Get more insight into the Instant License in Dubai

Instant License in Dubai

If you want to form a company in the United Arab Emirates, the first thing you must acquire is a license to operate in the country. The UAE offers a wide variety of licenses, each one specifically created for a different productive activity. Among the licenses, you can find the tourism license, industrial license, and more. In the following lines, we will know in depth about the Instant License in Dubai.

In this article, you will get information on how to acquire an Instant License, what are the necessary documents to get one of these licenses, what is the cost of an Instant License and how we can help you obtain this license for your company.

  1. What is an Instant License in Dubai?
  2. How to acquire an Instant License in Dubai?
  3. Detailed process to obtain an Instant License
  4. Who is eligible to acquire an Instant License?
  5. Required documents to apply for an Instant License
  6. What is the cost of an Instant License in Dubai?
  7. Advantages of obtaining an Instant License
  8. How can we help you with the application process for an Instant License in Dubai?

1. What is an Instant License in Dubai?

Dubai is popular for its role as the business hub in the Middle East and for its ease of doing business procedures. Entrepreneurs around the world see this as an opportunity to do business easily and efficiently.

The creation of initiatives such as the Instant License (sponsored by the Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) in the Department of Economic Development in Dubai) has made it quicker for investors to start their businesses

The Instant License in Dubai is, basically, an express form to acquire a commercial or professional license without the need for the usual approvals or a large amount of documentation. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the authority in charge of issuing regular licenses and Instant licenses.

The main difference between an Instant License in Dubai and a regular license is that when applying for an Instant License you will not need to register a trade name, make a Memorandum of Association or take out a tenancy contract.

The process to apply for this license is very straightforward. In fact, in just five minutes you can have the entire process completed online.

2. How to acquire an Instant License in Dubai?

As shown above, the process of obtaining the Instant License is one of the fastest and most straightforward that exists. Just by completing a series of steps and submitting certain minimum requirements, you can acquire this license.

The steps necessary to carry out the application process for an Instant License are the following:

2.1 Select the business activity

The first step you must take when forming a company in Dubai is to decide the productive activity that you are going to dedicate yourself to. Note that this activity must belong to the list of activities accepted by the Department of Economic Development.

The Instant License in Dubai covers more than two thousand activities set out by the DED. It covers every industry imaginable so you will likely find one that suits you.

2.2 Choosing your company name

The next step, before making your application, is to choose a company name. There are certain things that you must take into account in this process, and many of them do not apply anywhere else in the world.

When starting the process of forming a company in the UAE, you must submit to a strict set of naming conventions. In other words, you should avoid any kind of offensive or blasphemous language. You should avoid using names that bear resemblance to large organizations, and if you are naming your company after yourself, remember that you cannot use abbreviations. For example, Jake Long Consulting, instead of J Long Consulting. Also, you must make sure that the chosen name is available to register.

2.3 Making your license application

Once you have decided on the name of your company and the productive activity, it is time to apply for your license. This can be done online via the e-channel portal or by visiting a service centre.

The process is extremely fast. In fact, it should take no longer than five minutes. And you will only need to submit some minimal documents.

As part of the application, you must provide the following information:

  • Partners and managers
  • Activities
  • Commercial registry
  • Name of the company

2.4 Making your visa application

To work in the United Arab Emirates you must have a valid residence visa. Just like every employee who works in your company.

With the right guidance, your visa application process can be incredibly straightforward. Connect Zone is the ideal business setup agency to accompany you in this process, as well with your license application.

By obtaining a UAE business license, you have the benefit of being able to sponsor other people for their visas too. These people can be parents, spouses, or children. Or, they can even be a domestic worker, such as a housekeeper.

The maximum number of visas you can purchase will depend on the size of your company, your chosen setup, and for dependent visas, your personal earnings.

3. Detailed process to obtain an Instant license

A more detailed look at the process of obtaining this license is the following:

  • Select the legal type (business structure) LLC, sole proprietorship, or civil company.
  • Select the business activity from the list of available activities.
  • Choose the shareholding structure of your company
  • Select the trade name options
  • Decide that share capital of your company
  • Complete the required application forms
  • You will review a payment voucher
  • Make the payment
  • Receive the instant license

Once you receive the license, automatically you:

  • Instantly become a member of the Dubai Chamber (if your business conducts some commercial activity)
  • Receive an establishment card from the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), for an additional fee.
  • Get three work permits from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

4. Who is eligible to acquire an Instant License?

All productive activities that do not require additional approvals or clearances from external departments and agencies can apply for an Instant License.

Companies that need approval from Dubai Municipality, the ministries, or any other government department cannot apply for this license.

Sole proprietorship, Civil Company and Limited Liability Company (LLC) operating in certain productive activities are eligible for an Instant License. If you want to know more about the eligibility criteria, you can contact us and we will gladly assist you.

5. Required documents to apply for an Instant License

The documents required to acquire this license differ depending on the channel through which you apply for the license.

If you make the application through the DED’s E-service platform, the documents will be the following:

  • Emirates ID to create an account and get a UAE Pass ID (for those individuals who do not have an account)
  • No additional documents required

If you make the application through the service centers, smart lounge, happiness lounge, the required documents will be the following:

  • Passport copies of all managers and partners (all partners or at least one must be present at the service center to apply for the license)
  • No objection letter from the current sponsor of residence visa-holding partners
  • Emirates ID and Passport copy of the local sponsor
  • UAE visit visa copy of foreign partners (if you do not have a residence visa)
  • Emirates ID and UAE residence visa copy of foreign partners.

Note that the no objection letter from a sponsor is not necessary if you are applying for a general trading license.

6. What is the cost of an Instant License in Dubai?

Once you have completed the application process for your Instant License, the DED will give you a payment voucher. This voucher will include the fees for the trade name, reservation, iHnitial approval, and the issuance of the license.

The cost of the license will vary depending on the productive activity of your company. However, a fixed market fee of AED 3,000 will apply for all types of productive activities.

To support and motivate entrepreneurs during the Covid-19 pandemic, the government of the United Arab Emirates has reduced the market fee to AED 250. This amount applies during the first year. From the second year, the renewal fee will be 2.5% of the rent of your commercial space.

6.1 Sponsorship fee

If you decide to establish your company on the Mainland, then you must have a local sponsor. The amount of the sponsorship fee will be based on mutual agreement between you and your local sponsor.

7. Advantages of obtaining an Instant License

The process to acquire any trade license in the United Arab Emirates is lengthy. It can last between one and three months or more, depending on the productive activity, the preparation of the documents, and the time and the specific requirements of the company. In addition to this, it is necessary to carry out an Ejari/Tenancy contract for the license to be issued.

This is when the advantages of the Instant License in Dubai can appear. This license does not require a tenancy contract for twelve months. This allows entrepreneurs to enter the market at a lower price and allows them to check the business markets before making larger investments.

The initial license will have “Dubai Municipality” registered as the office address. When the license is renewed after twelve months, a registered commercial lease agreement must be presented and delivered to the corresponding authorities.

The instant license also removes the trade name and initial approval prior to license issuance for certain activities. Once the Instant License in Dubai is issued, the companies are legally authorized to operate their activities with a twelve-month grace period to run the company without the need for a commercial space agreement. Besides, it will not be necessary to obtain the fully notarized constitutional documents for the company. For example, the Memorandum of Association (for twelve months).

7.1 Important long-term aspects

Note that, in order to the company to employ people, the company will need commercial space. The Ministry of Labor is the entity in charge of ensuring that the company has sufficient space to obtain the Labor Quota.

Also, after the period of twelve months, the company will need to obtain the notarized Memorandum of Association (MoA) to convey powers to the general manager and be able to open a corporate bank account. In addition to this, you will need the MoA to open additional documents with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, and any other government departments that may be required for additional regulatory steps.

In summary, some of the benefits you get when you purchase an Instant License in Dubai are the following:

  • Issued very quickly (5-10 minutes)
  • The registration for the trade name is not needed for the first year
  • Obtained on the same day
  • Memorandum of Association not needed (for the first twelve months)
  • Online or in-person application
  • A rent contract is not a requirement for the first year
  • Start business operations immediately.
  • Cost-effective business setup formalities
  • Simple and easy online application

8. How can we help you with the application process for an Instant License in Dubai?

Each company in the United Arab Emirates has a different objective and productive activity. However, in order to operate legally in the country, no matter what activity you carry out, it is necessary to have a license.

Connect Zone is the ideal business setup agency to accompany you and advise you at every step of the process of setting up your company. We take care of carrying out all the procedures related to the Instant License in Dubai, we will take the position of a local agent if you need it, and we will also comply with each step to obtain the visa of your preference.

Do you want to know more about how to obtain an Instant License in Dubai? You can contact us by calling us at +971 43 316 688 or at the following email where one of our advisors will answer all your questions.

The Talent Point is a job search platform where you can find many employers looking for your talent. If you are interested in working with us, you can register on and apply, or send your resume to the following email; You do not have to worry, your information will be safe with us, we will not share it, and we will not store any data.

Business License: Do bloggers need to obtain one?

Business License.

In recent years, the economy of the United Arab Emirates has diversified. Productive and commercial activities can be carried out in different ways, in different types of businesses. Professions such as bloggers, influencers, etc., can find great job growth opportunities in the UAE. However, to do so, it is necessary that you obtain a Business License.

In this article, you will find information about the Online Business License in Dubai, the types of Business Licenses in the UAE, and a few relevant aspects you should consider when blogging in the Emirates. Let us observe:

  1. Aspects of the Business License in Dubai
  2. Different types of Business Licenses
  3. What is a Media License for bloggers or influencers?
  4. What is a blog?
  5. Some activities bloggers perform
  6. How can you become a blogger in the UAE?
  7. How can we help you get a Business License for your blogging business?

1. Aspects of the business license in Dubai

A Business License in Dubai is an official document provided by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the respective Emirate. All companies in the UAE must have this license to legally operate in the country.

There is a great variety of licenses and economic jurisdictions in this country that encourage entrepreneurs to form companies. The government has taken the time to introduce entrepreneur-friendly policies like reducing business setup fees, long-term residence visas, etc.

Among the economic jurisdictions are Free Zones, Mainland, and Offshore companies. These jurisdictions offer entrepreneurs multiple options when forming a company. Depending on the essence of your company, the type of activity, and the target audience, you must choose a jurisdiction that suits the needs of your business.

1.1 Free Zone Business License

Obtaining a business license in a Free Zone enables you to operate legally. The steps to form a business in this area are the following:

  • Choose the trade name of your company and receive the approval of the corresponding authorities of the Free Zone.
  • Then, you must select the productive activity of your company, along with the business license
  • After, you will need to submit certain documents. For example, passport copy, application form, photograph, etc. After submitting the documents, you must pay the required fee to obtain your business license.
  • Finally, the UAE authorities will review your application and deliver your license. Once you have it in your hands, you must apply for a residence visa and open a bank account.

1.2 Mainland Business License

Mainland companies are the target for those entrepreneurs interested in expanding their business in the local UAE market. Also, the Mainland offers the possibility to add more branches and hire more staff easily.

The most common company established on the Mainland is the Limited Liability Company and the steps to form one are the following:

  • Reserve the company’s trade name and obtain approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the Emirates.
  • Then, you must select the activity and the type of company you want to establish.
  • Submit the necessary documentation. For example, passport copy, application form, and a photograph for the DED.
  • Finally, pay the fees and wait for approval from the Department of Economic Development to receive your license.

One of the most important incentives in the Mainland for entrepreneurs is to be able to maintain 100% ownership of their company. Which means that you will not need to share a part of your business with a local agent.

1.3 Offshore Business License

The offshore jurisdiction consists of non-resident companies. In this area, companies do not need residence visas and cannot rent or own a physical office space in the UAE. Offshore companies are mostly virtual companies registered with the same address as their registered agents. Also, they are international companies that facilitate international trade and operations remotely.

The companies established in this area will not have a business license, they will have what is known as a Certificate of Incorporation. The Offshore Business in the UAE is formed to promote trade among countries.

2. Different types of Business Licenses

As shown above, acquiring this license is the number one priority for all company owners in the UAE. Choosing the correct business license for your company is of utmost importance since this will define whether you can work or not.

Depending on the nature of your company, you will be able to choose from a wide range of license types and business activities from the Free Zone, Offshore, and Mainland jurisdictions. Some of the licenses that you can find in the UAE are the following:

2.1 Commercial License

This license is for those companies involved in the sale and purchase of goods. The Commercial License allows companies to trade within and outside the UAE.

There are several commercial licenses, each dedicated to a different activity. For example, if your main focus is trading in the UAE local market, you can apply for a general trading license. However, you are interested in exporting and importing, there is also a specific license for it.

Some of the activities you can carry out with this license are the following:

  • Oil and gas trading
  • Trading in automobile
  • Used furniture trading
  • Safety equipment trading
  • Gold and precious metal trading

2.2 Professional License

Any company or individual related to the use of intellectual abilities to offer a service must acquire a Professional License. Legal services, consulting, and audits, are some of the services covered by this license. Also, artisans, IT service providers, and craftsmen can apply for this license.

Other activities covered by this license are the following:

2.3 Industry License

Those companies related to industrial and manufacturing activities must acquire this type of license. Also, this type of company must have a physical office in the UAE.

Some types of industrial license are the following:

  • Meat products manufacturing
  • Carpet manufacturing
  • Garments manufacturing license
  • Dairy products manufacturing

These are the three main licenses in the United Arab Emirates. However, with the passing of time and the diversification of the economy, the government has created licenses for specific activities. For example, the Media License for bloggers or influencers.

3. What is a Media License for bloggers or influencers?

During the last years, social media influence has grown remarkably. Those individuals whose work is based on social networks or blogging must acquire one of these licenses to operate legally in the UAE.

This license is issued by the National Media Council (NMC). Bloggers can opt for an “individual license”, which means they want to work independently.

To apply for this license, you must do it through the NMC and you must submit the following documents:

  • Emirates ID copy
  • Trade License copy
  • Tenancy contract or registered title deed

Also, to be eligible for a Media License for bloggers, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be older than 25 years
  • Must be a UAE resident or a GCC
  • You must not be a member of the NMC
  • Have a good reputation

3.1 Penalties for not having a Media License

If you decide not to process this license and work as a blogger or as a social media influencer, the authorities can impose hefty fines on you. Note that the local authorities can penalize you with a fine of up to AED 5,000 for not having this license.

3.2 UAE Social Media Law

Some content may be illegal in the United Arab Emirates due to cultural sensitivities. While the content may be perfectly fine in other countries, it may not be acceptable in this country. If there is something that can affect the good behavior and moral values ​​of the society, these actions can be considered crimes.

Some of these actions can be making and sharing controversial posts about religion, world leaders, politics, etc. For this reason, all bloggers must be extra careful with the posts they make during their time in the country.

4. What is a blog?

A blog is a type of website where one or several writers share their views on a particular topic. These websites can be for personal or corporate use. Also, blogs are regularly updated with content and posts are generally displayed in chronological order. With the newest posts at the top of the page.

5. Some activities bloggers perform

By acquiring an online business license in Dubai, a blogger can perform different tasks related to their profession. For example:

5.1 Content writing

Blog posts aim to offer valuable information to people in a way that is easy to read. This is the first step to gain the trust of readers and being able to convert them into customers in the future.

What you decide to write on the blog is up to you. On the internet, there are blogs for almost any topic imaginable like health, religion, finance, travel, etc. However, to attract a loyal audience, it is advisable to stick to one specific subject. This is known as a niche blog.

5.2 Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways bloggers make money. This is based on the recommendation of products within your content. Every time a reader uses one of your affiliated links to purchase a product you recommended; you will earn a commission from the sale.

5.3 Email marketing

Blogging and email marketing are closely related. With email marketing, you can develop a more personal relationship with your readers, through direct communication.

Also, every time you make a new post or promote a new product, you can send this information directly to your subscriber’s inboxes.

 5.4 Self-promotion

Self-promotion is one of the most important things you should do as a blogger. After all, if you want new people to know about your business, you have to promote it. This does not mean you should buy ad space or create a big marketing campaign. You can simply promote your content on social networks.

Some social platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn are perfect for promoting your blog as they are free and easy.

6. How can you become a blogger in the UAE?

To start a blogging business in the United Arab Emirates, you need to complete the following steps:

6.1 Select a niche for your blog

To start and manage a successful blog you need to choose the right niche for you. Make sure you choose a niche that you are interested in and one that attracts people’s interest.

6.2 Choose a blogging platform

At this point, you should determine the type of management software you want to use and choose the best blogging platform.

6.3 Pick a domain name

Your domain name will be the name by which you will be known on the internet, no matter what niche you choose. This will be the unique address of your blog on the internet. Your domain will be yours as long as you pay the annual fee.

6.4 Get a web hosting

After choosing your domain name, selecting a reliable hosting service will be one of the most important decisions you can make. To a great extent, the performance and the functionality of your site will depend on your blog hosting.

6.5 Select a theme and design

One of the most important things your blog needs is a good appearance (design and layout).

6.6. Make money blogging

Monetization is the process based on transforming your blog activities into profit. It must be remembered that besides the money, being a blogger means creating useful content that will attract people and grow your business.

7. How can we help you get a Business License for your blogging business?

Forming a company in the UAE requires multiple processes and the submission of different documentation. This process can take a long time if the entrepreneur does not have much knowledge about the local laws. This is where Connect Zone can be your best ally.

At Connect Zone, we can help you with the process of obtaining your media license for bloggers, as we guide during the process of opening a bank account and processing your visa. Similarily, we complete each legal and business-related procedure for your business to start running smoothly.

Would you like to contact us for more information about licenses in Dubai and the UAE? Feel free to contact us at +971 43 316 688. You can also send us all your questions through where one of our representatives will gladly take care of your inquiries.

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How can business setup consultants assist you in your company’s formation?

Business Setup Consultants

When we detail the evolution of Dubai in recent years, the interest of investors in forming a company in that region is understandable. Dubai is synonymous with economic growth, strategic location, superior connectivity, accessibility to important markets, and a supportive workforce to turn your business idea into an established company. However, creating a company from zero can be a lengthy process. This is where the assistance of Business Setup Consultants becomes important.

In this article, you will learn about what a Business Setup Consultant is, what services they offer, why you need to hire one, and how we can help you with your company formation process.

  1. What are Business Setup Consultants in Dubai?
  2. Positive aspects about Business setup Consultants
  3. Why do you need to hire one in DMCC?
  4. Benefits of getting the services of Business Setup Consultants in Sharjah
  5. Why is it important for your company to hire a Business Consultant?
  6. Responsibilities of Business Setup Consultants in Abu Dhabi
  7. How to open a Consultancy Company?
  8. Why should you select Connect Zone as your Business Setup Consultant?

1. What are Business Setup Consultants in Dubai?

Business Setups Consultants are professionals who are in charge of working with the managers and owners of the companies to improve the efficiency of their operations. Their main objective is to identify, address and overcome obstacles that may arise along the way.

1.1 What is the job of a Business Setup Consultant?

These professionals can assist you with almost any need your company may have. There are Business Consultants specialized in certain areas and there are others with a more general approach.

Although the services may vary, some of the most common services provided by Business Setup Consultants in Dubai are the following:

  • Define if any changes need to be made and implement them efficiently.
  • Identify what obstacles do not allow the growth of the company.
  • Implement new programs.
  • Offers the necessary resources and training to staff and management.
  • Study the company’s budget and make adjustments (if necessary)
  • It is the communication link between the local providers, other partners, and the government.

2. Positive aspects about Business Setup Consultants

Business Setup Consultants in Dubai tend to have a larger area of ​​expertise than the staff of a common corporation, so they can offer quite unique solutions. When deciding to hire a Business Consultant Service, it is a good idea to take into account the strategic advantages of having an expert ally in the creation of companies and the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates.

3. Why is it necessary to hire one in DMCC?

Starting a company needs a solid business plan and to carry it out successfully you need a Business Consultant.

Some of the reasons why you need to hire this type of service are the following:

3.1 Define the right business activity

All companies in the United Arab Emirates are classified according to the productive activity they carry out. This qualification determines the permits and regulations required by the Department of Economic Development for your business.

3.2 Choose the economic jurisdiction

Business Setup Consultants in DMCC can help you choose the jurisdiction that best suits the needs of your company. In the United Arab Emirates, there are different jurisdictions and each of them brings with it different rules and benefits. The Offshore, Mainland, and Free Zone jurisdictions are some of the ones you can find.

3.3 Create a business plan

When deciding to create your company, it is highly recommended to understand the process, operation, and legality of the United Arab Emirates market. For this reason, having a guide to accompany you and advise you is a very good investment.

3.4 Define your company structure

In the United Arab Emirates, there are multiple legally implied company structures in Dubai. Each business must choose one before starting the process of registering their company.

Finding Business Setup Consultants in the DMCC can be of great help when choosing which structure best suits the needs of your business.

3.5 Mainland company registration

For a Mainland Company Formation, the presence of a business consultant is more than important.

From doing all the paperwork to renting an office in a business center, a consultant can do it all.

3.6 Manage paperwork with the Department of Economic Development (DED)

A business consultant is someone who knows the laws and regulations in Dubai very well. The Department of Economic Development grants all permits and licenses to operate legally. To obtain your license you need a series of documents. For example, passport copies, the name reservation certificate, and depending on the activities of your company, additional approvals.

However, to make this process as easy as possible, hiring a business consultant is undoubtedly the best option.

3.7 Paperwork for a company formation

Documentation such as the Memorandum of Association is vital to continue the formation process of your company. And a business consultant is an ideal partner to carry it out.

Also, they can help you with the rest of the documentation to ensure that each step is successful. Another duty of a business consultant is to collect licenses from the corresponding departments and obtain the necessary permits from government entities.

3.8 Cost-effective process

Hiring a business setup consultant in time to apply for DED approval is not only easy but cost-effective as well. Moreover, getting offices or warehouses to rent and even getting the company’s contracts certified becomes very cost-effective since there are fewer chances of making a mistake and applying for unnecessary paperwork.

4. Benefits of getting the services of Business Setup Consultants in Sharjah

Every entrepreneur who decides to start a new chapter in their life as a company owner should hire a business setup consultant. A good business consultant will be in charge of offering strategies, valuable recommendations, and a business plan to make your company grow.

Some of the advantages that you can acquire when hiring Business Setup Consultants in Sharjah are the following:

4.1 Transparency in every procedure

During the process of forming your company, there are some legal formalities that you must complete.This includes various registration and licensing processes.

Generally, the Business Setup Consultant in Sharjah knows each of these processes. Then, when you hire them, they will ensure the successful resolution of each of them.

A Business Consultant will help process and resolve any risk (in legal matters) that your company may face.

4.2 Estimated cost analysis

These professionals will help you carry out a study on the estimated cost of your company. The Business Setup Consultants in Sharjah will advise you on all cost-related topics including when you should invest and when you should save.

4.3 Expert business knowledge

Having an experienced consultant who has a clear business vision is very helpful when positioning your company as one of the best. These professionals stay up-to-date with the various trends, methods, and practices to help your business achieve its full potential.

At the same time, a business consultant must be honest at all times, to avoid unnecessary risks and complications.

4.4 Save time, effort, and money

These professionals will ensure that your company complies with all the legal and financial rules and regulations of the United Arab Emirates. This will save you time and you will not have to do the paperwork yourself, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks related to your company.

Instead of learning from zero what the formation process of your company is like, what the necessary approvals are, which forms you must fill out, etc. A business consultant will present all the options that fit your business. In this way, you reduce the risk of making mistakes and causing delays for your company.

5. Why is it important for your company to hire a Business Consultant?

Choosing an experienced business consultant will make your company formation process much easier. Business Consultancies offer added value to the companies that assist and create an environment oriented to the growth and development of strategies and project management.

One of the most important aspects of creating a company is that they are not usually committed to a single firm. This allows the exercise of different activities and experiences. Also, these professionals can offer innovative ideas and solutions to create and maintain your business in the long term.

Here is the importance of choosing to work together with a business consultant.

6.  Responsibilities of Business Setup Consultants in Abu Dhabi

The most important role of Business Setup Consultants in Abu Dhabi is to prevent entrepreneurs from going through the entire company formation process alone. Their work facilitates and simplifies every step, method, and aspect of this process in the United Arab Emirates.

Some of the most important tasks that these professionals carry out are the following:

6.1 Following the national laws

One of the many tasks carried out by government entities is to ensure that companies in the United Arab Emirates comply with the provisions of their laws. Business consultants will be in charge of confirming that your business does not face any legal problems at the beginning or during the operations of your company.

A consultant will also advise you according to the activities you do and your needs.

6.2 Registration and business license

Your company registration may vary if your business is established in a Free Zone or Mainland. Business Setup Consultants have extensive knowledge of each area and can help you choose which one best suits your business model. At the same time, they will take care of carrying out all the forms and will deliver them on your behalf.

7. How to open a Consultancy Company?

So far, it has been mentioned why it is important that you hire a Business Consultant for your company. However, if, on the other hand, you want to start a Consultancy Company in the United Arab Emirates, the options to enter the local market and form this type of company are the following:

  • You can register as a freelancer and offer consultancy services in an Emirate of your choice. To do this you will need to gather the necessary documents, certify your qualifications and obtain a license.
  • You can register a company (onshore) in the free zone of your choice. If this is the case, you can hire employees (even foreigners) in the territory of the United Arab Emirates.
  • You can open a representative office of a distant company within the United Arab Emirates. If you decide to do this, keep in mind that the “parent company” must successfully exist at the place of registration for several years.

Note that each Free Zone is managed with different limitations and conditions at the time of registering your company. However, the formation process remains intact.

You must gather the necessary documents, request the approval of the corresponding entities, go through the verification process, rent an office, open a bank account and lastly, acquire a license

8. Why should you select Connect Zone as your Business Setup Consultant?

With more than 22 years of experience in the market, our firm has the ideal Business Setup Consultancy service for your business. Over the years we have perfected a host of services and options from all different Emirates, along with the aspects and prices that you should take into consideration. This includes visa packages, multi-year deals, and general special discounts.

Here at Connect Zone, we will accompany you at every step of the formation of your company and we will assist you in any way you need. Due to our years of experience, we have learned what entrepreneurs need. Our goal is the success of your business.

Among the services we can offer you are the following: Local partner services, Opening of bank accounts, visa application, etc.

Would you like to learn more about how to set up your business in one of the seven Emirates? You can contact the following number +97143316688 or send us an email to where one of our advisors will gladly assist you.

Additionally, if you want to send us your job application, please send your CV to or you can send it to the following email Remember that you have nothing to worry about, your information is safe with us. We are not going to share it or store it in our database.


How to obtain a Property Visa in Dubai: A Guide (2022)

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Dubai is a thriving city in technological, scientific, and financial markets. Foreign entrepreneurs consider the “Golden City” as a perfect cradle for economic prosperity, full of great income potential for their businesses. However, in some cases, it is necessary to obtain a property visa in Dubai to more closely manage their investments.

In this article, you will learn everything about how to get a 3 or 5-year property Visa in Dubai. Also, here is a list of conditions and requirements you will need to fulfill to obtain it in a short time.

  1. What is a property investor’s visa?
  2. Requirements to obtain a property visa
  3. What is the durability of these visas?
  4. Benefits of owning real estate in the Emirates
  5. What documents must be provided to apply for this document?
  6. Steps to get an investor’s visa in Dubai
  7. How can we help you obtain more information about visas in the UAE?

1. What is a property investor’s visa?

The property investors visa, or simply property visa, is a legal document that allows foreign business owners to work, study and settle within the Dubai Free Zone, like the DMCC Free Zone, or Mainland for long periods by owning a high-level property in the UAE.

It has certain similarities with the UAE Golden Visa, like its long duration and the possibility of settling within the UAE without resorting to a sponsor. However, the main purpose of this visa is to provide an opportunity for property buyers and investors to establish themselves in the Emirati market.

The Emirati authorities introduced the property visa in Dubai in 2019 to provide foreigners with a reliable, transparent, and flexible property investment ecosystem that allows 100% company ownership by investing part of the capital in a property that meets the visa requirements.

As a result, the property visa in Dubai allows investors to opt for a long-term residency of 3 to 5 years according to the visa requirements and establish themselves for a long period within the UAE. However, it has certain conditions such as not being able to leave the UAE for 6 months.

2. Requirements to obtain a property visa

Before applying, it is important that the applicant meets the conditions of the property visa in Dubai. Among the requirements are:

  • The properties or assets must not be in the construction stage. That is, they must be ready and operational.
  • The property must be free of litigation.
  • Similarly, the total purchase value must be at least AED 750,000. It is essential that it is the actual value of the property, not the one established in the market.
  • Moreover, the investor must have at least 50% of the mortgage payment. Also, he/she must appear as the owner of the title of the property.
  • The applicant must remain in the country for at least 6 months.
  • Lastly, as long as he/she continues to own the property he/she acquired the visa is valid.

To sum up, it is possible to qualify for a property visa in Dubai if the applicant has an absolute investment of AED 750,000 in one or three maximum residential/commercial properties. It is essential that the applicant is the absolute owner of the property.

2.1 Types of real estate

Among the properties you can acquire to qualify for a property visa in Dubai, there are two main types, which are residential and commercial.

In the case of residential real estate, you can find:

  • Houses.
  • Apartments.
  • Serviced Apartment.
  • Villas.
  • Semi-detached houses.

Likewise, commercial properties include:

  • Hotels.
  • Apartment hotels.
  • Offices.
  • Warehouses.
  • Hotel rooms.

Nevertheless, if you are applying for the first time, it is highly recommendable to do it with a residential property.

3. What is the durability of these visas?

Before applying for a Property Visa in Dubai, you must know the durability of the visa. This long-term visa allows you to reside in Dubai for 3 or 5 years, according to the candidate’s profile. Likewise, it can be renewed every 2 years.

It is relevant to highlight that, in general terms, the property visa in Dubai is granted to real estate investors or business owners who have bought properties in Dubai Mainland or any of its Free Zones. On the other hand, each type of visa has its own conditions like:

3.1. 3-year property visa in Dubai

In the first case, the Dubai Land Department grants a 3-year property visa to those owners who are ready to occupy residential or commercial properties. Likewise, investors whose total investment is equal to or greater than AED 1 million or AED 750,000 for joint ownership of a property.

For example, in the case of a married couple, they can apply together for a 3-year property visa in Dubai if they present a duly legalized marriage certificate.

Moreover, this visa has multiple benefits such as family sponsorship, a UAE driver’s license, and an Emirate ID. The cost of the visa can vary between AED 13,000 and AED 15,000.

Among other specific requirements to apply for the 3-year property visa in Dubai is having a monthly income of AED 10,000. In the same vein, the property must be ready to move in and free of mortgage.

3.2. 5-year property visa in Dubai

On the other hand, the 5-year property visa in Dubai allows investors and their families to obtain a long-term residency visa in Dubai. The main condition is to have an investment with an equivalent value of AED 5 million divided between one or 3 properties that are free of loans, mortgage, or financing.

That is to say, the investor must have 100% ownership of the property. Consequently, the property must be held for at least 3 years and the property must be fully owned by the visa holder during their time of residence.

Moreover, it is also possible to become a sponsor for direct family members such as spouses, children, and dependents (parents). In addition, it is possible to renew it every 5 years. However, the visa is only residential; in order to be able to work legally, it is important to apply for a visa.

3.3. 10-year residence visa

Furthermore, investors who have high purchasing power or have experience in a high-priority profession may opt for a 10-year residential visa or Golden Visa.

Most importantly, the UAE Golden Visa allows individuals to stay in the country for 10 consecutive years with great financial and investment freedom. On the other hand, investors who have at least 40% of the money invested in real estate equivalent to AED 4 million can obtain a Golden Visa in a very short time.

4. Benefits of owning real estate in the Emirates

There are multiple benefits of obtaining a property visa in Dubai. Among them is being able to stay for a long period in one of the most prosperous cities in the Middle East. Dubai is a place full of options for growth, investment, tourism, and education, offering a high standard of living to individuals with special talents. Moreover, it has a pleasant climate and a high-level infrastructure.

On the other hand, there are tax-free zones and you will be free of personal taxes. Also, if you want to start a business in the future in any of the Dubai Free Zones or Mainland,  such as opening a restaurant or an e-commerce business. Offer a financial ecosystem friendly to foreign investors with easy-to-understand business structures.

Finally, the real estate market in Dubai is one of the best and most prosperous in the world. With a wide range of options, investors have at hand a wide variety of options to acquire a residential property that fits the budget and needs of business owners and their family members or associates. Likewise, by becoming a resident of Dubai, you will have the opportunity to access IFZA services for company formation.

5. What documents must be provided to apply for this document?

Generally speaking, to apply for a property visa in Dubai, there are some papers that you must submit when making your application, among them are:

  • Passport copy.
  • 6 passport-sized photos.
  • Utility bill.
  • Property title deed.
  • Multiple bank statements.
  • Copy of current status/visa.
  • Police department good conduct certificate.

Consequently, you should follow the next steps in this order:

  • Filled application form.
  • Non-objection certificate.
  • Health certificate.

In the case of married couples, there will be also necessary to add a POA by a third party on behalf of the investor.

6. Steps to get an investor’s visa in Dubai

Most of the procedure is done in person, although some parts can be done online. Consequently, you should follow the next steps in this order:

  1. Visit the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and submit your passport. Additionally, submit the original title deed of the property and a copy of your visa. In addition, request a letter of reference to later obtain a certificate of good conduct from the Dubai Police Department.
  2. After receiving the letter of good conduct, it is necessary to go to the Dubai Economic Department (DED) with the required documents and apply for a trade license.
  3. Once you obtain the necessary permits, you must pay the corresponding fee and submit the documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) to apply for the UAE residential visa.
  4. Lastly, after obtaining visa approval, you will be able to obtain your visa and become a sponsor for your family.

The entire process can cost between AED 13,000 and AED 15,000 including visa stamping, additional visa fees for spouses or dependents, and administrative fees.

7. How can we help you obtain more information about visas in the UAE?

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