What are business setup consultants in the UAE?

business setup consultants

Starting a company in the United Arab Emirates requires countless approvals, exhaustive paperwork, and also really hard work. However, thanks to the help of business setup consultants in the UAE, this process is easier. Choosing the right consultant for you can be difficult, in this country you will find several options, each with different characteristics that can benefit your business. For this reason, we will help you choose the best business setup consultants in Dubai.

In this article, you will find information about the role of company setup consultants, which businesses need these services, and also why you need to hire them.

  1. What are business setup consultants in the UAE?
  2. Things to keep in mind while hiring business setup consultants
  3. What businesses need a consultant?
  4. What benefits can you get by hiring business setup consultants in the UAE?
  5. Why you should hire business setup consultants in the UAE?
  6. Why should you choose the business consultancy services of Connect Zone?

1. What are business setup consultants in the UAE?


A business consultant in the UAE is an individual who works closely with the managers and business owners to improve operations and efficiency. Business consulting includes helping to address, identify, and also overcome obstacles to meet a company’s goals.

1.1 Characteristics of the business setup in Dubai

The best business setup consultants in Dubai generally have an area of ​​expertise greater than the staff of a common corporation. So they are able to offer innovative solutions to problems.

The consultants are usually part of a business consulting firm, whose main objective is to help entrepreneurs set up their companies. So, when hiring these services, it is a good idea to take into account the advantages of having an expert partner in the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates and in the creation of companies.

1.2 What does a business consultant do?

The business setup consultants in DMCC can assist you with almost any need your company may have. Further, there are business consultants who specialize in specific industries, while others take a more general approach.

Some of the responsibilities of a business consultant in the UAE are the following:

  • Determine what changes must be made and help implement them.
  • Assist in business planning and creating new businesses
  • Implement new programs
  • Identify obstacles that are preventing growth or efficiency
  • Provide any necessary training and resources to management and staff
  • Assess, hire, and also fire staff, if necessary
  • Locate providers and partners to help meet goals
  • Analyze the budget of the company, suggest adjustments, and help establish those adjustments.
  • Bring out-of-the-box ideas to refresh a business.

2. Things to keep in mind while hiring business setup consultants

Some of the things you should consider when choosing the best business setup consultants in Dubai are the following:

2.1 Licensing and legal framework services

The first thing to consider is the licensing and legal framework for your business setup. Starting a company in any area of ​​the UAE brings with it the burden of legal guidelines and regulations. Therefore, choosing a consultant who knows in-depth the legal system of the area is necessary.

For operating a business growth within an emirate, the company trade licensing registration is compulsory. This is to ensure that no business activity can run without the registration of the government department and that there are no health hazards.

Once your company gets approval through a license, no authority has the right to shut down the business without any legal notice or no legal obligation on the business organization.

Dubai provides 3 main options to business startups, which are the following:

Entrepreneurs must decide which option adjusts better to their needs. The Dubai free zone has a special economic place for business setups and offers a wide range of services. For example, business registration, Dubai Freelance Visa obtention, Limited Liability Company (LLC) formation, etc.

On the other hand, the Mainland business registration allows to trade and perform in the Mainland area whether it is taking government or semi-government projects or providing services. The mainland business is most suitable in terms of opening a bank account, getting more visas under the company, and also opening more branches in the Emirates.

Connect Zone is the best agency to help entrepreneurs with proper guidance in company registration. Hence, if you plan to set up your business, please contact us and let us help you through this process.

2.2 Team expertise

An expert and well-established business setup consultant will streamline your business setup process. He will provide valuable recommendations and assess you on ongoing market trends. When selecting your consultant, an expert with expertise in successful business starts is a must-have.

2.3 Finding the location

The location is very important for your company’s growth. A consulting firm will assist you in choosing the right location for you. The right place will depend on the nature and the industry of your company. When selecting a consultant, you must keep in mind that they must know to evaluate factors like legal requirements, budget, etc, to guide you in the right direction.

2.4 Setting up your goals

Practice a goal-setting exercise with your consultant. Tell them about the key performance indicators and track the growth of your company. It is vital that you understand your consultants in terms of goal setting and clearly define your predetermined goals.

2.5 Government-partnership

Make sure your business consultant in the UAE is well aware of all the government services. And they must be constantly communicating with the government entities like the Dubai Land Department (DLD), the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratization (MOHRE), etc. If you want a smooth establishment of your business, the association with government entities is vital.

3. What businesses need a consultant?


Any business can obtain benefits from a business consultant. However, some of the companies that can acquire the greatest benefits are the following:

  • Businesses focused on growth can use a business consultant’s strategic skills.
  • New businesses can use consultants to complete planning and start with the right foot.
  • Companies starting new campaigns can obtain benefits from the expertise and research of a consultant
  • Organizations that have a hard time meeting their financial goals can hire a business consultant to dig into their accounting.
  • Companies adding a new department can get help planning, staffing, and setting up that department.

4. What benefits can you get by hiring business setup consultants in the UAE?

Hiring a consultant can provide many advantages to a company. Some of the most important include utilizing insight and expertise picked up from other clients and industries, taking advantage of an outside perspective, receiving help creating plans as well the resources to make them happen, and more.

Some more specific examples are the following:

  • Business consultants often work with a variety of clients and in multiple industries. This gives them invaluable ideas and insight from many different avenues.
  • Designing new campaigns and business plans can be challenging and take a lot of time. The consultants help to develop these plans more clearly and quickly and then help you put them to work.
  • Business consultants can pinpoint weaknesses and strengths in your company that you might have become blind to over time.
  • Staying on budget is vital for the success of the company. These consultants can find weak areas in your spending and provide creative solutions for those areas.
  • Business consultants offer a “bird’s eye view” into a company. Many seasoned business owners and managers can struggle with seeing the complete picture as they are in the middle of it. A consultant offers a fresh mind and viewpoint, allowing them to see things that business owners might not.
  • Business setup specialists bring with them a network they have formed during diverse projects. Companies can use this to gain knowledge and use external resources that a business may not even be aware of.
  • These professionals can help increase sales by researching your desired client and creating a marketing plan to attract them.

5. Why you should hire business setup consultants in the UAE?

Starting a company requires a solid business plan, and to do it successfully you need a business consultant.

Some of the reasons why you have to hire this type of service are the following:

5.1 Define the right business activities

All companies in the United Arab Emirates must choose a productive activity in order to operate legally in the country. This activity determines the regulations and permits required by government authorities.

A proper consultant will help you establish a productive activity that suits your aspirations.

5.2 Choose the economic jurisdiction

In the UAE there are various jurisdictions, each with different benefits and rules. A business consultant in the UAE can help you choose the location that best suits your business.

5.3 Creation of a business plan

Understanding the process, operation, and legality of the United Arab Emirates market is essential when forming a company. For this reason, having a partner who advises and accompanies you is a very profitable investment.

5.3 Define your company structure

In the UAE there are multiple legally implied company structures, and each business must select one before starting the company registration process.

A consultant will guide you and choose the legal structure that best suits your requirements.

5.4 Mainland, free zone, and offshore company registration

To establish a company in one of the jurisdictions of the United Arab Emirates, the presence of a consultant may be essential. Note that this person will handle all legal and administrative paperwork, they will be responsible for finding an office in one of the business centers and they can even help you find a local agent

5.5 Handle all paperwork with the UAE authorities

A consultant is a person who knows in depth the laws of the UAE. Government authorities are responsible for delivering all licenses and permits so that your company can operate legally.

To obtain a license you need a series of documents. For example, name reservation certificate, passport copies, and depending on the productive activities of your company, certain additional approvals.

However, you can save yourself all this paperwork by hiring business consultancy services.

5.6 Paperwork for a company formation

Certain documentation requires the supervision of a professional. For example, the Memorandum of Association is vital to continue the formation of your company and a business consultant is the perfect partner to do it.

Also, he can help you with the rest of the documentation to ensure every step is done successfully. Another responsibility of the consultants is to pick up the licenses from the corresponding departments and obtain the necessary permits from the authorities.

5.7 Cost-effective process

Consulting firm prices may vary by the Emirate. You can find a low-cost business setup in Dubai that will allow you to carry out each paperwork and process in a cost-effective way.

In addition, obtaining offices and warehouses for rent, and even obtaining certain certifications, becomes very cost-effective since there are fewer chances of making mistakes and applying for unnecessary paperwork.

6. Why should you choose the business consultancy services of Connect Zone?

Although the United Arab Emirates has made the process of establishing a company easier, a certain level of expertise is still required to carry out each procedure satisfactorily. For this reason, it is highly advisable that you hire a business setup agency like Connect Zone to guide you in the right direction.

Our professionals are highly trained in legal and administrative matters, we will take care of establishing effective relationships with government authorities to ensure obtaining the necessary documents to be able to operate in the country.

Let us help you get your business to the next level. It does not matter what type of business are you looking forward to set up, you can always call us at +971 43 316 688 or you can email us at contact@connectzone.ae. One of our specialists will answer all of your questions and concerns.

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Start a mobile app company in the UAE

setup of a mobile app company in the UAE.

With millions of free apps available on both the Play Store and the Apple Store, the mobile app industry is growing at incredible speed. Today, there are apps to read a book, monitor your sleep, exercise and diet, and more. The UAE offers a wide variety of opportunities in this industry, for this reason, today you will learn about the setup of a mobile app company in the UAE.

In this article, you will learn about app development, the most suitable free zone for the setup of a mobile app company in the UAE, the advantages of forming this type of company, and how we can help you with the setup of your company.

  1. What is mobile app development?
  2. Aspects of the setup of a mobile app company
  3. How is the setup of a mobile app company in the UAE?
  4. What is the cost of starting a mobile app company?
  5. Most suitable UAE free zones for the setup of a mobile app company
  6. Advantages of setting up a mobile app company in the UAE
  7. How can we help you with the setup of a mobile app company?

1. What is mobile app development?


Mobile application development is the process involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices. Such as smartphones and other kinds of hand-held devices.

Mobile application development is based on regular software development. However, one of the differences with web application development is that mobile apps are written specifically to take advantage of the unique features of a particular mobile device. For example, a gaming app can take advantage of a certain mobile accelerometer.

Today, the two most prominent mobile platforms are Android from Google and iOS for Apple.

1.1 App development process

  • Idea: At the beginning of the process of creating your app, be sure to answer the following questions: Who is the target audience? What problem does this app solve? Why are these features important? Do similar apps already exist?
  • Design: The next step you must perform is the design of the user interface (UI). You must ensure that the design makes it easy for the user to navigate the interface.
  • Development: During this stage, you must write the code for your app, develop it and start the preliminary testing.
  • Testing: By testing your app, you will determine its quality, any malfunctions, and aspects to improve.
  • Launch: Once your app is bug-free and ready to use, you can publish it in a marketplace, such as Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Marketing: You must create a marketing strategy so that users download your application and give you feedback on how to improve user engagement.

1.2 The cost of developing a mobile app

The cost of developing a mobile app can range from nothing to millions of dollars. Everything will depend on the type of app you are developing and its intended use.

2. Aspects of the setup of a mobile app company

Some of the most important aspects that you must take into account when forming a company in the UAE are the following:

2.1 Free zone or Mainland

Mobile companies in the country are generally seen as virtual companies. Applications can be created and then exchanged anywhere in the world.

For this type of company, there are not UAE Mainland Licenses on offer. Mobile companies must, therefore, complete the entire registration process in a free zone.

2.2 Choosing a free zone

There are many benefits of deciding to establish your company in a free zone. For example, 0 percent personal and corporate tax, 100% company ownership, 100% percent import and export tax, and 100% import capital and profit repatriation, etc.

However, while all the free zones offer these benefits, some are better suited to mobile app companies. Dubai Internet City (DIC) is the most appropriate for this type of company, however, the maintenance cost can be relatively high.

Thus, if you prefer to save on extra expenses, Fujairah Creative City Zone is the most affordable choice.

2.3 Establishing

The process to establish your company in a free zone is meticulously planned. All free zones require certain documentation, such as a copy of the passport and the application form.

However, there are free zones where the documentation is less and they do not require an annual audit, bookkeeping, and any capital share.

2.4 Flexible office options

The vast majority of free zones offer Flexi-desk packs. This allows entrepreneurs to use office facilities on an ad-hoc basis without the need to purchase physical office space. Such as conference rooms, desk space, call screening, and reception cover.

Some free zones also provide freelance packages that allow entrepreneurs to start their companies easily and simply, without office space requirements, little dedication, and minimal start-up and overhead costs.

2.5 Setup with multiple shareholders

Due to the flexible requirements for shareholders, free zones are very popular with companies around the world.

Some UAE free zones allow more than one shareholder to form corporations, and these shareholders can be individuals or companies.

2.6 Apply for numerous visas

All free zones allow entrepreneurs to apply for numerous visas. Some are even included in their respective Flexi-desk packages. Other free zones allow entrepreneurs to apply for work permits based on the size of the office.

3. How is the setup of a mobile app company in the UAE?

Firstly, before starting the process of forming your company, it is always advisable to hire a business setup agency, such as Connect Zone, to guide you through this process.

Now, the first step to forming a company is to decide where to establish it, either in a Free Zone or on the Mainland. Both structures have their advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you choose one that suits the needs of your company.

After choosing the location, you must choose the activity to which you are going to dedicate yourself. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the entity in charge of approving productive activities.

Once you have decided on the productive activity, you must choose the name of your company. The UAE has a series of regulations related to this subject that you must follow to the letter. For example, the name cannot contain offensive language, you must avoid any resemblance to the names of well-known organizations, and you must ensure that the name is available in DED.

Once you have completed all the steps mentioned, you must apply for a trade license. Some of the documents you need for a license are the following:

  • Passport copy of the shareholders or owners
  • Two colored images of the passport size
  • Application form

After receiving DED approval for your license, you will need to pay the corresponding fees. Lastly, once you get your license, you will need to apply for a residence visa. As the process of applying for a license, applying for a visa can be straightforward with the right instructions.

If you have a trade license, you are eligible to sponsor others for their visa. This person can be a partner, parent, an infant, or even a housekeeper or a domestic worker.

4. What is the cost of starting a mobile app company?


There are many expenses to consider when you want to start any type of company in the United Arab Emirates. For example, you will need to pay for employee salaries, pensions, premises (if required), and facilities. As well as the business licenses and the visas.

When creating a mobile app company, you will need to invest in software and a reasonably healthy machine if you are starting from scratch. If you already have this, then there are relatively low startup costs. In this case, you will only have to worry about the cost of the license and the visa.

Since many things can vary when forming this type of company, it is always advisable to consult with a business creation specialist, such as Connect Zone, to get a general idea of ​​​​the cost. You will get to know your organization and customize a quote for your particular needs.

5. Most suitable UAE free zones for the setup of a mobile app company

The most suitable free zones to form a mobile company app in the UAE are Dubai Internet City (DIC) and Fujairah Creative Free Zone (FCC). Some of the aspects that you must take into account when establishing your company in these areas are the following:

  • If you establish your company in Dubai Internet City, you will have to submit additional documents to the usual ones. For example, a business plan and a certificate of incorporation.
  • Generally, FCC is light on paperwork; also paid-up share capital, annual audits or other formal bookkeeping are not necessary.
  • Both Dubai Internet City and Fujairah Creative Free Zone offer Flexi-desk packages.
  • Dubai Internet City allows entrepreneurs to apply for a visa per eight square meters of office space.
  • FCC allows investors freelancer and single owner packages.
  • For the creation of companies, both free zones allow more than one shareholder to form a company.
  • Under their respective flexi-desk packages you can apply for several visas (up to six in the case of FCC).

6. Advantages of setting up a mobile app company in the UAE

Some of the advantages of the setup of a mobile app company in the UAE are the following:

6.1 Tax exemption

One of the biggest benefits of creating any type of company in the UAE is the lenient tax laws. Businesses get 100% exemption from personal and corporate taxes. The mobile app companied and its employees do not need to pay taxes for their incomes.

6.2 Capital and profit repatriation

Companies in this nation enjoy 100% repatriation of capital and profits. If you are the owner of a mobile app company in the UAE, you can send all your earnings to your home country. Also, if you ever decide to liquidate your company, you can move all of your capital back to your homeland as well.

6.3 Easy company formation process

The process to form a company here is quite straightforward. And it becomes even easier thanks to the existence of company setups experts, like Connect Zone. You can seek the help of professionals to form your mobile app company in the UAE without breaking a sweat.

6.4 Strong infrastructure

The structure in the UAE is, without a doubt, one of the best in the world. It is perfect for new businesses to get off the ground. The mobile app companies in the country will find all the latest technology they need to run their business successfully.

6.5 Worldwide talents

Depending on the size of your office, you can sponsor visas for your employees. In this way, they can move to the country and work for you. This means that the whole world is your talent pool. You can hire the best professionals from anywhere in the world and bring them to the UAE.

6.6 Perfect market

Lastly, the market in the United Arab Emirates is perfect for app development companies. In fact, the whole world is the target market for an app development company. However, the UAE allows app development companies to flourish without any limits or restrictions.

7. How can we help you with the setup of a mobile app company?

Mobile app companies enjoy great benefits and great freedom when establishing their operations. Foreign entrepreneurs can benefit from public policies on taxes, the easy establishment of companies, and business setup agencies to help them facilitate any process they have to comply with.

Connect Zone is a company with more than twenty years of experience in the formation of companies in the United Arab Emirates. We will help you comply with all legal and administrative procedures that your company needs, we will take care of your visa procedures, as well as the process of applying for your license. We can even help you choose an office in one of the best business centers in the UAE.

Do you want to know more about our company formation services? You can contact us at the following number +971 43 316 688 or at contact@connectzone.ae where one of our professionals will assist you.

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