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Business Setup in UAE Mainland

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Company Formation
UAE Mainland

Do you require help with your company formation in Dubai Mainland?

Connect Zone is here for you! Establishing a business in the Dubai Mainland is a great way to make the most out of the nation’s easy business environment.

With so many incentives, the Mainland is an excellent place to expand your commercial operations into the area.

With the help of our services, you will be able to quickly establish a business in the Mainland and benefit from the thriving market. 

Setting Up A Company in UAE Mainland
Types of Business Licenses You Can Get In UAE Mainland

Types of Business Licenses You Can Get In UAE Mainland

Businesses wishing to conduct business in the UAE must get a business license. Companies have to get a UAE Mainland license from the proper authorities so they can begin their processes.

Depending on the kind of business and its size, there are different options to choose from. UAE Mainland licenses have their unique expiration dates and can be renewed without any trouble. The company license application is typically not that complicated, although it could take some time.

Our experts will assist you in choosing the most advantageous and appropriate mainland Dubai license for your business, whether it is commercial, industrial, or professional.

Here are the most common licenses for your Business setup in UAE Mainland:


UAE Commercial License

A Commercial License in UAE Mainland is a legal document issued by the DED in each Emirate that permits a business to operate in the UAE. It allows the licensee to establish, manage, and own a business in the UAE.

Professional License

UAE Professional License

Getting a Professional License in UAE Mainland is a great way to establish your business and gain credibility. It is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and is a requirement for companies operating in the mainland.

Tourism License in Dubai

UAE Tourism License

Tourism License in UAE Mainland is a must for anyone who wants to set up a business related to the tourism industry in the UAE. The license is issued by the DTCM and is required for any business related to the tourism industry.


UAE Trade License

With us you can obtain it! Obtaining a trade license in Dubai can be a daunting task for many businesses. However, with us, the process is made easier, faster, and more efficient. With our help, you can set up your business in Dubai in no time.

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UAE Industrial License

Industrial License grants permission for transactions encompassing production in combination with manufacturing process, and packaging products. Such a license demands the existence of physical premises in any free zone of UAE.

Bank Account Opening

We work closely with several UAE banks so we can best assist our clients with opening bank accounts.

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100% Foreign Ownership Packages

With our packages you will be able to be the sole owner of your Mainland UAE business.

  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • MoA
  • License fee
  • Dubai company address
  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • MoA
  • License fee
  • Dubai company address
  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • MoA
  • License fee
  • Dubai company address

Benefits of Mainland Business Formation in the UAE

Ability to deal with the UAE or GCC governments

Strategic Location

UAE has a strategic location, which makes it ideal for international trade. Being located between Asia and Africa, it is a key transportation and distribution hub for goods and services.

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Tax Benefits

In the region, there are several tax flexibilities and benefits. So, this makes the country an ideal place to start a business.


Easy Setup

Setting up a company in the UAE mainland is relatively easy and straightforward. All the required paperwork is available online and the process is well-structured.


Access to Markets

Setting up a company in the UAE mainland gives companies access to a large market with over 3 million people.


Political Stability

The UAE is a politically stable country and has very little corruption. This provides a secure environment for businesses to operate.


Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in the UAE is relatively low, making it an affordable place to do your company formation UAE Mainland.

There is also no requirement for a yearly audit

Diversified Economy

The UAE has a diversified economy which is based on a wide variety of industries. As a result, this creates a strong base for businesses to succeed.



The UAE has a modern and efficient infrastructure. Consequently, it makes it easy for businesses to operate.


Government Support

The government of the UAE provides a great deal of support to businesses in the form of incentives and tax breaks.

Connect Zone

Business Entities for a Company in
UAE Mainland

Business setup in Dubai and in the UAE Mainland is now easier than ever with Connect Zone. Our team is ready to give you the professional support you need to go through the company formation process and obtain successful results. Here are the business entities available for a company in UAE Mainland:

Free Zone

Limited Liability Company (New company)

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a type of business entity in the UAE Mainland. It is the most common type of business set-up in the UAE, offering a wide range of advantages that are not available in other corporate structures. LLCs allow for up to fifty shareholders, with a minimum of two, and all LLCs must appoint a local service agent.


Limited Liability Company (Subsidiary)

An LLC subsidiary is a foreign company that is registered in the UAE as a wholly owned subsidiary of an existing LLC in another country. It is often used to access the wider UAE market and benefit from the UAE’s well-established infrastructure and business networks. A subsidiary can be used to offer services and goods, or to conduct activities such as trading, manufacturing, and logistics.


Branch of a Local or Foreign Company

The United Arab Emirates is a country that has long been a hub for foreign companies looking to expand their market. With its strategic location and strong infrastructure, UAE Mainland is a great place for a branch of a local or foreign company to establish. As a business-friendly country, UAE Mainland offers many incentives that make it attractive to businesses of all sizes, including tax exemptions, free trade zones, and a highly-skilled workforce.

Steps ForBusiness Setup UAE Mainland

Trade Name and Initial Approval
The first step in company formation in Dubai Mainland is to register the company name and obtain initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED). The name must be submitted for approval before any further steps can be taken.
Document Signing and Submission
Once the trade name has been approved, the company must sign and submit the relevant documents to the DED. These documents include the MOA and AOA. These documents provide information about the company’s purpose, ownership, and management.
Tenancy Contract and Approvals
The next step is to obtain a tenancy contract and obtain the necessary approvals from the DED and the municipality. This contract grants the company the right to use a particular space in Dubai Mainland for its business operations.
Trade License is Issued
Once all the documents have been approved and the tenancy contract is in place, the company can apply for a trade license. The trade license is required for any business activity in Dubai Mainland.

List of Common Business Setup Services in the UAE

  • Company Formation: Assistance with setting up various types of companies, including mainland, free zone, and offshore entities.
  • License Acquisition: Guidance and support in obtaining the necessary business licenses from relevant authorities.
  • Corporate Structuring: Consultation on the optimal corporate structure based on business objectives and regulatory requirements.
  • Local Sponsorship: Arrangement of local sponsorship or service agent for mainland company setups.
  • Office Space Solutions: Assistance in finding and leasing suitable office space, whether in free zones or mainland.
  • Visa and Immigration: Support with visa processing, residency permits, and immigration matters for business.
  • Bank Account Opening: Facilitation of bank account opening with local or international banks for business transactions.
  • Trademark Registration: Assistance in registering trademarks and intellectual property rights to protect business assets.
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping: Provision of these services to ensure compliance with financial reporting requirements.
  • Taxation Services: Guidance on tax obligations, including VAT registration & compliance with local tax laws.
  • Legal and Compliance: Legal advice & assistance in ensuring compliance with UAE laws & regulations related to business.
  • Document Clearance: Handling document attestation, authentication, and clearance with government authorities.
  • Business Advisory: Strategic advice and consultation on business expansion, market entry, and growth strategies.
  • Insurance Services: Assistance in necessary business insurance coverage to protect against risks & liabilities.
  • HR and Recruitment: Support in recruiting and managing HR, including employment contracts and HR policies.
  • Technology and IT: Provision of IT infrastructure, software solutions, and technology services to support business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions about company formation in UAE Mainland:

Mainland company formation in the UAE is a type of company registration that allows investors to access the local markets in the UAE. It is the most popular option for those looking to do business in the UAE and offers a range of benefits to the company and its owners. With a mainland company formation in the UAE, businesses have access to local markets, local customers, and the opportunity to benefit from the UAE’s tax-free environment.

The cost of registering a company in Dubai mainland depends on the type of business you plan to operate. The exact price will depend on the type of company and the activities it plans to undertake.

No, a company cannot be set up in Dubai mainland without a local sponsor.

  • The time it takes to establish a company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will depend on the type of business you are setting up. Generally, it takes between 2-3 weeks to register a Free Zone Company, while a Mainland Company will take up to 2 months. Additionally, certain licences may take up to 6 months to be issued.

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