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looking to set up on uae mainland?

What Happens

If you are planning on starting a business on Mainland in the UAE one of the most important factors you will have to think about is finding the perfect local sponsor. It is critical that they suit your business as they will represent it in many different ways, particularly in front of the Government. You can also opt for a Local Service Agent, who will have no stake in your business, but will assist you with building and maintaining Government relationships.

Connectfz is providing its clients with the guarantee that the 51% Local Sponsorship share will be as a business partner rather than as an individual. We want to help you make your business grow and gain the success and  reputation it deserves.

Factors For Setting Up On Mainland Dubai

Step 1 - Understanding Your Needs

There are several points that make investors sway towards setting up their company on Mainland areas. The following are the traits which help entrepreneurs decide:

Zero Taxation - none in the case of corporate or personal tax

No limitation when it comes to getting employment visas and an easy recruitment process

No limitation when it comes to getting employment visas and an easy recruitment process

Limited restrictions on a minimum capital requirement

No yearly auditing

No restrictions on processing legal documents

Low import duty

Ease of getting affordable space with flexible rent or lease for office anywhere

How can we help you?

how this happens

The Steps

Step 1 - Understanding Your Needs

Business activity: We will need to know exactly what you will be doing and how you will be doing it. There are hundreds of activities to go through and some with very small differences, so the better we know your business the easier it will be for us to find the perfect activity for your license.

What office, retail or warehouse space does your company need?: Depending on your company needs you may require a large fully furnished space or maybe even just a flexi desk for one. Either way we will make sure you get exactly what your company needs. Free zones have their own regulations when it comes to office space so its best to discuss this before we start looking at options.

Investors and employees: We will go over the exact amount of people included in your business and how many visas will be required. This will also let you know the minimum office space needed by the free zone for that amount of people.

Step 2 - Documents

Send over the documents listed below and lets get started:

Passport copy (of all shareholders)

Residence visa or entry stamp copy (of all shareholders)

Digital passport photo (of all shareholders)

Proof of address (of all shareholders) - If required

3-5 potential business names (not applicable for branches)

No Objection Certificates (NOCs) - If required

All company documents attested from UAE embassy in the country of origin and then in the UAE (branches only)

Step 3 - The process

Once we have received all documentation we can begin with the application. Each Free Zone has a different process so timeline will vary depending on where you choose to set up.

After the application has been submitted along with all required documents we wait for the free zone to put it through security checks. Once this is completed we can move on to legal documents and amendments. You will be sent over the forms that require you e-signature.

The next steps will be dependent on what exactly you have chosen for your business e.g. Office space, visas , etc.

We will be working on each step throughout so all you have to do is send the initial documents and sign the e-forms.

Hassle free set up!

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