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UAE Free Zone Business Setup & Company Formation

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Business Setup in UAE Free Zone

Do you need assistance with your business setup in UAE Free Zones? You are at the right place!

With Connect Zone you can obtain the support you need to establish your business in UAE Free Zone without any trouble. Obtain custom business setup solutions that go according to your goals and objectives for your company. Easily incorporate in the region and develop it efficiently thanks to out in-depth knowledge of local regulations, laws, and business practices!

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Types of Business Licenses You Can Get In UAE Free Zones

Types of Business Licenses You Can Get In UAE Free Zones

The UAE business licenses are mandatory for companies that seek to operate within the country. Before starting business operations, companies would need to acquire a license from the local Free Zone Authority.

It can be a commercial, industrial, professional, tourism, or agricultural license depending on the type of business and its scale. The license is usually valid for a certain time and can be renewed. The application for a business license is usually fairly simple but may take some time.

To be eligible, companies should submit comprehensive information regarding their operations, finances and other related areas. When approved, businesses must also abide by the laws and guidelines in UAE. Business licenses in the UAE are integral to doing business, and they should be treated with relative seriousness.

With us, you can have access the following licenses for your business setup in Freezone Dubai:


UAE Commercial License

A Commercial License in UAE free zones is a kind of license that makes it possible for an enterprise to carry out business activities within the defined UAE’s Free zone. This allows the company to tap various infrastructures, services that will give it a sense of growth.

Professional License

UAE Professional License

A Professional License is a license issued by Authorities of the UAE Free Zone which gives legal status to conduct business in that particular free zone. It supports registration of a business office, employing and hiring workers as well conducting transactions with other companies.

Tourism License in Dubai

UAE Tourism License

Tourism License in UAE free zones is one of the types of business license registered to firms involved with touristic activities. This enables firms to offer services and activities including hotel and resort administration, tour operators, travel agencies etc.

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UAE Trade License

With us you can obtain it! Obtaining a trade license in Dubai can be a daunting task for many businesses. However, with us, the process is made easier, faster, and more efficient. With our help, you can set up your business in Dubai in no time.

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UAE Industrial License

Industrial License grants permission for transactions encompassing production in combination with manufacturing process, and packaging products. Such a license demands the existence of physical premises in any free zone of UAE.

Bank Account Opening

We work closely with several UAE banks so we can best assist our clients with opening bank accounts.

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100% Foreign Ownership Packages

Thanks to our packages, you will be able to retain 100% ownership of your business setup in UAE Free Zones.

  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • MoA
  • License fee
  • Dubai company address
  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • MoA
  • License fee
  • Dubai company address
  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • MoA
  • License fee
  • Dubai company address

Benefits of Establishing a Company
in UAE Free Zones

Ability to deal with the UAE or GCC governments

Business Setup

Free zones in UAE provide easy company formation with comprehensive packages and services.

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Tax Benefits

Firms in UAE free zones are not charged corporate and personal income taxes, nor import or export tariffs.


Access to Global Markets

Through the free zones, UAE companies access to opportunities in local market and in the bigger Gulf region.


World-Class Infrastructure

To benefit from developments made here such as high quality infrastructure, facilities and services


100% Ownership

Companies in UAE free zones enjoy complete foreign ownership and there is no requirement for local sponsors or partners.


No Currency Restrictions

Capital and profits of UAE free zones companies can be transferred without restrictions in any currencies.

There is also no requirement for a yearly audit

Diverse Industries

UAE free zones host various industries such as technology and finance ones which provide a lot of potential for development.


Strategic Locations

The UAE free zones are well located to ensure easy accessibility of the local market and Also, in the bigger Gulf region.


Top-Notch Facilities

Companies in UAE free zones have access to first-class infrastructure that includes office spaces, latest technology and business facilities.

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Business Entities for a UAE Free Zone Business Setup

Selecting the best-suited entity for your business is as critical a decision like selecting an appropriate free zone location in Dubai. The business entity that you will choose will be determined by the nature of a kind of business. Similarly, the entity you choose can benefit from an affordable Dubai free zone company setup cost. Here are the entities you can form in UAE Free Zones

Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company (New company)

In Free Zones, a LLC is the most common form of business structure. Foreign investors enjoy a number of benefits from LLCs. Forming a new LLC in a UAE Free Zone is easy and has one paperwork process that may be completed quickly.

Limited Liability Company Subsidiary

Limited Liability Company (Subsidiary)

It is a standalone legal entity that has its own separate identity and possession by parent company. It is only possible o the extent to which there has been capital investment that a parent company can be held liable for debts and obligations of its subsidiary.

Branch of a Local or Foreign Company

Branch of a Local or Foreign Company

Setting up a branch of a local or foreign company in the UAE free zones can be a smart business decision. Free zones are designated areas in the UAE where companies can enjoy greater freedom in terms of business setup, tax exemptions, and access wide range of services.

Steps For Business Setup in UAE Free Zone

Choose The Business License
Firstly, you must select the type of business license for your business setup in Dubai. Business owners have five types of licenses to choose from. This according to the business structure and activities they want to carry out in the UAE.
Choose the Legal Structure of Your Company
Subsequently, you must select the legal structure of your company. If you are not sure about what type of structure you want for your Business Setup in freezone Dubai, our team can give you the support you need.
Obtain the Necessary Approvals
Then, you need to obtain the necessary approvals from the UAE Free Zones Authorities. The approvals you require will change depending on the free zone you are in. Usually, this process is easy if you have every requirement in place.
Start Operating Your Business
Lastly, once you have gone through every step, you can start operating in the UAE. Connect Zone can streamline your Business Setup in UAE Free Zones. So you do not have to worry about anything more than compiling the necessary documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some asked questions regarding company formation in UAE Free Zones

A UAE Free Zone is an area within the United Arab Emirates where businesses are provided with special incentives, such as tax and customs exemptions, to attract international companies to the region. The free zones are located in strategic areas, such as airports, ports, and business parks, in order to create an environment conducive to investment.

The zones are managed by the government, and provide companies with access to the UAE’s strong trade networks and well-developed infrastructure. Additionally, they offer easy access to the wider Middle Eastern and African markets.

It typically takes about three weeks to finish the business setup process in UAE Free Zones. This timeline includes the time needed to register the company, obtain visas, open a bank account, and obtain a trade license. However, the actual time necessary may be shorter or longer depending on the specific circumstances of the business.

The cost of setting up a company in the Dubai Free Zone varies depending on the type of company and the services that it requires. Generally, start-up costs include the registration fees, licensing fees, office space rental fees, and other miscellaneous costs.

  • Passport copy
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Bank reference letter
  • Business plan
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Trade name reservation
  • CA approval letter
  • Power of attorney
  • Lease agreement
  • Share capital declaration

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