UAE Golden Visa holders can get a Dubai driving license without classes; Swap with your Home Country

Golden Visa requirement UAE

The UAE Golden Visa offers multiple advantages to foreign individuals who are currently residing in Dubai and across the UAE territory. In addition to that long list of benefits non-EUA residents can enjoy, the Emirati authorities are permitting Golden Visa holders to get a driver’s license in an easy, fast, cost-effective way during 2022.

In this article, you will learn how to obtain a driver’s license in a short time and without classes if you are a Golden Visa holder. Also, we will explain to you what a UAE Golden Visa is and how to be an eligible candidate. Furthermore, you will discover:

  1. What is a Golden Visa?
  2. Why opt for a UAE Golden Visa?
  3. Why will Golden visa holders be allowed to obtain a driver’s license in less time?
  4. New driver’s license benefits for Golden Visa holders
  5. What is the process UAE Golden Visa holders should follow to get a driver’s license?
  6. How can we help you get a UAE Golden Visa?

1. What is a Golden Visa?

The United Arab Emirates has become a territory for investment, technology, science, and the breeding of bright minds and successful professionals.  Therefore, in order to continue attracting top professionals in the financial, technological, cultural, and scientific fields, the UAE created the Golden Visa in 2021.

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So, this legal document allows talented individuals to reside in any part of the UAE territory for a long period. Unlike other visas, the UAE Golden Visa has a duration of 5-10 years depending on the candidate’s profile. Another feature of this document is that it allows applicants not to resort to a local sponsor to settle in the country.

Among the main benefits of the Golden Visa are the following:

Likewise, UAE Golden Visa offers a specific amount of permitted residential years according to the candidate’s profile. To clarify, there are two types of visa: a 5-year visa and a 10-year visa. Each one has a list of specific requirements that apply to them.

1.1 Golden Visa Cost

The UAE Golden Visa cost starts at AED 5,000. However, the price may vary according to the requirements and duration of the visa. In addition, it is important to add extra expenses such as additional fees, services charges, and payments for setting up a business like PRO services, business centers, and VAT registration.

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Nevertheless, it remains one of the most economical options for experienced investors, business owners, promising students, and forward-looking professionals who want to thrive in the UAE market.

1.2 Who can apply for a UAE Golden Visa?

Golden Visas are the product of UAE’s strategy to attract and retain the world’s most promising minds and investors. Therefore, there is a very specific list of requirements and profiles that the applicant must meet in order to successfully apply for a Golden Visa. On the other hand, these may vary according to the duration of the visa.

In the case of the 5-year visa, only the following can apply:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Outstanding college and secondary students

Similarly, the following individuals may apply for the 10-year visa:

  • Entrepreneurs who have invested at least AED 10 million capital in the Emirati market
  • Individuals with specialized talents (doctors, inventors, scholars, artists, and researchers)

2. Why opt for a UAE Golden Visa?

Dubai and the rest of the UAE jurisdictions certainly have developed as one of the most financially prosperous and visionary countries. Over the last 5 years, the main purpose of the Emirati market is to become a leader in the investment, technology, and innovation field.

Consequently, thanks to their pro-migration policy, the UAE provides investors, students, specialized professionals, and entrepreneurs with endless resources to settle easily in an environment full of comfort, luxury, and competitiveness.

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As a result, by successfully opting for a Golden Visa, you will be gaining access to one of the most thriving financial markets worldwide. In addition, it will allow you and your family to settle safely in the UAE for a long-term period. Lastly, the normal legal procedures for permits, licenses would be much easier.

3. Why will Golden visa holders be allowed to obtain a driver’s license in less time?

Coming to the main topic, foreign residents were not allowed to get their driving license without completing the mandatory hours of classes before taking the driving test. However, following a recent tweet from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), UAE Golden Visa holders were allowed to obtain a license without taking the mandatory classes.

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As a result, Golden Visa holders can head straight to taking the driving test and forget about the previous lessons altogether, lengthening the list of benefits of this visa.

Nevertheless, the measure does not exempt Golden Visa foreign residents who have failed the exam. Those Golden Visa holders with a failed driving test result must take at least 4 hours of mandatory driving lessons before taking the driving test again.

3.1 Permission for swapping license

As part of this change from the RTA, a modification was made to the list of countries eligible for a swapping license. That is to say, individuals of legal age with a legal driver’s license from their home country are also allowed to swap their permit for a local license if they come from one of the countries authorized by the UAE authorities.

Originally, the RTA had only allowed 32 countries to perform the Swap license. However, several countries were added to the list. Here we leave you the updated country list:

  • Australia,
  • Austria,
  • Bahrain,
  • Belgium,
  • Canada,
  • Denmark,
  • Finland,
  • France,
  • Germany,
  • Greece,
  • India
  • Ireland,
  • Italy,
  • Japan,
  • South Korea,
  • Kuwait,
  • Netherlands,
  • New Zealand,
  • Norway,
  • Oman,
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Poland,
  • Portugal,
  • Qatar,
  • Romania,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • South Africa,
  • Spain,
  • Sweden,
  • Switzerland,
  • Turkey,
  • UK
  • USA

4. New driver’s license benefits for Golden Visa holders

In addition to waiving the mandatory driving lessons to obtain a driver’s license, some benefits were added to the list to help foreign UAE Golden Visa holders. Some of them are:

4.1 Cost-effective process

Firstly, in the eyes of many Golden Visa holders, the measure allows many expatriates to obtain the permit requirements more easily, allowing foreign residents to save time and money in the process of obtaining a driver’s license in the UAE. Besides, this measure shortens the list of requirements that Golden Visa holders must submit to obtain a permit.

4.2 Short fast-track courses

Secondly, although experienced and inexperienced drivers with a Golden Visa can skip conventional driving lessons, the Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) provides short fast-track courses so that individuals can familiarize themselves with the roads, rules, and driving laws of the Emirates.

Lastly, if you do not have a valid driver’s license it is essential you take 20 hours of beginner training. Subsequently, the Emirates Driving Institute offers multiple courses for UAE Golden Visa holders who cannot drive. Among them are

  1. Regular Driving Course
  2. Night Driving Course
  3. Weekend Driving Course (Friday or Friday & Saturday)
  4. Shift Driving Course (flexible)
  5. Gold Driving Course (VIP)
  6. Gold Excellence Driving Course (VIP)
  7. Platinum Driving Course (VIP)
  8. In case you do have a Golden Visa and valid driver’s license from your homeland, you can just sign up for the Direct Test Course to get your permit.

5. What is the process UAE Golden Visa holders should follow to get a driver’s license?

Although there are fewer restrictions thanks to this new ARP measure, there are some requirements and steps you must follow to obtain your driver’s license quickly, easily, and economically. Therefore, you must submit some documents, take a driving test, pay some fees and opt for the license online or in person at the authorized facilities.

In the same vein, among the general steps UAE Golden Visa holders should follow are:

5.1 Requested documents

The first step to take for opting for a driver’s license is to compile the list of mandatory documents. To sum up, the list is very short and simple. In the case of UAE Golden Visa holders, the papers would be:

  • Copy of previous driver’s license
  • Results of the knowledge and road test
  • Emirates ID of the applicant

5.2 Pay the correspondent fees

Similarly, there are different prices for each fee. It will depend on what you may need along the way to get your driver’s license. However, as a UAE Golden Visa holder, the expenses are much lower than in regular visas cases.

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For instance, the fees you must pay to take the Knowledge Test are Dh200 for RTA plus Dh20. Also, when taking the Road Test is Dh220 AED in total. In short, the total fees go around Dh 200 RTA plus Dh20 for test, knowledge, and innovation fees.

Other services fees to consider are:

  • New driver’s license (Price may vary according to the age of the applicant)
  • Electronic eye test
  • Traffic file opening
  • UAE driver’s handbook manual
  • Driving license fees

5.3 Take the tests

There are different tests you must take to get your driver’s license in the UAE. Normally the tests to take are three: theory, parking, and road. Normally, the applicant has to take mandatory training classes, whether the applicant has experience or not.

In the case of UAE Golden Visa holders, there is no need for taking the training courses. That is to say, there are some fast-track courses experienced and non-experienced Golden Visa drivers can take.

Further, you can take the knowledge test in person at any of the authorized facilities. Some of the authorized driving centers you can find in Dubai are:

  • Excellence Driving Centre,
  • Emirates Transport Driving Institute, Al Ahli Driving Centre
  • Galadari Motor Driving Centre branches
  • Belhasa Driving Centre branches
  • Dubai Driving Centre branches
  • Dubai International Driving Centre or Drive Dubai

You can also take the knowledge test online through the official RTA website. After passing the Knowledge test, it will be time to take the road and parking test. Approving both will mean getting your driver’s license in a short time.

6. How can we help you get a UAE Golden Visa?

Now you know the benefits a UAE Golden Visa can provide to foreigners, it is time to apply for one. From fewer requirements in getting a driver’s license to, most importantly, a long-term opportunity for staying in the Emirati territory, applying for a Golden Visa can change your life completely.

If you have a suitable profile, the first step before applying for a Golden Visa is getting the right counseling to help you through the process. With over 20 years of experience, Connect Zone has experience in guiding entrepreneurs, investors, students, and talented professionals in the process of establishing themselves in the UAE Mainland and Free Zones successfully.

Furthermore, if you would like to set up a business further, we can assist you too. We offer Local Partner services, Business Centers, and VAT registration systems to local partners, we ensure 24/7 support during the entire company formation process.

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How to Obtain Golden Visa: Know everything about it

Golden Visa Uae

For the past several years, the UAE has emerged as a top option for entrepreneurs and investors to establish their businesses and homes. Due to a booming market, forward-looking investment objectives, and the possibility to opt for a Golden Visa, many individuals decided to set up in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirati jurisdictions.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about how to obtain a golden visa in the UAE. Additionally, you will discover the full list of main requirements, types of visas, and conditions to apply. You will also learn more about:

  1. What is a Golden Visa?
  2. Top Benefits of UAE Golden Visa for investors and entrepreneurs
  3. Who can apply for a Golden Visa in the UAE?
  4. 5-year Golden Visa: Requirements and profile
  5. 10-year Golden Visa: Requirements and profile
  6. Step by Step Golden Visa application process
  7. How can we help you obtain a Golden Visa in the UAE?\

1. What is a Golden Visa?

The UAE’s exponential economic growth caught the eye of investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Thanks to its pro-migration policy, the Emirati authorities created a special long-term residential visa, also known as Golden Visa; to help “talented people and great minds” to settle in the UAE territory.

As a result, the Golden Visa allows foreigners and residents business owners a way to get a resident visa without resorting to a local sponsor. Since its creation in 2019, around 400 professionals moved within UAE borders to work, live, and, most importantly, thrive in all senses.

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However, Golden Visas have some special conditions. Firstly, not everyone is eligible to apply for them. Applicants must be professionals with years of experience in priority areas, researchers, investors, or large entrepreneurs.

Secondly, according to career and profession, a person can opt for a 5 or 10 year Golden visa (it will depend on the individual’s profile). Lastly, it is possible to apply for a renewal. However, to get it, the holder must follow some conditional terms.

2. Top benefits of a Golden Visa

The major benefit of the Golden Visa is allowing investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals the possibility to relocate to the UAE for a long-term period. According to solicited requirements, holders can reside in the country for up 5 to 10 years.

Likewise, holders enjoy:

  • Multiple-entry permits: Golden visa holders have greater options to move out of the UAE frequently. Unlike other residential visas, Golden Visas beneficiaries are exempt from remaining physically in the UAE every 6 months.
  • Beloved one’s extension: One of the general benefits of the visa is the extension of the visa to immediate family members (spouses and children) and business partners.
  • Permanence Security: Thanks to its long extension, foreign Golden Visa holders feel safer to enjoy a long period of stay in the UAE.
  • Renewal option: Although some conditions must be fulfilled, there is a possibility to renew the visa
  • Aid and special services: Golden Visa also comes with aid and assistance programs to help foreign and resident investors. For instance, the 24/7 “You are special service” program in Dubai.
  • Affordability: Contrary to what you may think, Golden Visa is one of the cheapest kinds of visas worldwide, making it more accessible for investors and entrepreneurs.

2.1 Golden visa cost

Cost may vary according to the type of visa you apply for. Each type has its own fees, documents, and requirements. However, it is around AED 5,000 for investors.

This amount excludes PRO services, additional fees, and charges.

3. Who can apply for a Golden Visa in the UAE?

The Golden Visa is intended to attract individuals who can contribute to the local economic growth and promote scientific, technological, and cultural advances.  Therefore, this visa is aimed at a specific type of foreigner.

It is typically given to people specialized in technology, venture, or creative fields. Likewise, other foreign and resident professionals like:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Researchers
  • Large company’s owners
  • Promising science students
  • Specialized and experienced professionals
  • Public and private secondary outstanding students
  • Outstanding artists

Although all of these careers and professions are suitable candidates to opt for a Golden Visa, the duration of the Golden Visa will depend on the requirements to apply for the 5-year or the 10-year.

4. 5-year Golden Visa: Requirements and profile

5-years Golden Visas are related to the educational and investment fields. That is to say, they are aimed at investors, entrepreneurs, and outstanding students. The conditions and requirements for each one are:

4.1 Entrepreneurs

Business owners with organizations valued or with a minimum capital of AED 500,000. Moreover, another condition is that they have an incubator business credit approval within any of the UAE Free Zones, Mainland, or Off-Shore companies.


  • A six-month multi-entry permit
  • Visa renewal for another six months
  • Long-term visa including spouse, children, a business partner, and three executives

4.2 Investors

This profile includes entrepreneurs with investments equivalent to AED 5,000. In addition, another condition is that the investments cannot come out of a loan. On the other hand, if they have investments in real estate, these must be restrained for at least three years


  • The investor’s property or projects must be in a certified UAE field.
  • Applicant must own the supporting organization
  • Applicant’s company must provide records of support to startups or smaller enterprises. That is to say, they must provide resources and services to other organizations.
  • The applicant shall provide insurance for themselves and their immediate family members at the time of application.

4.3 Outstanding students

In this case, College and secondary students can apply for a Golden Visa if they are cursing scientific studies or possess an outstanding GPA.


  • Public or private secondary students with a minimum grade score of 95%
  • College students, within and outside the country, with a 3.75 GPA by graduation time.


  • Long-term visa for direct family

5. 10-year Golden Visa: Requirements and profile

Likewise, the 10-year Golden Visa profile and requirements are aimed at investors with high purchasing power or specialists with extensive academic and professional backgrounds. It also includes prominent figures in culture and the art world, doctors, high-level executives, and renowned scientists.

Therefore, specific requirements are:

5.1 Investors

In the case of investors, the main requirement is to be the owner of a company that has at least AED 10 million invested in the Emirati market. This amount repeats in the rest of the requirements.


  • Applicant must partner with an existing or new company that has a share value of no less than AED 10 million.
  • On the other hand, investors should have a 60% investment in real estate valued at no less than AED 10 million
  • It is essential that the investment does not come from a loan.
  • Applicant’s investment should be retained for at least three years
  • Investors should have solvency of AED 10 million before applying


  • A business partners’ visa extension, on the condition that each partner contributes AED 10 million
  • A visa extension for spouses and children’s
  • Visa extensions for one executive director and one advisor
  • Possibility to apply for a multiple-entry permit for six months.

5.2 Individuals with specialized talents

It covers professionals in science, technological development, scientific fields, and knowledge such as doctors, inventors, scholars, and researchers. In addition, specialized individuals and experts in the arts and culture are also eligible for the Golden Visa.


  • Having a valid employment contract in a specialized field of priority in the UAE
  • Properly documented and proved exceptional talent skills
  • Patents or scientific research published in a high-level journal
  • Executives must own a leading and worldwide renowned company
  • Executives should present a high academic achievement position
  • Scientists must have a Mohammed Bin Rashid recognition for Scientific Excellence and accreditation of the Emirates Scientists Council
  • Art and culture researchers or professionals should be accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Youth

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On the other hand, extra requirements doctors and specialists should consider before applying are:

  • A Ph. D form of one of the top 500 Universities in the world
  • An award or certificates in his/her field of specialty
  • Proven contribution to a major scientific research organization in his/her field
  • Published articles in major scientific papers or magazines
  • Published renowned specialized books in his/her field
  • A Ph. D. degree
  • A 10-year professional experience career
  • Specializations in prior UAE tech, science, and cultural fields

6. Step by Step Golden Visa application process

Now that you know the profile to apply for a Golden Visa in the UAE, it is time to apply. If you meet the requirements and conditions, you must follow the next simple steps to make the process fast, safe and successful. These are:

Step 1: Gather the necessary documentation for its further submission in order to obtain the visa. The requested documents may vary according to the profile you fall in. However, in general terms, you will need the following:

  • Applicant’s Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • An Emirates ID
  • Passport size color photo
  • Trade License/Licenses
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Certificate and license provided by an auditor
  • Bank statements
  • Company/Organization/Real estate title deed
  • Ejari
  • Applicant’s health insurance (this also includes direct family)

Step 2: Submit the documents in proper order to the Consulate

Step 3: Once you pay the correspondent fees, submit the documents, and have the authority’s approval, the Golden Visa will be issued. Be willing to relocate to the UAE as soon as possible

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However, getting a Golden Visa does not mean you won’t require some extra licenses and permits to work freely after establishing in the UAE. Before settling or applying for the Golden Visa, remember to choose the area in which you wish to live and obtain or renew the necessary permits to operate freely.

7. How can we help you obtain a Golden Visa in the UAE?

Applying for a Golden Visa is not a complicated process. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to transform your lifestyle and achieve new professional goals in one of the most prone countries in the world. At Connect Zone, we are ready to help you make your Golden Visa application process go smoothly.

With over 20 years of experience, we are experts in successfully advising and introducing companies to the Emirati market. Likewise, once you are fully established in the UAE, we can contribute to your growth with our PRO services, guaranteeing a team of experts available 24/7 at the best price.

We also provide company formation services, staff outsourcing, business center option, document data verification, translation, bookkeeping, and tax consultancy. If your profile does not fit the Golden Visa requirements, you can also consult us to apply for a Freelancer visa. Our cost-effective packages are designed to help you to enter the freelancer Emirati market and exploit your freelance skills.

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Would you like to contact Connect Zone to know more about how to get a Golden Visa in the UAE? In case you have any questions, call us on +971 43 316 688. Moreover, you can email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

To sum up, if you want to receive extra info about our products or services, submit your CV or resume to Don’t worry, your personal information won’t be shared or stored.