graduation time.


  • Long-term visa for direct family

5. 10-year Golden Visa: Requirements and profile

Likewise, the 10-year Golden Visa profile and requirements are aimed at investors with high purchasing power or specialists with extensive academic and professional backgrounds. It also includes prominent figures in culture and the art world, doctors, high-level executives, and renowned scientists.

Therefore, specific requirements are:

5.1 Investors

In the case of investors, the main requirement is to be the owner of a company that has at least AED 10 million invested in the Emirati market. This amount repeats in the rest of the requirements.


  • Applicant must partner with an existing or new company that has a share value of no less than AED 10 million.
  • On the other hand, investors should have a 60% investment in real estate valued at no less than AED 10 million
  • It is essential that the investment does not come from a loan.
  • Applicant’s investment should be retained for at least three years
  • Investors should have solvency of AED 10 million before applying


  • A business partners’ visa extension, on the condition that each partner contributes AED 10 million
  • A visa extension for spouses and children’s
  • Visa extensions for one executive director and one advisor
  • Possibility to apply for a multiple-entry permit for six months.

5.2 Individuals with specialized talents

It covers professionals in science, technological development, scientific fields, and knowledge such as doctors, inventors, scholars, and researchers. In addition, specialized individuals and experts in the arts and culture are also eligible for the Golden Visa.


  • Having a valid employment contract in a specialized field of priority in the UAE
  • Properly documented and proved exceptional talent skills
  • Patents or scientific research published in a high-level journal
  • Executives must own a leading and worldwide renowned company
  • Executives should present a high academic achievement position
  • Scientists must have a Mohammed Bin Rashid recognition for Scientific Excellence and accreditation of the Emirates Scientists Council
  • Art and culture researchers or professionals should be accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Youth

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On the other hand, extra requirements doctors and specialists should consider before applying are:

  • A Ph. D form of one of the top 500 Universities in the world
  • An award or certificates in his/her field of specialty
  • Proven contribution to a major scientific research organization in his/her field
  • Published articles in major scientific papers or magazines
  • Published renowned specialized books in his/her field
  • A Ph. D. degree
  • A 10-year professional experience career
  • Specializations in prior UAE tech, science, and cultural fields

6. Step by Step Golden Visa application process

Now that you know the profile to apply for a Golden Visa in the UAE, it is time to apply. If you meet the requirements and conditions, you must follow the next simple steps to make the process fast, safe and successful. These are:

Step 1: Gather the necessary documentation for its further submission in order to obtain the visa. The requested documents may vary according to the profile you fall in. However, in general terms, you will need the following:

  • Applicant’s Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • An Emirates ID
  • Passport size color photo
  • Trade License/Licenses
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Certificate and license provided by an auditor
  • Bank statements
  • Company/Organization/Real estate title deed
  • Ejari
  • Applicant’s health insurance (this also includes direct family)

Step 2: Submit the documents in proper order to the Consulate

Step 3: Once you pay the correspondent fees, submit the documents, and have the authority’s approval, the Golden Visa will be issued. Be willing to relocate to the UAE as soon as possible

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However, getting a Golden Visa does not mean you won’t require some extra licenses and permits to work freely after establishing in the UAE. Before settling or applying for the Golden Visa, remember to choose the area in which you wish to live and obtain or renew the necessary permits to operate freely.

7. How can we help you obtain a Golden Visa in the UAE?

Applying for a Golden Visa is not a complicated process. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to transform your lifestyle and achieve new professional goals in one of the most prone countries in the world. At Connect Zone, we are ready to help you make your Golden Visa application process go smoothly.

With over 20 years of experience, we are experts in successfully advising and introducing companies to the Emirati market. Likewise, once you are fully established in the UAE, we can contribute to your growth with our PRO services, guaranteeing a team of experts available 24/7 at the best price.

We also provide company formation services, staff outsourcing, business center option, document data verification, translation, bookkeeping, and tax consultancy. If your profile does not fit the Golden Visa requirements, you can also consult us to apply for a Freelancer visa. Our cost-effective packages are designed to help you to enter the freelancer Emirati market and exploit your freelance skills.

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Would you like to contact Connect Zone to know more about how to get a Golden Visa in the UAE? In case you have any questions, call us on +971 43 316 688. Moreover, you can email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

To sum up, if you want to receive extra info about our products or services, submit your CV or resume to Don’t worry, your personal information won’t be shared or stored.

All you need to Know about Offshore Companies in Dubai – [The full Process]


If you want to get the benefits that follow having a business in Dubai but do not have the resources to do so, you have come to the right place. Offshore companies in Dubai are the best option for those wanting to have ownership in Dubai without actually living there.


In this article, we discuss the full process of how to set up an offshore company in Dubai. Furthermore, we give you the information you need to know to set up an offshore company in Dubai. Let’s observe:

  1. What is the definition of an offshore company?
  2. Why have offshore companies become so popular in Dubai?
  3. What are the benefits of an offshore company?
  4. What kind of companies can become offshore in Dubai?
  5. How can I set up an offshore company in Dubai?
  6. How can Connect Zone help you set up an offshore business?

1. What is the definition of an Offshore company?

For many, picturing a place where businesses don’t have to give up a big part of their revenue on taxes would simply be a dream. Additionally, imaging anyone could form a company in any corner of the world and not pay taxes seems rather unreachable. However, in today’s world, this is certainly a handy option for business owners.

An offshore company allows businesses to operate outside their juridical registration. In a nutshell, this means that it is possible to register your company in a country you do not reside in. If that specific place we talk about is Dubai, suddenly that dream world we mentioned seems just around the corner.

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There are two jurisdictions available for offshore companies in Dubai. The Ras Al Khaimah and Jebel Ali Free zone are free-taxation zones offering 100% ownership for foreign entrepreneurs. These jurisdictions allow start-up companies to have the benefits of a Dubai company while remaining in a foreign country.

The Ras Al Khaimah is known for having a big influx of foreign Investors. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are usually attracted to its booming economy, innovative architecture, and business-friendly policies. On the other hand, Jebel Ali accounts as one of the free zones with the most international companies. Jebel is amongst the firsts free zones established in the UAE, being among the most progressive zones for businesses.

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2. Why have Offshore companies become so popular in Dubai?

Over the past few decades, we have been able to see the rapid surge of these so-called offshore companies. Because of Dubai’s promising economy, many startup companies have become interested in getting Dubai’s jurisdiction and becoming offshore companies.

There are multiple key factors that attract and invite entrepreneurs from all over the world to invest and set up their businesses in Dubai. Overall these attractive features focus mainly on helping business owners to grow their companies both nationally and internationally.

If we consider the amount of revenue international enterprises have to give up in taxes alone, it’s no surprise because offshore companies in Dubai became so popular. For instance, business owners that lack access to a residence visa in Dubai and don’t want to pay an absurd amount of money in taxes can opt for getting an offshore company in Dubai.

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Additionally, because of Dubai’s business-friendly policies, there aren’t many restrictions for foreign companies to get an offshore jurisdiction. In fact, getting an offshore company in Dubai can be rather easy when backed with the right assistance. For that matter, here at connect zone, we offer you the best assistance to get your company registered hassle-free, with the help of our capacitated professionals.

3. What are the benefits of an Offshore company?

Depending on the jurisdictional area you choose, the benefits that offshore companies in Dubai receive vary. Besides this, there are various observable differences regarding the requirements and features of offshore companies in Dubai.

For example, getting an offshore registration in JAFZA, can allow you to have local real estate ownership, while a RAK jurisdiction cannot. Differences like this depend mostly on the policies established for each offshore registration zone. However, that isn’t to say that one zone is more favorable than the other, it is just about determining what zone suits you best.

See all the details you should know about the JAFZA free zone

3.1. Here are some of the benefits that a JAFZA jurisdiction can offer

100% foreign ownership – A minimum of one shareholder is required for offshore companies in Dubai located in the JAFZA Zone. Naturally, full foreign ownership is possible to obtain with this jurisdiction.

Shareholding in local companies – Despite the emphasized prohibitions for offshore companies to do business with locals, the authorities do allow shareholding in local companies and free zones companies.

Real estate ownership – One particular feature of the JAFZA offshore companies is the permission for real estate investment. This means that JAFZA offshore companies can directly own real estate. However, to do this you will first need to have a development approval and a free zone approval.

Anonymity – There is no need for public disclosure when it comes to offshore companies in Dubai. In the JAFZA Zone, it is not a requirement for offshore companies to disclose any information about the shareholders or directors in any public register.

Access to a local bank account – Getting access to a local bank account could be considered one of the most essential tools given to offshore companies in Dubai. Additionally, with a local bank account, you will be able to do multi-currency transactions both nationally and internationally.

3.2. Here are some of the benefits that a RAK jurisdiction can offer

100% ownership for foreigners – As we are speaking about offshore companies in Dubai, the main benefit of getting a RAK jurisdiction is being able to own your business without a local partner involved. Furthermore this jurisdiction requires a minimum of one shareholder to get a RAK jurisdiction.

Fast incorporation – Thanks to the diligent and rapid services of the RAK registration process, companies can be registered within one week. If you want to get your RAK jurisdiction within no time, Connect Zone can help you make sure all your documents are error-free. Furthermore, our team of specialized VAT professionals can register your company hassle-free as well as assist you on any bookkeeping or tax service you may need.

Company administration – While it is a requirement for your company to have at least one secretary and one director, there is no need to disclose any information about your company’s administration to the public.

Shareholder’s anonymity – As well as we previously explained for the administrative activity of your company, there are no requirements for you to publicly disclose information about your shareholders.

Local bank account access – Just like the JAFZA jurisdiction, the RAK jurisdiction provides access to a national bank account. Further allowing your business to do both national and international multi-currency transactions and invest in local companies.

3.3 Some of the most general benefits that Offshore companies in Dubai can get may include:

  • Tax neutrality for both national and international company profits.
  • A stable economy and a business-friendly legal system.
  • Provides security to companies with trademarked content.
  • Easy setup process.
  • Trading commodities, both nationally and internationally.
  • Complete anonymity of your name. This will not be in any public documentation.

4. What kind of companies can become offshore in Dubai?

Now that you know the benefits offshore companies in Dubai have, let’s check what companies fit into the offshore model. For instance, knowing what kind of license your company needs is crucial. This is because there are only a certain number of licenses available for offshore registration.

For that matter, here at Connect Zone we want to help you through the entire registration process. From personalized assessment for your company, to register your company hassle-free in the right jurisdiction with the right license. Our team of VAT specialized representatives can give you the assistance you need during the extension of this process.

Now, let’s determine what specific licenses are available for offshore companies in Dubai:

International trading License – In an offshore trading company, it is possible for you to contact consumers directly. This means that you can receive and send the orders, and additionally deliver the products directly to a manufacturing company.

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Professional license – This license is available for businesses focused on providing professional services. The professional service industry is a big part of the offshore companies in Dubai. They mostly account for professional assistance in legal or administrative areas.

Commercial license – Offshore companies in Dubai that hold commercial licenses account mostly for property holding. This includes specific cases in which offshore companies are bought with the only purpose of holding a property in a low-cost zone and distributing the shares as desired. Examples of these cases can be inheritance procedures or marital divorces in which the shared need to be distributed.

5. How can I set up an Offshore company in Dubai?

Considering the ever-growing economic scene that we can see Dubai becoming, it is no surprise that the offshore market is growing faster than ever. With all the benefits and facilities that Dubai offers to newcomers, it is only imaginable the amount people looking to get offshore jurisdiction in Dubai.

5.1. Here are the steps you need to take in order to get an offshore registration:

Select your company’s name – This name has to be original. For that, Connect zone has an already established registration process to help you verify the name you chose hasn’t already been claimed.

Select the right activity for your company – Choosing the right activity your company will do is crucial. With that information Connect Zone can help you get into a jurisdiction that suits best your company.

Select the right license – This will ensure you that your company is in fact capable of operating in an offshore jurisdiction. This is because, depending on your company’s operations, there might not be a license that suits your company. In order to avoid that, Connect Zone has a team of experienced specialists ready to help you select the most suitable license for your company.

Gather and send the required documentation – By this point you’ll have to submit the pertinent documents required for offshore companies in Dubai. These documents include; proprietorship documents of the company you are registering and personal documents.

5.2. What documents do I need to register an offshore company?

While establishing an offshore company in Dubai may sound simple, there are a few requirements that you need to meet in order to get there. This is assuming that you have the legal knowledge to submit all of your documentation free of error and with the right information in it.  Here is a list of all the documentation you will need:

  • A reference letter from your bank – This will have a summary of all the transactions you have done with it over the past six months.
  • The memorandum of association of your company – This document will show the information and positions of all the shareholders in your company (In case there are more than one).
  • Current jurisdiction of the company’s owner.
  • Copies of the passports belonging to the shareholders and employees.

6. How can Connect Zone help you set up an offshore business?

Getting an offshore company in Dubai isn’t as simple as it may sound and establishing an offshore business can be rather tricky. For some, the process may look simple, but the truth says otherwise. For that Connect Zone wants to help you get this process just right.

Connect Zone has multiple services that can make your registration process easier.  With over twenty years of experience setting offshore companies in Dubai, Connect Zone can help you register your company hassle-free, and aid with any bookkeeping required for your company.

If you are interested to know more about how we can help you, you can contact us at, or you can give us a call on + 1 (971) 4331-6688 and one of our expert representatives will gladly answer all your inquiries.

Get your E- trader license in Dubai Mainland – [2021 Guide]

It seems like both 2020 and 2021 have been the years in which we have seen the surge of small businesses managed from home. For that reason, the e-trader license in Dubai has become such an important tool to have nowadays.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the e-trader license in Dubai. If you have a small business or are trying to start one, here you will learn all the benefits that come from getting the e-trader license in Dubai. Let’s observe:

  1. What is the E- Trader license for Dubai businesses?
  2. Why does my business need an E- Trader license?
  3. How can I get an E- Trader license in Dubai?
  4. Who is eligible to get an E- Trader license?
  5. What do I need to issue an E-Trader license?
  6. What is the cost of an E- Trader license in Dubai?
  7. How can Connect Zone help you get your e trader license?

1. What is the E-Trader license for Dubai businesses?

Thanks to the internet and social media, selling something nowadays has never been easier. Given the amount of money that is invested into these platforms, it is only natural for business start-ups to focus mainly on social media. For this reason, the Department of Economic Development in the UAE has introduced the E- Trader license in Dubai.

In 2017, the D.E.D (Department of Economic Development) in Dubai, decided to introduce the E- Trader license. Their goal was preventing fraud and the sales of fake products online. Therefore, the E- Trader license in Dubai is the result of the surge of online businesses, but also, online defrauding.

The e-trader license in Dubai is the best option for those wanting to sell their products or services online. UAE nationals and GCC nationals that live in Dubai and possess this license are capable of doing online business confidently. In addition, online buyers from all over the world can feel safe buying from a licensed source.

2. Why does my business need an E- Trader license?

If you plan to start a small business, the e-trader license in Dubai is an essential tool to have. For small businesses that rely mostly on online sales, the e-trader license in Dubai offers the ability of legalization. This allows small businesses to sell and offer their products and services online.

However, this license offers many benefits to small business owners. The e-trader license in Dubai, will not only make your business legal but also provide you with all the benefits of a legally established business. For instance, presenting your services or products at exhibitions and conferences, or even, copyright trading your creations.

For inexperienced entrepreneurs with self-owned businesses, the DED also offers workshops and training for e trader license owners. These workshops and events held by the DED, give you the opportunity of networking and educating yourself on new topics.

2.1 . Here are some other benefits:

  • Having 100% of the ownership.
  • Being able to open a corporate bank account.
  • Copyright trademark protection.
  • Is the cheapest license there is in Dubai.
  • Having access to training and workshops.
  • Being able to run ads on different websites.
  • Access to networking and exposure of your brand.

3. How can I get an E-Trader license in Dubai?


The process of getting the e-trader license UAE is considerably simple. However, making sure you have the right documentation can be tedious. If you want to get your e trader license UAE and make sure, everything is error-free, Connect Zone is more than glad to take you through this entire process.

With over twenty years of experience, providing pro services over all the UAE. Connect Zone is here to guide you and provide you with the assistance you need. These, are the steps to follow in order to get your E trader license in Dubai:

  • Get yourself registered on the DED website.
  • Next, you will have to provide information regarding the social media accounts you are currently using.
  • Finally yet importantly, make the necessary payments in order to get your e trader license UAE.

3.1. Restrictions for the e-trader license in Dubai

As much as we would want to have this license, the e-Trader license in UAE is not for everyone. You can find a few hurdles in the way of getting your e Trader license in Dubai. Therefore, here we show you some things to take into consideration before applying for your license:

  • This license does not include nor provide you a residence Visa.
  • Since this license is for small businesses, you will not be able to hire staff.
  • If you want to lease a commercial building or office for your company, you will not be able to do that with the e-trader license. This document is for small businesses managed from home, meaning, businesses located in a commercial building are not eligible for this license.
  • Since the e trader license UAE is for self-owned business, you will not be able to involve friends or family.
  • As well as other activities regarding your business, that Connect Zone can give you consultancy on.

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4. Who is eligible to get an E-Trader license?

There are many factors to take into consideration when applying for this license. A common mistake many entrepreneurs make when getting a license, is applying for the license with the lowest possible cost. However, when it comes to the e-trader license in Dubai, not everyone is eligible to get it.

This license, however, is ideal for entrepreneurs looking forward to starting small businesses. An essential tool will help the growth of your business. Although, one of the conditions of having this license, is to always remain a small business.

If your plan is to sell handmade accessories, decorations, or even clothes, this license is for you. On the other hand, if your plan is to sell your items on a bigger scale, the e-trader license in Dubai is not for you. Here, we show you who is eligible to get this license:

  • Freelancers looking forward to getting online recognition.
  • Stay-at-home moms, looking forward to getting a new source of income.
  • Those who want to establish a 100% owned business.
  • Expats with certain Nationality

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4.1. Who is not eligible to get the e-Trader license?

As we have mentioned above, the e-trader license UAE does not suit everyone’s needs. Here are a few conditions to keep in mind in order to get this license:

If you plan to grow your business and possibly lease a place and hire staff, this license is not for you. The target audience for the e-trader license in Dubai is small businesses. For this reason, any other businesses, wanting to grow their companies need to apply for another more suitable license.

This license is aimed to help small businesses located in Dubai. Thereby, if you are not a resident of Dubai, you are not eligible to get this license. Moreover, if you are considering moving to Dubai and getting this license, you will need to get a residence visa beforehand.

There are a few other impediments for a particular business to get the e-Trader license in Dubai. If you are interested, our team can assist you on this particular subject. Here at Connect Zone, we offer you the consultancy you need to verify your business is suitable for this license.

4.2. Here are a few examples of who is not eligible for this license:

  • Big corporations.
  • Companies with more than one employee.
  • Businesses that sell and offer their service on a big scale.
  • Multi-owned businesses.
  • Companies established outside Dubai.
  • Textile companies.
  • Agricultural businesses.
  • Big restaurants and food chains.

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5. What do I need to do to issue an E-Trader license?

Apart from the other requirements mentioned above, it is important to bear in mind some of the basic documents needed. For instance, you must be a resident of Dubai and have a valid UAE ID. In addition, you should in fact be over the age of twenty-one years old or older.

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In addition to this, your business should be inherently focused on social media websites. Although you can make physical sales, this is not to say you are allowed to lease a place. The majority of your revenue, exposure, and ads should be focused on social media accounts.

When it comes to the required documentation, apart from your valid ID, you will need some other papers. Amongst those, you need to provide your business registration. As well as proof that the social media accounts of your business belong to you.

If you do not yet have your business registration, Connect Zone can help you get your business registered. Connect Zone can provide you the assistance you need to get your license by offering you our pro consultancy services, and our VAT registration services, to register your company hassle-free.

5.1 What should I do if my business is not eligible for the e-trader license in Dubai?

In case your business does not meet the requirements for the e-trader license UAE, Connect Zone can help you find a more suitable option for you. It is understandable that not everyone is fit to get this license, if that is your case, do not worry. There is a variety of licenses that you can choose from.

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Naturally, there are a number of licenses aimed to suit every type of business. For that reason, Connect Zone helps you find the license that is best for your business. From exclusive consultancy for your business to effective assistance on your documentation and registration of your business.

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6. What is the cost of an e-trader license in Dubai?

When it comes to getting a business license, one of the first concerns to come up in our clients is the price. Naturally, for business owners, it is important to balance the correlation between the cost and the benefits that come with it.

However, the e-trader license cost in Dubai it’s what is most attractive for entrepreneurs. The e-Trader license is not the most popular license for no reason. Is the fact that, for all of the benefits it offers, it still manages to be the cheapest option.

If you are still skeptical about how inexpensive this license can be, here we show you what you need to know about the e-trader license cost in Dubai. The e-trader license cost in Dubai is only AED 1,070  and you can renew it annually . But along with it you will have to pay AED 300 for Chamber of Commerce which is mandatory . So in total the cost is AED 1,370 to have your e-trader License ready! This license, in contrast with the rest, is considered the cheapest license available for businesses in Dubai.

7. How can Connect Zone help you get your e-trader license in Dubai?

For entrepreneurs looking forward to starting a business, and yet, not having the monetary resources to start big, the e-Trader license, is certainly their best option. In addition to that, we have to mention how inexpensive the e-trader license cost in Dubai can be. Moreover, of course, the number of benefits it provides to business startups.

If you are curious to know more, please give us a call to obtain more information about how to get an e trader license in Dubai. You can call us on + (971) 433 166 88 and one of our representative operators will gladly answer all of your inquiries.

You can also email us at, and we can schedule a call at the time that works best for you. Alternatively, if you desire to get the information via email, we can send you a detailed guide to help you, fully tailored for your business.,070

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How to get an E-Version of Emirates ID

The Emirates document ID is a mandatory card for UAE residents and citizens and is issued by the ICA (Federal Authority for Identify and Citizenship). This physical identification card must be carried by all citizens and residents all the time. However, the National Identity Institute recently announced a new digital/electronic version of the card while applicants wait for their physical card.

In this article, you will learn everything regarding how to get an E-version of the Emirates ID and the step-by-step procedure. Similarly, by the time you finish reading, you will understand the benefits and who can apply for this ID in Dubai and the UAE. In other words, the new identification document has additional electronic and visual features that will stop identity fraud in the country. Let’s observe:

  1. What is an Emirates ID?
  2. How to get your electronic Emirates ID in 3 steps
  3. Is the digital version of the Emirates ID free?
  4. Is the e-version of the Emirates ID legal?
  5. How to acquire an Emirates ID card?
  6. Things to know about the Emirates ID
  7. How to renew your identification ID?
  8. Documents required for renewal
  9. Losing your emirates ID card
  10. How can ConnectZone provide you with an electronic version of the Emirates ID?

1. What is an Emirates ID?

The Emirates ID is the main resident card and identification for all UAE residents and citizens. It is a national database that holds all residents’ information and it is mandatory to be carried at all times. The Emirates Identification Authority (EIDA) is the government body in charge of issuing the identification card.

Likewise, this identification card has an electronic chip that contains all important information about the resident such as, fingerprints or biometric data, basic details and the photo. Residents can use the card in plenty of transactions such as paying fines, registering vehicles, and paying phone and internet bills.

Similarly, the UAE government is planning that the emirates ID takes the place of the residents’ driving license and debit card. In the year 2016, the Emirates identification card replaced health insurance cards.

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2. How to get your electronic Emirates ID in 3 steps

In early August of 2021, the UAE government presented a new generation of Emirates ID cards. This new generation of cards includes the date of birth of the holder, enhanced protection of the holder’s ‘non-visible information’, a 3D picture and a longer validity period of 10 years.

The new generation of emirates ID will also have additional data such as employment information.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has begun issuing the new advanced version of the Emirates ID. However, you can use the electronic version of your physical ID on the ICA smart app, the app is totally free to download on Android and iOS stores. Similarly, UAE residents can use this electronic version for all government services and it is valid like its physical version.

That is to say, the ICA has organized with all business and service providers, as well as the authorities concerned to offer their services based on the new version of the Emirates ID.

The Federal Authority made a tweet about the new phase of upgrading all national identity documents, “according to the transition to the new generation of passports and identity cards”. There are three steps to get a new electronic identification card:

  1. Download the ICA app via iOS or Android.
  2. Scan the QR code to generate an electronic card in your document wallet in the app.
  3. Use the e-version of the identification card for all UAE services.

3. Is the digital version of the Emirates ID free?

The digital and electronic version of the Emirates ID is available for free on the Federal Authority for Identify and Citizenship website. Likewise, it is available on both Android and iOS devices.

4. Is the e-version of the Emirates ID legal?

This new version of the Emirates identification ID in Dubai and the UAE is valid for all institutions and all government-related services that require the physical Emirates ID. This process of getting an e-version of the identification card is simple and is available for free on any device.

However, the emirates ID is an important identification for both UAE nationals and residents. You can also check the status of your card process online. Having an emirates ID has several advantages such as opening a bank account, apply for a Dubai driver’s license, secure a home internet package, etc.

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5. How to acquire an Emirates ID card?

Individuals who want to obtain an Emirates ID card as a UAE national, GCC national or ex-pat will realize that is an easy-to-follow procedure. The government is trying to make the process as simple as possible so more and more people apply for it and bond to the process of an innovative future in Dubai and across the UAE.

Companies sponsoring ex-pats (not including GCC nationals) can apply for acquiring the Emirates ID by themselves.

Application: Individuals who want to obtain the Emirates ID card must complete the application form. Applicants can complete the application at an approved typing office or online.

EIDA: at the EIDA office you must fulfill standard information such as photos and fingerprints. After that, they will give you a receipt that you must keep in order to collect your ID when is ready.

After the application form has been submitted, applicants receive an SMS on their phones. This message will set a time and date, as well as the EIDA branch you must visit.

After that, will need the following documents:

For UAE nationals:

  • Family book.
  • Valid passport.
  • Emirates ID application.

For UAE Residents:

  • Passport
  • Work permit or visa
  • Emirates ID application.

Fee: the Emirates ID fee is AED100 annually.

Tracking: you can track your application process on EIDA’s website by typing the account number.

Delivery and collection: the EIDA will send the emirates ID card to the applicant’s local post office. Similarly, although you can check the process status online, the EIDA will send an SMS to your phone.

Most importantly, applicants must collect their emirates ID in a 90 days period or it will be discarded by the EIDA.

Renewal: when your ID card expires, you must follow the same process all over again.

6. Things to know about the Emirates ID

  • Carry your card: as we mentioned earlier, it is mandatory for all UAE residents and nationals to carry their identification ID all the time. Not carrying it can lead to legal mishaps.
  • Lost identification card: since carrying your Emirates ID card is a mandatory requirement and you must carry it all the time; you need to replace it as soon as possible in case you lost it.
  • Changing your name: if holders get married and change their name, they must notify the EIDA.
  • Children: all Dubai and UAE citizens must have a valid Emirate ID; including newborns and children.
  • Wrong details: if you realize that any of your printed information is wrong, you must visit an EIDA office and correct the details.

7. How to renew your identification ID?

All Emirates ID has their own expiration date, this depends on the validity period of the card. For example, all UAE residents and citizens have a month from their expiration date to renew their card. After this period, they risk a fine of 20AED every day. This fine can accumulate up to 1,000AED.

UAE nationals are usually requested to renew their ID 30 days before the card expires. This is different with ex-pats, since they only can apply once their card expired.

The process of renewing the Emirates ID is the same as the first application which was first processed. ID holders can renew online or through any of the typing centers.

These are the renewal rates based on their validity period:

  • 1 Year: 290 AED.
  • 2 Year: 390 AED.
  • 3 Year: 490 AED.

8. Documents required for renewal

All documents required for the renewal of the Emirates identification card are the same as the first application process. However, the only additional thing you need in this case is that you must hand in your old Emirates ID card. This applies to all UAE citizens and residents as well as GCC residents.

In other words, ex-pats instead of showing their entry permit, they must hand in their residency visa under the renewal process while applying for the identification ID renewal.

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9. Losing your emirates ID card

The UAE government has also given guidance if you’re your Emirates ID has been, stolen, damaged, or if you lost it. There are some basic procedures you must follow if any of the previously mentioned mishaps happens to you.

  • Firstly, the holder must report that their emirates ID has been lost or stolen. Therefore, this event will be reported to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and your identification card will be deactivated at once.
  • Secondly, if the holder lost the card outside the country; you must inform the UAE embassy.
  • The cardholder must apply for a replacement card and follow the previously mentioned process.
  • After that, the cardholders must pay all the necessary fees and their card EIDA will issue within 2 days.

10. How can ConnectZone provide you with an electronic version of the Emirates ID?

Now that you know why the e-version of the Emirates ID is so innovative and important for UAE citizens and residents. And in case you decided to apply for one, you should find a business partner that helps you in this process. A good partner will make this process smooth and hassle-free.

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We have packages including general special discounts, group visa packages, and multi-year deals.

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How to get an e-commerce license Dubai [2021 – Latest]

How to Get an E-commerce License Dubai in 2021

Setting up an ecommerce business in Dubai is a goal for many foreign investors and entrepreneurs since it offers several advantages and benefits.

Due to the fact that many customers now prefer to shop online and they have moved away from traditional shopping for several reasons, owning an ecommerce may be a great business opportunity.

For this reason, many business owners wonder How to get ecommerce license Dubai. When you have your trade license you’re able to offer your products legally and start your business activity in this thriving place.

Some of the outstanding benefits you can get in the UAE are complete repatriation of profits, tons of resources available and some tax exemptions. All of these are great reasons to begin your digital venture. You just have to know how to start.

E-commerce license in a Nutshell

10 consejos para mejorar las imágenes de tu e-commerce | Jivochat

An e-commerce license gives you the possibility to start your online business, or even take your business from retail to e-tail. By doing this, you’re able to offer your products to a wider audience since your potential customers are able to find you quicker.

If you’re wondering How to apply e commerce license in Dubai, you have to know about the main steps that you have to go through.

Steps to obtaining an E-commerce license in Dubai

Getting your E commerce license in Dubai may be challenging if you don’t know much about these kind of processes in the UAE. It also can be a tedious and confusing process so make sure to learn as much as you can so you can be well-prepared.

Keep in mind that before starting to sell on your website, you have to get your ecommerce license first. Otherwise, you may be incurring in something illegal.

Here we have a summary of the main steps you have to go through to obtain your license:

  • Choose a legal structure for your business
  • Select a business location
  • Carry out your business’ trade name registration
  • Apply for the Dubai e-commerce license
  • Get your initial approval certificate
  • Draft the local service agent agreement/MOA (according to your legal structure)
  • Get your tenancy contract by renting an office
  • Ports and customs registration (for import/exports)
  • Collect your ecommerce license
  • Open your business’ bank account

Cost of e-commerce license in Dubai

Knowing the E commerce license cost in Dubai is essential so you can know how much of your budget will be used. However, it’s important to know that the cost will depend on the kind of business activity you choose.

Nevertheless, although the expenses may vary, there are common costs that every business owner has to pay when it comes to obtaining the ecommerce license. These are the following:

  • Registration fees at the DED
  • Office rent
  • Sponsorship cost (for the local partner)
  • Immigration expenses: investor visa and immigration card
  • Medical expenses for the investor
  • Emirates ID fees

In addition, there may be some additional fees that may be required for additional partners, in case is needed.

For this reason, you have to consider which kind of ecommerce business you want to conduct since it has to be lucrative so you can get the return of your investment.

Different types of e-commerce License

If you’re planning on obtaining your ecommerce license, you have to choose among the several ones available. There are three main ecommerce licenses where you can choose from. However, your nationality and business activity will determine which license you can choose.

1. E-trader License

The e-trader license is for those that wish to sell their products or offer their services online. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is in charge of issuing the e-trader license, but this is only available for UAE and GCC nationals who live in Dubai.

In addition, it’s granted to singe ownership businesses. Therefore, the business owner can’t have a physical office space and it’s not permitted to open a shop with this license.

2. Portal License

Non-UAE nationals can apply for the portal license and it allows individuals to start an online business in Dubai. It can be ideal for listing a website where you can offer your services or sell your products.

The costs of this type of license vary depending on the business requirements and jurisdiction. For example, for a business establishment in Mainland, the license cost is around AED 9000.

– Virtual Company license why Connect Zone?

The Virtual License is the perfect option for those that want to set up an ecommerce business in Dubai. It allows non-residents of UAE and overseas investors to conduct businesses in the region as an ecommerce.

However, it’s important to note that this is limited to the following three sectors:

  • Computer, programming and similar activities
  • Designing activities
  • Advertising and printing activities.

If you’re a foreign investor considering to start your ecommerce in Dubai, here in Connect Zone we can help you. You can obtain the Virtual License quickly and without troubles. As a foreigner, you will be able to offer your services or sell your products through your virtual company legally.

In addition, you can enjoy from the outstanding benefits Dubai offers to entrepreneurs that want to flourish and grow in this place.

How can Connect Zone help you get an e-commerce License

If you want to get your E commerce license Dubai, here in Connect Zone we want to help you. Whether you have any doubts regarding the process, or you would like to get assistance through every step, in Connect Zone we have experts that will be there for you.

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We have been assisted thousands of business owners that want to incur in the digital world and have their own ecommerce to start selling through their website. Our team of experts can advise you on your options so you can make the best decision and make it profitable.

Everything you need to know about trade license renewal in Dubai – The full guide

trade license

For businesspeople living their dream life in Dubai, it is imperative to own a business license. However, this dream life comes with a price and an expiration date. This is because Dubai has strict requirements for business owners, and having a business license is one of them. For that matter, the trade license renewal Dubai offers has become a very important topic to know about.

In this article, we show you every detail you need to know about the trade license renewal Dubai process. Additionally, we will provide you with relevant information about the trade license renewal Dubai fees and prices for your business. We will discuss:

  1. How often do I need to renew my license?
  2. What if I am past the renewal date?
  3. Can I get a renewal extension period?
  4. How can I renew my trade license?
  5. What documents do I need to have in order to renew my trade license?
  6. Are there any additional pricing or fees to get my trade license renewal Dubai?
  7. Why choose Connect Zone to help you in the renewal process?

How often should I do Trade License renewal?

Knowing when to get a trade license renewal is necessary for businesses in Dubai. In the UAE, where businesses need a license to operate, knowing about the trade license renewal Dubai process is significantly important. Additionally, per Emirate and company type, the timeframe for the trade license renewal Dubai process can vary.

See how you can get the E-version of the trade license in Dubai

The timeframe for the trade license renewal Dubai does not vary depending on the company. This is because, in Dubai, trade licenses are only valid for one year, making annual renewals a regular procedure. That allows the authorities to make sure all businesses are operating under the right conditions and obeying all the policies.

Furthermore, the timeframe for the trade license renewal Dubai offers serves as a safety cushion for businesses that might want to cancel their operations due to bankruptcy or personal reasons. Additionally, this can benefit companies by giving them the freedom of being able to leave when they desire.

For that matter, keeping track of the expiration date for your license is important. In fact, there exists a tool available for that purpose, which is the online time tracker for trade license renewal Dubai offers. This allows businesses to check online how long they have to wait until the next trade license renewal Dubai process.

What if I am past the renewal date?

There are several sanctions to levy upon businesses operating with an expired license. However, these sanctions will depend on the company type and how long they have been operating with an expired license. From blacklisting to banning a company owner from the emirate, the severity of the punishment can vary.

Here is everything you need to know about the commercial license in Dubai

The UAE is known for its business-friendly policies, however, not complying with these policies can warrant several sanctions. Having a trade license is essential for businesses in Dubai, and running with an expired license is considered a felony. Furthermore, depending on the verdict, the authorities can decide whether to apply the sanction to the company or its owners.

By doing so, they can ensure the owners will not just go and establish their company in another emirate. Additionally, an expedient is opened to prevent the company and its owners from ever reopening in the UAE. This is a precaution taken to avoid a possible reopening under another company or another name. At the same time, it prevents businesspersons from trying to get a new business registration.

On the other hand, minor sanctions can very much vary as well. These will depend on the reasons for not renewing your trade license. The minor punishments for trade license renewal Dubai gives are usually in favor of the company. Usually by holding back the company’s activities until getting into the trade license renewal Dubai process, and applying punishments of the same fashion.

Here is a list of other sanctions that might be of your interest:

  • Blacklisting and prohibition to get a new business registration.
  • Company closure and prohibiting reopening.
  • Company bans, ranging from profit bans to operative bans.
  • Temporally pausing the company’s activities.
  • Holding the company’s profits.
  • Temporally pausing the shareholder’s profits from the company.
  • Holding back activities related to the shareholders.

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Can I get a renewal extension period?

Numerous understandable reasons can prevent a company from renewing on time. Additionally, the UAE as we know is a country that avidly promotes beneficial policies for businesses. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a possibility of postponing your trade license renewal process.

If you want to know how to set up your business in Dubai check this page

Despite there not existing an actual trade license renewal Dubai extension, there is another option. We are happy to inform you that there is a grace period for businesses past their renewal date. This grace period lasts for about thirty days after your trade license expiration. Moreover, the purpose of it is to give businesses time to renew their license before considering sanctions.

However, regarding the idea above, there are plenty of understandable reasons for businesses not to renew on time. Therefore, if you are already past your trade license renewal Dubai grace period, there is still room for you. As trade licenses vary from company to company, the reasons not to renew on time can vary as well. Nevertheless, it is important to try to get your trade license renewal Dubai process over as soon as you have the chance.

How can I renew my trade license?

The trade license renewal Dubai process can be quite tedious and tiresome. There are several factors to take into consideration when talking about the trade license renewal Dubai process. These factors depend on the type of trade license you are renewing and the type of company you have.

The trade license Dubai process is the same regardless of location; however, there are different organisms in charge of the process. These organisms for trade license renewal Dubai offers are largely involved in the trade license process. Depending on your company’s location, the organism responsible for the renewal process can change, nevertheless, the process is the same.

Here are the steps you must take to renew your license:

Document clearing

Document clearing is the act of getting the documentation you need beforehand in order to get a specific registration. For businesses looking forward to getting the trade license process just right, this means organizing the right documentation. Furthermore, document clearing ensures that all documents you have to send are free of error.

Submitting a document with the wrong information for your trade license renewal process can warrant a penalty. For that reason, here at Connect Zone, we want to provide you with the best document clearing services you could ever get. With over twenty years of experience, our team of professionals will give you the assistance you need during this process.

Here you will find all you need to know about the E-version of the Emirates ID

Apply to get your license renewal

After organizing your documentation, it is necessary to apply for your trade license renewal to the DED. The DED (Department of Economic Development) is the go-to organization to get your license renewed.  This is to say that the DED is responsible for revising and making sure all your documentation is error-free and giving the green light to go forward.

Make the renewal payment

Once you have applied for your trade license renewal Dubai’s DED will provide you with a payment voucher. This payment voucher is a document that allows you to pay the trade license fees. The trade license renewal fees can vary depending on the individual’s requirements and specific licenses. The DED only issues your document once you make the payment so make sure to send the payment back with the payment voucher.

What documents do I need to have in order to renew my trade license?

Trade licenses are necessary for companies operating in the UAE. Therefore, issuing one for your business is a requirement. There are a few types of business licenses, and each of them fulfills a type of company’s needs. Furthermore, the documents you will need to provide for your trade license renewal process can change depending on the type of company you are running.

Additionally, there are numerous different permissions you need to get in order to get your trade license. Therefore, you might need to renew these permits before getting into the trade license renewal Dubai has to offer. Besides, this is the reason why document-clearing services are so important.

Here at Connect Zone, we offer you the most high-quality document clearing services you can get. With more than twenty years of experience, our team of knowledgeable professionals can give you the customized assistance you need. Furthermore, our services can ensure you are providing the right documents with the right information in them, so you can get the trade license process as easy as possible. Here are some of those documents:

Get your Ejari registration

The Ejari is an online organization in charge of holding all information regarding tenancy and land details. Besides, the purpose of this organization is to have all details regarding businesses locations and the information of the land they reside in. It is imperative for businesses to have a tenancy approved by the Ejari organization.

Validated tenancy contract

Once you have an Ejari registration approval, it is necessary to have a tenancy contract approved by the Ejari organization.  A tenancy contract is a written agreement between the property owner and the person occupying the land. Thereby, for companies established in a land they do not own, it is imperative to have this document.

However, to start the trade license renewal Dubai process, it is important to have a valid tenancy contract. Besides, this contract should still have at least one month of validation before renewing your license. If your tenancy contract does not meet these requirements, your trade license renewal Dubai application might fall through.

For that reason, Connect Zone offers you the help you need to get what you want. Connect Zone is the tool you need to have in order to get started with your Trade license renewal. Not only do we offer you the most up-to-date services and information you need, but also, our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the entire process making sure you are going over the many hurdles you might find along the way.

An old trade license copy

Additionally, you will need to provide a copy of an old trade license; this ensures your company’s information is correct. Besides, it saves you and the competent authorities time looking for the information you already have.

License renewal BR/1 form

To start the trade license renewal Dubai process, it is necessary to fill the BR/1 form. This document needs to include all business partners’ and shareholders’ signatures. This is to make sure all business partners and shareholders are on the same page with the renewal process.

Are there any additional pricing or fees to get my trade license renewed?

Many factors can affect the trade license fees for your company. Among these factors, we can find variants like the scale of your company, your company’s setup type, the license type you hold, and the additional approvals your company has.

Normally, the trade license fees oscillate between AED 8.000,00 and AED 15.000,00 to get a standard license renewal. However, the trade license renewal fees vary depending on your company’s specific needs, and it might be difficult to cover all those points before the renewal date.

Why choose Connect Zone to help you in the renewal process?

As you can see, there are a few hurdles to go over during the trade license process. For that reason, here at Connect Zone, we want to help you achieve your goal of renewing your license. We have a team comprised of fully trained and experienced professionals on the renewal process. With over twenty years of experience, we assure you we have the best services and most qualified experts.

If you are interested in knowing more about us and what we can do for you, you can phone us at + 1 (971) 4331-6688. However, if you are more comfortable getting the information via email, you can email us at Regardless of the communication passage you take, one of our representatives will answer you and kindly respond to all your inquiries.