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Dubai Airport Free Zone Business Setup and Company Formation Services

We provide DAFZA Business Setup with 100% Foreign Ownership.

Set Up A Business in Dubai Airport Free Zone

Are you looking for experts in company formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone? Then, you are in the perfect place! 

Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) is an ideal destination for companies looking to establish their presence in the Middle East.

With its strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and business-friendly environment, DAFZA offers companies the opportunity to access the vast potential of the region’s markets. Companies forming in DAFZ can benefit from a wide range of incentives and benefits such as 100% foreign ownership, tax-free environment, full repatriation of profits, and access to modern infrastructure, including warehousing, office space, and a range of other services.

With Connect Zone you can obtain expedited solutions that can save your time and money in the setup journey. Thanks to our team, you can obtain swift replies to your concerns and queries during the company formation process. We guarantee that, with us, you can adhere to the laws and guidelines of business setup in the region. Receive the services you need and make sure that your business is a complete success!

As a DAFZA Entrepreneur,

You can bask the glory of a successful business venture! Tap into world class services and prepare yourself to work out new approaches for your company formation in DAFZA. Reap all the benefits of the world-class location, including the leading competitive tax regime, strategic connectivity to the crucial global markets, and so much more.

Forming a company in the Dubai Airport Free Zone is a great business venture for investors and entrepreneurs. This special Free Zone is not only designed to provide different incentives but also those necessary by businesses in the region to develop and grow.

Another good thing about company setup process is that it is quite easy if you meet the requirements of the state. Organizations must have valid trade license, valid lease agreement with the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority, as well as a valid local bank account in the UAE. Furthermore, firms should have a business address in the Free Zone, and they also should appoint an authorized signatory.

DAFZA Requirements for Setup Business

Investor Visa

The UAE has always been attractive to foreigners for its work/live lifestyle. With this in mind the government made it possible to get an investor visa.

Family/Dependent Visa

If you are either an employee or employer holding a UAE residency visa you may sponsor your family in order for them to get a visa also.

Employment Visa

When joining a UAE company it is a legal requirement for them to provide you with a valid visa in order for you to work.

Free Zone Visa

If you form a Free Zone company you will be entitled to a investor visa from that free zone.

Maid Visa

If you would like to sponsor a maid you must have a salary of minimum AED 6,000 per month or AED 5,000 plus accommodation.

Corporate Bank Accounts

We work closely with top-notch banking institutions for your company formation in DAFZA.

Dubai Airport Free Zone Company Setup License Cost

We offer top-notch DAFZA license packages to streamline the process.

  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • MoA
  • License fee
  • Dubai company address
  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • MoA
  • License fee
  • Dubai company address
  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • MoA
  • License fee
  • Dubai company address

What are the necessary documents for Abu Dhabi Global Market Company Formation?

Valid Passport

Investors need a passport with at least a 6 months’ validity.

bank icon

Valid Visa

It is important to have a valid investor visa to start your business in the region.

Emirates ID

Entrepreneurs and investors need to provide a copy of their Emirates ID.

Bank Reference

A bank reference letter is essential to attest that the necessary capital for the business setup exists.

Business Plan

This document is essential, so the authorities can know every detail regarding the business you want to start.

Proof of Address

Investors have to provide a proof of address so the authorities can verify their residency.

Application Form

Complete your application form by including the details for your investment in the area.

Initial Approvals

Obtain the initial approval from the competent authority by starting your company formation process.

Memorandum of Application

Investors and entrepreneurs have to sign the MOA and submit them to the authorities.

Articles of Association

The investor needs to define the company’s purpose and its reason for operating.

Company Documents

When setting up a company in the UAE there is a process you must follow. The final step of this process is receiving your trade license. This document will allow you to operate legally, set up a corporate bank account and have employees. This license will explain the exact activity or activities of your company and what type of license it is e.g. commercial. It will also have each shareholders and the manager of the company listed.
The procedures for renewal, cancellation or issuance of your trade license will be fully completed in the licensing authority your company is setup in. There are three different types of jurisdictions throughout the UAE:

Free Zone

There are over 45 free zones throughout the UAE all specializing in different industries and following their own rules and regulations. The fact they all have different rules means they all have different procedure as well. This is why obtaining, renewing an cancelling the can be extremely lengthy as unless you know the full process you will face challenges along the way.


Mainland company setup in uae are formed through the government licensing department of each individual emirate. For any task to do with your license you must do it through the Department of Economic Development in that Emirate. In different Emirates the processes and timeline will be change meaning having the help of an expert makes everything a lot smoother.


There are several offshore jurisdictions to choose from. These companies are registered in the UAE however; they do not operate in the UAE. Each offshore authority has its own set of rules & regulations which must be followed.

Process For Obtain Trade License in DAFZA

Trade Name and Initial Approval
Select your business name according to DAFZA guidelines and regulations. Then, finish your name registration form and submit it online or in person to the proper authority.
Document Signing and Submission
Sign the necessary documents for your DAFZA license so you can submit them to the relevant authorities. These include, tenancy contract, license agreement, registration form, and more.
Tenancy Contract and Approvals
After you submit the documents, you have to obtain the necessary tenancy contract approval from the authorities. You can go to the next step after receiving it.
Trade License Issuance
Lastly, once you submit every document and receive the approvals you will be able to obtain your license and start trading compliantly in DAFZA.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are most popular questions about company formation in DAFZA:

The cost to set up a Free Zone Company in Dubai Airport Free Zone depends on the type of license you choose and the number of visas you require.

A Free Zone Company is an offshore business entity that is established in a designated area of the UAE, known as a Free Zone. These companies enjoy a number of benefits such as 100% foreign ownership, no trade restrictions, tax exemptions and more.

From 3 to 5 days.

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