What are business setup consultants in the UAE?

business setup consultants

Starting a company in the United Arab Emirates requires countless approvals, exhaustive paperwork, and also really hard work. However, thanks to the help of business setup consultants in the UAE, this process is easier. Choosing the right consultant for you can be difficult, in this country you will find several options, each with different characteristics that can benefit your business. For this reason, we will help you choose the best business setup consultants in Dubai.

In this article, you will find information about the role of company setup consultants, which businesses need these services, and also why you need to hire them.

  1. What are business setup consultants in the UAE?
  2. Things to keep in mind while hiring business setup consultants
  3. What businesses need a consultant?
  4. What benefits can you get by hiring business setup consultants in the UAE?
  5. Why you should hire business setup consultants in the UAE?
  6. Why should you choose the business consultancy services of Connect Zone?

1. What are business setup consultants in the UAE?

A business consultant in the UAE is an individual who works closely with the managers and business owners to improve operations and efficiency. Business consulting includes helping to address, identify, and also overcome obstacles to meet a company’s goals.

1.1 Characteristics of the business setup in Dubai

The best business setup consultants in Dubai generally have an area of ​​expertise greater than the staff of a common corporation. So they are able to offer innovative solutions to problems.

The consultants are usually part of a business consulting firm, whose main objective is to help entrepreneurs set up their companies. So, when hiring these services, it is a good idea to take into account the advantages of having an expert partner in the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates and in the creation of companies.

1.2 What does a business consultant do?

The business setup consultants in DMCC can assist you with almost any need your company may have. Further, there are business consultants who specialize in specific industries, while others take a more general approach.

Some of the responsibilities of a business consultant in the UAE are the following:

  • Determine what changes must be made and help implement them.
  • Assist in business planning and creating new businesses
  • Implement new programs
  • Identify obstacles that are preventing growth or efficiency
  • Provide any necessary training and resources to management and staff
  • Assess, hire, and also fire staff, if necessary
  • Locate providers and partners to help meet goals
  • Analyze the budget of the company, suggest adjustments, and help establish those adjustments.
  • Bring out-of-the-box ideas to refresh a business.

2. Things to keep in mind while hiring business setup consultants

Some of the things you should consider when choosing the best business setup consultants in Dubai are the following:

2.1 Licensing and legal framework services

The first thing to consider is the licensing and legal framework for your business setup. Starting a company in any area of ​​the UAE brings with it the burden of legal guidelines and regulations. Therefore, choosing a consultant who knows in-depth the legal system of the area is necessary.

For operating a business growth within an emirate, the company trade licensing registration is compulsory. This is to ensure that no business activity can run without the registration of the government department and that there are no health hazards.

Once your company gets approval through a license, no authority has the right to shut down the business without any legal notice or no legal obligation on the business organization.

Dubai provides 3 main options to business startups, which are the following:

Entrepreneurs must decide which option adjusts better to their needs. The Dubai free zone has a special economic place for business setups and offers a wide range of services. For example, business registration, Dubai Freelance Visa obtention, Limited Liability Company (LLC) formation, etc.

On the other hand, the Mainland business registration allows to trade and perform in the Mainland area whether it is taking government or semi-government projects or providing services. The mainland business is most suitable in terms of opening a bank account, getting more visas under the company, and also opening more branches in the Emirates.

Connect Zone is the best agency to help entrepreneurs with proper guidance in company registration. Hence, if you plan to set up your business, please contact us and let us help you through this process.

2.2 Team expertise

An expert and well-established business setup consultant will streamline your business setup process. He will provide valuable recommendations and assess you on ongoing market trends. When selecting your consultant, an expert with expertise in successful business starts is a must-have.

2.3 Finding the location

The location is very important for your company’s growth. A consulting firm will assist you in choosing the right location for you. The right place will depend on the nature and the industry of your company. When selecting a consultant, you must keep in mind that they must know to evaluate factors like legal requirements, budget, etc, to guide you in the right direction.

2.4 Setting up your goals

Practice a goal-setting exercise with your consultant. Tell them about the key performance indicators and track the growth of your company. It is vital that you understand your consultants in terms of goal setting and clearly define your predetermined goals.

2.5 Government-partnership

Make sure your business consultant in the UAE is well aware of all the government services. And they must be constantly communicating with the government entities like the Dubai Land Department (DLD), the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratization (MOHRE), etc. If you want a smooth establishment of your business, the association with government entities is vital.

3. What businesses need a consultant?

Any business can obtain benefits from a business consultant. However, some of the companies that can acquire the greatest benefits are the following:

  • Businesses focused on growth can use a business consultant’s strategic skills.
  • New businesses can use consultants to complete planning and start with the right foot.
  • Companies starting new campaigns can obtain benefits from the expertise and research of a consultant
  • Organizations that have a hard time meeting their financial goals can hire a business consultant to dig into their accounting.
  • Companies adding a new department can get help planning, staffing, and setting up that department.

4. What benefits can you get by hiring business setup consultants in the UAE?

Hiring a consultant can provide many advantages to a company. Some of the most important include utilizing insight and expertise picked up from other clients and industries, taking advantage of an outside perspective, receiving help creating plans as well the resources to make them happen, and more.

Some more specific examples are the following:

  • Business consultants often work with a variety of clients and in multiple industries. This gives them invaluable ideas and insight from many different avenues.
  • Designing new campaigns and business plans can be challenging and take a lot of time. The consultants help to develop these plans more clearly and quickly and then help you put them to work.
  • Business consultants can pinpoint weaknesses and strengths in your company that you might have become blind to over time.
  • Staying on budget is vital for the success of the company. These consultants can find weak areas in your spending and provide creative solutions for those areas.
  • Business consultants offer a “bird’s eye view” into a company. Many seasoned business owners and managers can struggle with seeing the complete picture as they are in the middle of it. A consultant offers a fresh mind and viewpoint, allowing them to see things that business owners might not.
  • Business setup specialists bring with them a network they have formed during diverse projects. Companies can use this to gain knowledge and use external resources that a business may not even be aware of.
  • These professionals can help increase sales by researching your desired client and creating a marketing plan to attract them.

5. Why you should hire business setup consultants in the UAE?

Starting a company requires a solid business plan, and to do it successfully you need a business consultant.

Some of the reasons why you have to hire this type of service are the following:

5.1 Define the right business activities

All companies in the United Arab Emirates must choose a productive activity in order to operate legally in the country. This activity determines the regulations and permits required by government authorities.

A proper consultant will help you establish a productive activity that suits your aspirations.

5.2 Choose the economic jurisdiction

In the UAE there are various jurisdictions, each with different benefits and rules. A business consultant in the UAE can help you choose the location that best suits your business.

5.3 Creation of a business plan

Understanding the process, operation, and legality of the United Arab Emirates market is essential when forming a company. For this reason, having a partner who advises and accompanies you is a very profitable investment.

5.3 Define your company structure

In the UAE there are multiple legally implied company structures, and each business must select one before starting the company registration process.

A consultant will guide you and choose the legal structure that best suits your requirements.

5.4 Mainland, free zone, and offshore company registration

To establish a company in one of the jurisdictions of the United Arab Emirates, the presence of a consultant may be essential. Note that this person will handle all legal and administrative paperwork, they will be responsible for finding an office in one of the business centers and they can even help you find a local agent

5.5 Handle all paperwork with the UAE authorities

A consultant is a person who knows in depth the laws of the UAE. Government authorities are responsible for delivering all licenses and permits so that your company can operate legally.

To obtain a license you need a series of documents. For example, name reservation certificate, passport copies, and depending on the productive activities of your company, certain additional approvals.

However, you can save yourself all this paperwork by hiring business consultancy services.

5.6 Paperwork for a company formation

Certain documentation requires the supervision of a professional. For example, the Memorandum of Association is vital to continue the formation of your company and a business consultant is the perfect partner to do it.

Also, he can help you with the rest of the documentation to ensure every step is done successfully. Another responsibility of the consultants is to pick up the licenses from the corresponding departments and obtain the necessary permits from the authorities.

5.7 Cost-effective process

Consulting firm prices may vary by the Emirate. You can find a low-cost business setup in Dubai that will allow you to carry out each paperwork and process in a cost-effective way.

In addition, obtaining offices and warehouses for rent, and even obtaining certain certifications, becomes very cost-effective since there are fewer chances of making mistakes and applying for unnecessary paperwork.

6. Why should you choose the business consultancy services of Connect Zone?

Although the United Arab Emirates has made the process of establishing a company easier, a certain level of expertise is still required to carry out each procedure satisfactorily. For this reason, it is highly advisable that you hire a business setup agency like Connect Zone to guide you in the right direction.

Our professionals are highly trained in legal and administrative matters, we will take care of establishing effective relationships with government authorities to ensure obtaining the necessary documents to be able to operate in the country.

Let us help you get your business to the next level. It does not matter what type of business are you looking forward to set up, you can always call us at +971 43 316 688 or you can email us at contact@connectzone.ae. One of our specialists will answer all of your questions and concerns.

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Steps to product registration in Dubai

The UAE offers various opportunities for merchants from anywhere in the world to manufacture, distribute, import, and also re-export a large number of products, including food, cosmetics, health, and hand sanitizer, among others. Dubai is the center of commerce for many international markets. For this reason, a whole process for product registration in Dubai has been created to ensure that only high-quality products are manufactured and distributed in this emirate.

In this article, you will find information about the product registration process, the different products you can register in the UAE, the benefits you can acquire by registering them, and also how we can help you register your product.

  1. What is product registration in Dubai?
  2. Product registration process 
  3. Why is product registration in Dubai compulsory?
  4. Food product registration
  5. Cosmetic product registration
  6. Health supplement registration
  7. Ministry of product registration
  8. Benefits of product registration in Dubai
  9. How can we help you with the product registration in Dubai?

1. What is product registration?

Product registration in Dubai is a process carried out by the government authorities of a specific country to register any product manufactured or imported into the country. Through this process, you can register a large number of products. And each of them must be duly registered before import, promotion, and sale in the UAE.

In Dubai, the government entities in charge of carrying out this process are the safety and health section of Dubai Municipality, the Food Department, and the Ministry of Health. The principal gubernamental entity is Dubai Municipality (DM) while the other departments depend on the product to register.

1.1 Facts about the product registration in Dubai

  • All products and consumer goods registered in Dubai are classified in a single system. This makes it easy for traders, customers, and the government to get information about all the consumer products in Dubai.
  • The product registration process ensures that each product, whether it is a packaged food product or a cosmetic product, has all the necessary information on its label. In this way, the customer obtains clear information about the product that he is going to buy.
  • For the registration of cosmetic products in Dubai, the Dubai Municipality checks for the presence of any substance that may be harmful to the body. The same happens with food products, any substance that is not suitable for human consumption cannot be imported into the emirate.

2. The product registration process in Dubai

The steps you must follow to register a product in Dubai are the following:

2.1 Establish a company

The product registration can only be completed through a company established in Dubai or a free zone. Keep in mind that only a local UAE company that has an appropriate business activity can register its products with Dubai Municipality.

Also, the company must have a valid trade license.

2.2 Registration with Dubai Municipality

After establishing your company, the next step is to register it with DM. This requires some basic information about the company. For example, the trade license of the company, contact details, and email address. If you need help with this process, Connect Zone‘s professionals are the ideal partners to carry it out on your behalf.

2.3 Submission of documents

The third step of the registration process is the delivery of the necessary documents to apply for label assessment of the product as per the product category. You must submit a sample of the product to CPSS. When the assessment of the label is ready, Dubai Municipality will issue a Label Assessment Report containing all product information.

3. Why is product registration in Dubai compulsory?

Some of the reasons why the product registration in Dubai is compulsory are the following:

  • The main reason this process was implemented was to restrict the trading of harmful and fake products in the local market. Also, one of its goals is to ensure the quality of the products and the safety of the consumers.
  • Dubai Municipality is responsible for controlling the entry of all products to the UAE market to ensure customer safety and product quality through product testing, product inspections, and also product registration.
  • Every product imported into Dubai for local trading must be registered in DM and obtain a registration certificate, which may be asked at the time of shipment clearing.

4. Food product registration 

In Dubai, there is a vast market for food products, which makes this emirate the ideal place for the manufacture and import of food products. The UAE government is committed to offering comforts to its citizens and ex-pats.

To ensure this, the authorities created a strict product registration process that aims to allow only the best food products in Dubai, free from all types of harmful effects. Through food product registration, entrepreneurs can manufacture, import, distribute (in the local market), and also re-export products to other countries.

4.1 Food supplement registration

Some of the requirements that you must meet to register a food product are the following:

  • The main requirement is to register the product with DM. The Dubai Municipality registers all food products on its Food Import and Re-export System (FIRS)
  • You will need to provide certain documents to the DM, including the email, trade license, fax/telephone number, location in Dubai, and also name and mobile number of the company’s representative.
  • For the approval of the food product label in DM, the company must mention the country of origin, shelf life, and also storage conditions on the label.
  • You cannot apply for prohibited items. For example, poppy seeds, alcohol, among others.
  • In the case of imported products, you need to submit additional documents. For example, the original health certificate, packing list, country of origin, and the Halal certificate from an approved Islamic organization.
  • The product name, brand name, expiration date, and also the net weight must be mentioned on the label of all products. Using incorrect labels or false descriptions will result in a fine from AED 10,000 to AED 100,000.
  • The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology will thoroughly test the quality of the food product.
  • The account and the name of any food product must be unique.

4.2 Benefits of food product registration

Some of the advantages you can get are the following:

  • The registration process of food products is integrated with ZAD (a federal portal for food trade). This ensures food safety and increases the value of the Dubai food registry for international trade.
  • Traders will be able to manufacture and re-export their food products in the country of their choice, using the tax-free benefits of Dubai.
  • Registering your product will not only allow you to position it in the high profitable market of Dubai, but you will also be able to place it in other gulf countries.

5. Cosmetic product registration

Dubai is one of the major hubs of international trade and one of its most important products is cosmetics.

5.1 Cosmetic products registration requirements

  • Only those that are intended for teeth, oral cavity, and also external parts (nails, hair, epidermis, lips, etc) of the human body will be classified as cosmetics.
  • All ingredients must be safe for the human body. Any prohibited ingredient or any amount of a restrictive item in one of these products will not allow the product to be registered in Dubai.
  • The main functions of cosmetics are to protect, perfume, cleanse, and correct body odors.
  • It cannot be imported, sold, manufactured, or placed in the market any cosmetic products prior to its registration.
  • In the case of importing products in Dubai, the documents must be certified by the UAE embassy.

5.2 Benefits of cosmetic products registration

  • Tax-free or very low tax opportunity
  • Label protection and brand protection
  • Gives the right to manufacture, import, and also re-export cosmetic opportunities
  • Complete assessment from the government of Dubai
  • Gives access to profitable markets of the UAE and other countries of the Gulf.

5.3 List of cosmetic products

  • Lotions, gels, creams, emulsions, and also oils for the skin 
  • Tinted bases (powder, liquid, bases)
  • Cleansing and conditioning products
  • Anti-wrinkle products
  • Sunbathing and tanning products
  • Deodorants, perfumes, antiperspirants, toilet waters, and also cologne.
  • Nail care and make-up products for making en removing make-up from the face and eyes
  • Sunbathing and tanning products
  • Products for external intimate hygiene
  • Hairdressing products (lacquers, brilliantine, lotions)
  • Products for care of the teeth and mouth

6. Health supplement registration

Health supplement is a field that has generated a lot of attention in recent years. This has led the authorities to maintain stricter control over these products.

6.1 Health supplement regulations

The government of Dubai has regulated the Health supplements as they are imported into the UAE. This means you cannot manufacture, export, sell or import them without registering them in the DM first.

After many fake sellers appeared in the country, the government decided to intervene against those fraudulent companies and kicked them out of business. So, it is important that you run your business correctly, otherwise, they can take legal action against your company.

6.2 Health supplement requirements

Some of the requirements that you must meet to register this type of product are the following:

  • Health supplements are those products that are taken to provide additional nutrition to the body apart from the food. For example, vitamins, herbs, minerals, etc. These supplements can come in the form of tablets, powder, capsules, liquids, etc.
  • It is necessary for the label to clarify that they are food supplements and not proper food.
  • Any type of misleading information or contrary to scientifically proven claims will mean the ban of the product in the market.
  • Some details like ingredients and details about the trading companies are required for product registration.
  • All health supplements may not contain any flavor, ingredient, or color not permitted by the Dubai government.
  • Pharmaceutical companies and other registered trading companies may prepare and trade these products.

7. Ministry of Health products registration

Previously we have mentioned the processes and requirements to register health supplements. However, in the case of products belonging to the Ministry of Health, the process is different.

All pharmaceutical companies must register themselves in their related department. Only after that, they can apply for the registration of pharmaceutical and medical instruments, products, and devices. For this, they should contact the Ministry of Health and Prevention along with other departments as well

7.1 Requirements from the Ministry of Health

  • A local representative or manufacturer must submit the application to the related department of the Ministry of Health. This application can be in Arabic or English.
  • You must submit the documents and the technical requirements alongside the application. Note that these documents will vary depending on the type of medical device or product.
  • After approval, the registration will have a validity of 5 years. After that, it will require a registration renewal.
  • The process to acquire approval from the Ministry of Health can take several months.

8. Benefits of product registration in Dubai

Registering your company’s products brings with it multiple benefits. For example:

  • Hassle-free trade in the UAE and internationally
  • You can sell, import, and also promote your products in the local Dubai market
  • Except for some unethical and harmful products, there is a wide variety of products that you can register.
  • Registering your products will make them eligible not only in the UAE and Dubai, but you can also launch your products in the whole GCC area.

9. How can we help you with the product registration in Dubai?

When forming a company in the United Arab Emirates, you will come across many administrative, legal and economical challenges. This is when the assistance of a business setup consultant, like the professionals at Connect Zone, becomes important.

Hence, we can help you with the entire process of forming your company and registering your products. We will take care of all kinds of paperwork, such as obtaining a freelance visa and a trade license.

Also, we can offer you our VAT and tax consultancy and a wide range of PRO services.

Our team is ready to provide you with all the tools you need for your business. If you want to know more about us you can contact the following number +971 43 316 688 or write us at contact@connectzone.ae. One of our representatives will assist you as soon as possible.

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Company formation in Dubai Creative Clusters Free Zone

Dubai Creative Clusters Authority

The Free Zones of the United Arab Emirates have gained great popularity among entrepreneurs from different parts of the world due to their almost free tax policies. Aspects such as 100% ownership, no currency restrictions, and zero personal and corporate tax are some of the features that you can enjoy when creating a company in Dubai Creative Clusters Authority.

In this article, you will find information about what is the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority, what types of Free Zones you can find there, why and how to start a company in  one of these zones, and also how we can help you succeed.

  1. What is Dubai Creative Clusters Authority?
  2. Types of Free Zones in DCCA
  3. How to start a company in a free zone?
  4. Benefits of setting up a business in Dubai Creative Clusters Authority
  5. Types of licenses issued by DCCA
  6. Why should you start a company in Dubai Creative Clusters Authority?
  7. How can we help you with the formation of your company?

1. What is Dubai Creative Clusters Authority?

The Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA), formerly known as the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone, was established in 2000. It aims to position Dubai as a world center for knowledge, based on certain industries. For example, movie and production, fashion, science and technology, media, IT, among others.

The DCCA is in charge of regulating seven industries of nine Free Zones. It currently has more than 4,500 companies operating in its territory and around 70,000 people working in the Free Zones.

Basically, this authority is responsible for implementing and developing rules and regulations that comply with international standards. In this way, companies can diligently operate in the Free Zones.

These Free Zones are divided into the following four clusters:

  • Education Cluster
  • Science Cluster
  • Media Cluster
  • Information and Communication Cluster

1.1 Types of entities allowed in DCCA

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC): This structure is formed as a separate legal entity and is made up of corporates or individuals. The minimum capital required for its incorporation will depend on the productive activity of your company.
  • Branch of a UAE or Foreign Company: This structure is not a separate legal entity from its parent. On the contrary, it is considered a business space that is legally part of the parent company and that carries out some or all of the company’s inherent operations in this territory. Also, no share capital is required to start a branch company.
  • Freelancer: This structure allows entrepreneurs to obtain a Freelance Permit and carry out this type of work legally. This permit identifies you as a sole practitioner and allows you to run your business under your birth name, instead of a brand name.

2. Types of Free Zones in DCCA

In the DCCA there are many Free Zones, each with a focus on a different economic sector. Some of the activities you can do there are the following:

2.1 Dubai Internet City

It is the largest ITC Hub in the entire Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Dubai Internet City is home to some of the world’s largest technology companies. For example, Google, Dell, Cisco, Facebook, Nokia, and Microsoft.

2.2 Dubai Outsource City

Dubai Outsource City dedicates to international and local outsourcing activities. For example, business process outsourcing (BPO), IT Outsourcing, back office, HR Outsourcing, and call center operations.

2.3 Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City is home to thousands of organizations dedicated to various sectors. For example, media and marketing, event management, advertising and communication, media consultancy, event support services, freelancers, new media, associations.

2.4 Dubai Production City

It is the ideal hub for the local and global production industries. Dubai Production City is home to the most qualified business professionals from around the globe. In this area, productive activities related to publishing, packaging, printing, media production, and graphic art are generally carried out.

2.5 Dubai Knowledge Park

Most of this area is dedicated to learning excellence and human resource management. In Dubai Knowledge Park, there are companies whose area of ​​work is to be academic service providers, executive search firms, assessment and testing centers, and also numerous freelancers.

2.6 Dubai International Academic City

It is the largest Free Zone in the world dedicated to the pursuit of intellectual growth and higher education. Dubai International Academic City is home to many international and local universities and colleges. Thus serving hundreds of students around the world.

2.7 Dubai Studio City

Open to TV, film production, music, broadcasting, and entertainment, Dubai Studio City is the house of the largest sound stages in the zone. Also, this area is ideal for production offices, workshops, recording studios, backlots, sets, film studios, and water tanks for underwater film shoots.

2.8 Dubai Science Park

This area was specifically designed for those companies and individuals working in the life sciences. The Dubai Science Park is home to large laboratory spaces and ample offices. Its target audience is entrepreneurs within the science community and the nurture businesses.

2.9 Dubai Design District

Offering a mix of open-plan land for development and office space for lease, Dubai Design District is mainly dedicated to those industries related to fashion and design. It is home to several world-renowned brands, along with fashion houses and also boutique design studios.

3. How to start a company in a free zone?

Firstly, no matter which DCCA’s Free Zone you choose, they will all provide you with a nurturing and buzzing environment, equipped with all the guidance and support to help you make your business a success. If this is the type of business you want to aspire to, the steps to start a company in Dubai Creative Clusters Authority are the following:

3.1 Determine the type of legal activity

The types of companies you can open in DCCA are the following:

  • Branch of a Company
  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC)

3.2 Choose a trade name

After choosing the legal entity of your company, you need to choose the name. In most cases, it is recommended that you check with the Department of Economic Development (DED) about the names that are allowed and if the intended name has already been registered.

Generally, for the DED to approve the proposal on the chosen name, you must meet the following requirements:

  • It cannot contain foul language
  • No other company can have the same name
  • It must not make any reference to any religion or government authority
  • Lastly, it must be compatible with the activity and legal status of your company.

3.3 Business license

In order to operate legally in the United Arab Emirates, you need to apply for a Trade License. This license will depend on the productive activity of your company. Some examples of licenses are the following:

3.4 Office space

At Dubai Creative Clusters Authority, you can either buy or lease an office space in any of the available business centers. The requirements of the offices will depend on the number of employees and also the type of activity you carry out.

3.5 Get approvals

The companies established in the Free Zones are governed by the rules of the respective zone. To receive the necessary approvals, you must submit certain documents. These documents will vary depending on the productive activity of your company, the legal entity, and also the requirements of the chosen Free Zone.

Some of the documents that you must submit are the following:

  • Business plan
  • Registration Certificate/Copy of existing license (if you are an existing company)
  • Colored passport copies of the shareholders (or the director of the new company)
  • No Objection Letter from current sponsor (for individuals)
  • Letter of intent
  • Reference Letter from a personal bank of the individual shareholder or two years audited financial reports for the corporate entity.
  • Completed application form
  • Unit title deed
  • Registry Identification Code (RIC) (Original and notarized)

Those individuals who work under the freelance modality must submit the following documents:

  • CV
  • Bank reference letter
  • Application for registration
  • Registry Identification Code Form (RIC) (Original and notarized)

3.6 Registration

After receiving initial approval, you will need to pay the license fees and registration fees. To do so, you must deliver the following documentation:

  • Memorandum of Association (MoA) (duly attested)
  • Passport size photo of the director of the company (against a white background)
  • Share Capital information
  • Completed application registration
  • Board Resolution Appointing (duly attested)
  • Power of attorney given to the director of the company (duly attested)

3.7 Visa and licensing process

At this point, the lease contracts will be prepared by the authorities, the licenses will be issued and the visa application process will begin.

Note that certain activities will require the approval of external authorities.

4. Benefits of setting up a business in Dubai Creative Clusters Authority

4.1 Work among the best

The DCCA is home to some of the world’s largest companies. For example, Dubai Internet City has Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. In Dubai Design District, works Christian Louboutin, Chanel, and Adidas, and Dubai Media City is the home to companies such as CNN, Dow Jones, and Bloomberg.

However, even though very important names work in this region, the DCCA is also welcoming to small and medium-sized businesses.

4.2 Straight-forward setup

Firstly, in any of the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority Free Zones, the company formation process is incredibly straightforward. You will only need to submit certain documents; pay the fees and the process will be complete. This process generally lasts a few weeks.

4.3 Corporate bank account

Once you receive your license and have established your company in the Free Zone of your choice, you will be able to open a corporate bank account in one of the UAE financial institutions. The application process for an account is quite easy. Even the Free Zone staff can advise you to choose the bank that best suits your needs.

A company formation specialist, such as Connect Zone, can also guide you through this process.

4.4 Sponsor dependents

Just as it is easy to apply for your own Visa, it is just as easy if you want to sponsor dependents for their residence visa. Whether you decide to sponsor a family member, a driver, or a maid, the process is relatively easy.

The steps are the following:

  • Entry permit
  • Status adjustment
  • Medical fitness test
  • Emirates ID registration
  • And lastly, the visa stamping

As this is an important process, it is recommended that you hire a company formation professional, such as Connect Zone, to ensure that each step is completed successfully.

5. Types of licenses issued by DCCA

Some of the licenses that you can acquire in DCCA are the following:

  • Licenses under the Radio Segments and Broadcasting TV
  • Food Segment License
  • Manufacturing and Productivity Segment License
  • Licenses under the Storage Activities
  • Licenses under the Publishing Segment
  • Higher Education Provider License

6. Why should you start a company in Dubai Creative Clusters Authority?

Committed to creating an environment where industries can flourish, the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority is the ideal entity to establish your company. The United Arab Emirates provides monetary support, develops a creative talent pool, creates forums amongst creative industries, and also provides a platform for creativity, research, and community building.

To emphasize, all these aspects drive the economic growth of your company and the evolution of your brand.

7. How can we help you with the formation of your company?

Entering the business world as a novice entrepreneur can be a difficult process to navigate. For this reason, it is advisable to hire professionals in the area to process your documents and carry out all the procedures required by the law of the United Arab Emirates. This is where our agency can be your best ally.

Here at Connect Zone, we can help you with your visa application and company registration, we will maintain an efficient relationship with the relevant authorities and we can also help you choose a space for your office.

Do you want to know more about our business setup services? You can contact us at the following number +97143316688 or write us an email at contact@connectzone.ae where one of our advisors will assist you immediately.

In addition, if you would like to apply for a wide range of jobs in the UAE or many other countries, you can send your CV to thetalentpoint.com or contact@thetalentpoint.com. Do not worry about the safety of your information, we will not store or share it.

How to obtain a professional license in the UAE?

professional license in the UAE

Before starting the process of forming your company, you need to take into account all the procedures and requirements that you must have in order to carry out any commercial activity in the United Arab Emirates. Depending on the type of your company, you can choose between four types of licenses (professional, commercial, industrial and general trading). Today, you will get to understand the professional license in UAE in depth.

In this article, you will find information about what a professional license in the UAE is, how to acquire this type of license, what documents are necessary to acquire it, who needs this license, and also how we can help you obtain one.

  1. What is a professional license in the UAE?
  2. Characteristics of a professional license
  3. What is the process of obtaining it?
  4. Step by step to get a professional license
  5. What are the necessary documents?
  6. How much is the cost of a DED professional license?
  7. The license renewal process
  8. Who needs a professional license?
  9. professional license activities
  10. Benefits of a professional license
  11. How can we help you get your professional license?

1. What is a professional license in the UAE?

Firstly, a Professional License in UAE is an official document issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) for those entrepreneurs who carry out professional activities that depend on their mental and physical abilities to generate income.

These can be, for example, artists, designers, business services providers, auditors, accountants, engineering consultants, among others.

However, the company must belong to a single person to obtain the DED Professional License. If, on the contrary, the company belongs to more than one person, then the organization will be considered a civil corporation.

2. Characteristics of a professional license

This type of license is the only one that allows expatriates to retain 100% ownership of their company in the United Arab Emirates. However, in order to achieve this, you must hire an Emirati citizen to be your local agent.

This agent will not have any direct relationship with your business nor will it interfere, his role will be based on assisting you in the process of applying for your license and will handle the necessary legal procedures. You must keep in mind that this agent will not be responsible for any debt that your company may acquire.

3.  What is the process of obtaining it?

Before starting the application process for your license, you must make a clear description of the productive activities of your company. Then, search for a local service agent to carry out all the legal procedures for your company.

Finally, get the initial approval from the Department of Economic Development, present the name chosen for your company and submit all the required documents to the DED to get the approval.

4.  Step by step to get a professional license

The detailed steps to get your Professional License in UAE are the following:

4.1 Local service agreement

You must make the local service agreement with a UAE National and translate it with an official translator. Once translated, you must certify the agreement in a public notary.

Also, keep in mind that if you make the agreement in Arabic, then the entire translation process is not necessary.

4.2 Memorandum of Association (MoA)

The MoA is an official document that describes the data of the company and the data of the shareholders. You must complete the MoA with your local agent and you must include the sponsor’s early fee in the agreement.

4.3 Civil Company

If you are applying for a civil company license, then you will need to fill out another application form and certify it.

4.4 Public Notary

All partners involved in the creation of the company must go to a public notary and sign the agreement.

4.5 Approvals

To continue the process, you must get approval from Dubai’s Municipality for the Tenancy Contract.

4.6 Submit the documents

The shareholders must submit all the forms (duly certified and with a copy of each one), the passports of each partner, and the No Objection Certificate for an expatriate partner (if any).

4.7 Pay the fees

Make the payment for the entire process and receive your license, the DED will give you a payment voucher at the same time.

5. What are the necessary documents?

The necessary documents for the application of your Professional License in Dubai and  UAE are the following:

  • The application form duly filled out
  • Copy of the local partner’s naturalization book
  • Visitor’s visa of the foreign shareholders
  • A No Objection Certificate from the local agents of the foreign shareholders if the expatriate has an employment visa. If the shareholder has a visitor’s visa, then their ID number is needed.
  • The initial approval of the relevant government authorities depends on the productive activity of your company. For example, Dubai’s Municipality, Road and Transport Authority, National Media Council, among others.

5.1 Necessary documents to submit to Tenancy Contract

  • Rental contract
  • Ejari registration
  • Name reservation certificate
  • Initial approval from the DED
  • A prescribed application form (BR1 form)

6. How much is a DED professional license?

Generally, the Professional License costs AED 10,310 and includes the following:

  • Administrative Services fee
  • Trade Name Fees
  • Professional License Fees
  • Local Agents Feel
  • Market Fees
  • Local fees
  • Government cultural fees

Additionally, it is important to realize that a shareholder in a Professional License (civil) company must pay an amount of AED 20,000 as a security deposit.

If a person decides to apply for the license without a partner, then they must pay the amount of AED 10,000 as a security deposit. Please note that the cost of the Professional License may vary from time to time.

7. The license renewal process

Depending on the productive activity of your company and the economic jurisdiction to which it belongs, you must approach the relevant government authorities and renew your license every year. The shareholders must submit the necessary documents and make the payment of the License Renewal Fee to the authorities.

The steps you must follow to renew your Professional License in UAE are the following:

  • Keep your tenancy contract up to date, it must be valid for at least 3 months from the date of the renewal application (It is recommended that you renew the tenancy contract before carrying out the renewal process for your license)
  • Get the approval of the relevant authorities to receive the renewal.
  • For a Professionals License, it is not necessary to get extra approvals from additional authorities.
  • Submit the Ejari certificate, the valid tenancy contract, the renewal form duly filled out, and also any other documentation requested by the Department of Economic Development.
  • Make the payment through the relevant channels and receive your renewed trade license.
  • Receive the payment voucher and the transaction number.

8.  Who needs a professional license?

Those interested in offering professional services such as Tourism guidance, auditing, designing, consulting, accounting, research, or any other activity related to skills, talent, or experiences, must acquire a Professional License if they want to work in the UAE.

By holding a Professional License, you are legally authorized to work and offer your services to any client, employer, or customer in the United Arab Emirates. Also, you have the right to carry out activities according to your area of ​​expertise and qualifications.

Offering professional services requires experience, skills, and talent to carry out certain activities that meet the quality standards established by the government entities of the United Arab Emirates and by your own company.

Although the Professional License in UAE covers a large number of activities, certain activities require additional approval or authorization from certain government agencies.

These agencies are established with the objective of managing and regulating industry standards, maintaining health and safety, and also ensuring that services are only offered by authorized professionals who adhere to the compliances and regulations of the respective ministry.

9. Professional license activities

Any person who decides to start a commercial or business activity will need a Professional License. The Department of Economic Development has created an administrative system that separates licenses into categories. Consequently, this allows a better opportunity at regulatory and constructive facilities.

Some of the activities that you can do with a professional license are the following:

  • Teachers and educational professors
  • Lawyers and legal advisors
  • Accountants, financial advisors, and auditors
  • Technical services
  • Medical representatives
  • Business consultants
  • Printing and publishing
  • Consultancy services
  • Carpentry and artisan activities
  • Management consultancy
  • Architectural consultants
  • Entertainment artists
  • Advertising professionals
  • Technology services
  • Beauty salons
  • Repair services
  • Educational training services

Only the most common activities that need a DED Professional License appear in this list. If you are interested in seeing the complete list of activities that require this type of license, you can always go in person to the offices of the Department of Economic Development or you can check their website.

However, it will always be a better option to hire a business setup company or a business consultant, such as Connect Zone, to gather all the information you need and help you choose which license best suits your business needs.

10. Benefits of a professional license

Possessing one of these licenses brings with it multiple benefits, some of which are the following:

10.1 Cost-effectiveness

Possessing one of these licenses will allow you to save money in the long term since you will be able to establish the offices of your company in any part of Dubai, which neutralizes the ties with any lease contract or with any authority. In this way, you can enjoy the freedoms of a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Most startups decide to use serviced offices or co-working offices to have enough time to get their licenses. This will allow new businesses to have easy access to the workplace while reducing the high costs of forming a company.

The current market fee is 2.5 percent, which makes this option the cheapest.

10.2 A large number of activities

This type of license is not aimed at a select group of activities or businesses, on the contrary, it covers various sectors. Day by day, the list of activities under the DED Professional License increases, which greatly facilitates obtaining this license.

If you are interested in starting a company, there is a high probability that the business idea you have is already supported by the government entity that is in charge of delivering the Professional Licenses.

10.3 Foreign companies involvement and an adaptable market

As mentioned above, this type of license allows shareholders to maintain 100% ownership of their companies in Dubai. Another key point is that you can maintain the daily operations of your company without the need to use a local shareholding party, which is sponsored and made up of mostly UAE citizens.

In addition, with the help of this license, you will have the opportunity to meet, invest and trade in different places and with different clients. You will also be able to offer services to your clients and achieve important contracts with other companies.

Note that this includes those agencies that have ties to the UAE government and other educational institutions.

11. How can we help you get your professional license?

Going from being a novice entrepreneur to a successful businessman is the dream of every person who decides to invest in Dubai.

Over the last few years, the United Arab Emirates has become the quintessential region for job opportunities, and every month hundreds of people take the risk of starting a business. However, they do not go through this process alone, investors often hire specialized company formation agencies, such as Connect Zone, to guide them through the process.

At Connect Zone, we will be your trusted link with government entities. We will take care of being your local agent to carry out all the necessary paperwork and we can even help you find a list of business centers in Dubai for your offices.

Do you want to know more about us and the Professional License in the UAE? You can contact the following email: contact@connectzone.ae. Then, one of our advisers will answer all your concerns.

Also, if you would like to obtain a job in our firm, go to thetalentpoint.com and submit your application. In addition, you can contact the following email contact@thetalentpoint.com and send us your CV. We keep your information safe, as we do not store it or share it.


Company Formation: How to open a fashion store in Dubai?

fashion store in Dubai

When it comes to the fashion industry, Dubai has positioned itself as a world leader. Multiple well-known brands have decided to establish themselves in Dubai to meet the demand for quality clothing and accessories. At the same time, many new entrepreneurs decide to take the risk and become the owners of a fashion store in Dubai.

In this article, you will find information about the fashion business, what are the steps to a fashion store business setup in Dubai, what benefits can you get by opening this type of store, how to start an online fashion store and how we can help you meet your goals.

  1. The fashion business in Dubai
  2. How to start a fashion store in Dubai?
  3. Benefits of a fashion store company formation in Dubai
  4. Why should you open a fashion store in Dubai?
  5. How to start an online fashion store?
  6. How can we help you open a fashion store in Dubai?


1. The fashion business in Dubai

In recent years, the fashion industry has reached a large part of the UAE market, due to the numerous strategies implemented.

According to Dubai Chamber Research, the fashion industry has contributed an amount of AED 44 billion, with an annual growth of 4.8 percent. Also, the industry is expected to grow the most between 2019 and 2023.

The UAE fashion industry has done a great job of attracting the attention of worldwide investors. Some of the most striking products are bags, footwear, accessories, and apparel.

In essence, Dubai is the perfect place for almost any company, its different areas allow economic flourishing for new entrepreneurs. In the case of the fashion industry, Dubai Design District is the perfect place to start your company.

1.1 Dubai Design District

Since its foundation in 2013, Dubai Design District has been characterized as an area full of opportunities for creative minds and entrepreneurs interested in the fashion industry. This area had a global value of AED 3 billion in 2019 and its sales continue to increase.

2. How to start a fashion store in Dubai?

To open a fashion store in Dubai you must take into consideration the following steps:

2.1 Market research

The first task you must perform is market research. You must understand the population and your target audience, know their preferences and tastes to satisfy their needs.

Analyzing the competition, understanding the demands of the public, and learning what strategies work in the market will be essential for the success of your company.

2.2 Clear your products and your target audience

Once the market study has been carried out, you need to clarify what products you will sell and to whom it is directed. Also, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the supply and demand for your products and form an active network around them.

2.3 Strategic location

It is well known that the United Arab Emirates offers flexibility when choosing a location for your company. Choosing a favorable location is vital to the success of your business.

2.4 Required documents

To complete the process of registering your company, you need to submit the necessary documents to the Department of Economic Development. The necessary documents are the following:

  • Passport and visa copies of the shareholder
  • No Objection Certificate for initial and name approval
  • The application form filled out
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (MoA/AoA)
  • A well-structured business plan

2.5 Approval and license

After the submission of the documents, you need to obtain the approval of the corresponding government entities. Once the approval is received, you will be able to withdraw your specific business license. This license will serve as permission to operate in Dubai.

2.6 Accounting and bookkeeping

From the beginning of your company, you must be very clear about the income and expenses generated. Keeping an accounting and bookkeeping record will help you with the organization of your company.

2.7 Product marketing

The reputation of a fashion store in Dubai is of paramount importance if you want to be successful. For this reason, you should focus on making your brand and products known, investing in marketing strategies, and promoting your services in the local area.

2.8 Online presence

To extend your reach in the market, it is necessary to create an online presence that fits the dynamics of your company and the business environment. In addition to this, creating a web page where you show your products will help you reach a local and international audience.

If you want to enter the fashion industry, there are different types of companies that you can choose from. For example:

  • Opening a fashion boutique
  • Manufacturing business
  • Online fashion business
  • Wholesaler

The fashion industry in Dubai is a sector full of possibilities for new entrepreneurs, and if approached with the correct strategies, it can result in a very profitable business.

3. Benefits of a fashion store company formation in Dubai

Among the many benefits of starting a fashion store in Dubai, there are the following:

  • Free zone benefits
  • No restrictions on trading locations
  • Low import duty
  • First-class infrastructure
  • No minimum capital requirement
  • Work along with government bodies
  • Tax benefits
  • No restriction in currency limitation
  • More options for business activities
  • No limitations to the number of visas

4. Why should you open a fashion store in Dubai?

Entering a market that is full of big brands in the fashion industry can be challenging. However, the fact that these brands exist only shows the demand for high-quality clothes and apparel.

This presents opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to offer services that the big brands cannot. (Boutique fashion, homegrown, etc.) If you think you have the necessary skills to succeed in this world, check the following considerations:

4.1 Huge potential in the market

While the prestigious, international brands fill the need for hot couture clothing, there is still interest from the UAE locals for other types of clothing. The modest, homegrown, and UAE fashion houses are just flourishing and it is a turning point for new entrepreneurs.

In 2021, UAE locals have spent millions on clothing, footwear, and accessories of this kind, with the big brands just watching from afar. It is important to point out that this gap in the market can be considered an opportunity for those entrepreneurs who wish to create a fashion company in Dubai.

4.2 Set up in a Free Zone or in Mainland

Depending on the nature of your company, you can establish your business in a Free Zone or the Mainland. If what you are looking for is to have a retail outlet, then a Mainland Setup is the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you decide to start an e-commerce fashion company, you will notice that the benefits of the Free Zones are more adapted to your needs.

For example, no corporate and personal tax, 100% ownership, and full export and import tax exemption.

4.3 Easy setup

To start a fashion company, either in a Free Zone or in the Mainland, no additional licenses are needed. The process of establishing this type of business is incredibly easy, if you decide to open your company in the Mainland, go to the Department of Economic Development, the process will not take more than 90 minutes.

If you decide to open your company in a Free Zone, all you have to do is go to the authorities of the corresponding zone. Licenses are normally delivered within a couple of days.

The only thing you need to start trading is a license. However, if you wish to establish a brand, you must apply for a trademark, and this can only be requested through the Ministry of Economy.

Whether you decide to settle in the Mainland or a Free Zone, you will find it favorable to hire a specialized company formation services provider, such as our agency, to ensure that the process is carried out successfully.

4.4 Multiple shareholders

Although you have the option to work alone and create the company on your own, you can also establish your company with multiple shareholders in the Mainland or a Free Zone. These shareholders can be corporate entities or individuals.

4.5 Multiple visas

When setting up your fashion company, you will come across many visa options. If you decide to settle in a Free Zone, you will have a limit of visas for which you can apply, and this limit will be directly related to the office space you have. In contrast, for the formation of a company in the Mainland, there is no limit on visas.

However, this is also directly related to your premises. The general rule is one visa for every 100 sq. ft. of office space.

 4.6 Sponsor your dependents

While you must apply for the necessary visas for you and your employees, you can also sponsor your dependents for their visa application. Whether you need a visa for a child, spouse, driver, etc. The process is the following:

  • Entry permits
  • Status adjustment
  • Medical fitness test
  • Emirates ID registration and visa stamping

4.7 Open a corporate bank account easily

Once you have applied for your license and established your company, you will be able to opt for a bank account. The process to acquire one is very simple, if you decide to open your company in a Free Zone, your staff can advise you on which bank best suits your interests.

On the contrary, if you decide to open your company in the Mainland, an agency specialized in company formation can carry out this process for you. Also, if you prefer, you can go to a local or international bank yourself.

5. How to start an online fashion store in Dubai?

Firstly, online global retailers are a millionaire business and by far one of the most attractive e-commerce areas. Secondly, with revenues exceeding AED 50 billion annually, the online fashion industry is a world of opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in forming an online store in Dubai, check out the following steps:

5.1 Trade license

The main thing to form an online fashion store in Dubai is to legitimize it. Dubai offers a variety of e-commerce licenses that will allow you to operate both in the Mainland and in the Free Zones.

5.2 Cost

The cost of forming an e-commerce company can vary from one area to another. For example, an e-commerce trade license in Dubai Media City can cost AED 40,000 and is divided into:

  • Registration: AED 9,020
  • Initial application: AED 1,015
  • Establishment card: AED 1,800
  • License: AED 20,285
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA): AED 2,020
  • Residence visa: AED 3,330
  • Visa deposit: AED 3,000

5.3 Documents

For the approval of the e-commerce trade license, you must submit the following documents:

  • Copy of investor’s passport
  • Business plan for online clothing store
  • Proof of residential address in the country of residence
  • Filled and attested online application form
  • The lease agreement of office space in DMCC

5.4 Online payments

Including an online payment system allows the entrepreneur to generate profits through the online store. To do this, you will need to have two bank accounts, a commercial bank account, and a merchant bank account.

The commercial bank account is managed by the business, while the merchant bank account is managed by the investor and will handle all of the buyer’s online transactions.

5.5 Logistics support

It is essential for a fashion company to partner with shipping companies that are capable of delivering products on time and safely. Shipping companies in Dubai offer corporate packages to e-commerce companies, depending on the needs of your company.

6. How can we help you open a fashion store in Dubai?

Connect Zone is an agency dedicated to advising our clients to meet their goals as entrepreneurs in Dubai. We are known for working quickly and efficiently and we place your interests as a priority.

We can help you with the request and application of your trade license, we can act as your Public Relations Officer, and also we can accompany you in each step of the formation of your business.

Do you want to know more about our business setup services? You can contact us through the following email address: info@connectzone.ae where you will speak with one of our representatives, who will answer all your questions.

Lastly, if you are interested in working with us, you can go to thetalentpoint.com and send an application. Also, you can send your CV to contact@thetalentpoint.com. We do not share or store your information.