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Company formation in Dubai South

Starting from AED 15,900 AED 11,900

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As of now, there are 6 different types of licenses entrepreneurs can apply for Company Formation in Dubai South:

  • Firstly, there is the Commercial License. This license allows its holder to carry out any commercial-related activities and services specified in it. This includes general trading and logistic services.
  • Secondly, there is the Service License. As implied by its name, its holder can carry out any services specified in it. They can carry out these services within the DWC Freezone and elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Thirdly, there is the Industrial License. The holder of this license carries out specified light manufacturing activities.
  • Fourthly, there is the Education license. As its name implies, this license allows its holder to provide educational and social services. This includes educational aid training and educational consultancy services.
  • Fifthly, there is the Logistics license. This license allows its holder to carry out logistic services specified in the license.

Additionally, almost all of these licenses cost AED 10.000 per year, per license, payable in advance. Nevertheless, the only license without that cost is the General Trading License, which costs AED 20.000 per year, per license, and is also payable in advance.


Retail License

Starting Price

1 year license


Trade name reservation
Initial approval
License fee
Dubai company address


Here are the timelines for Company formation in Dubai South

First, you will need to sign the articles of your company´s association in front of a Registry Officer. However, to do this, your presence will be required for 2 days
After that, you will receive your company´s Certificate of Registration in 14 days max.
The next step is to apply for your residency visa. You will receive it after 3 weeks from the registration of your company and 5 working days. For the 3 weeks after registration, it will not require your presence, but for the 5 working days, you must be present in Dubai from Sunday morning to Thursday evening of the same week.
Then, you will need to obtain your bank account number. You will need around 7 working days to obtain your bank account number. These 7 days are after the company´s registration for remote openings, and after obtaining the visa if opening on site.
Lastly, you will obtain the bank card sent by the bank by express courier to an address of your choice. This bank card will be sent approximately 15 days after your account´s first fund payment.

About Company Formation in Dubai south

Dubai’s government established the Dubai South Free zone as a strategic business hub. It was previously known as DWC Freezone (Dubai World Central). Furthermore, as of today, DWC Dubai South is the largest and leading global trade, aviation, and business hub, being founded in 2006. In addition to this, it is located in front of Expo 2020 pavilions being easily accessible by car and metro line.

Dubai South Freezone headquarters are located close to the Al Maktoum International Airport. Furthermore, people consider this Freezone as an emerging gateway to the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA).

Entrepreneurs prefer Company Formation in Dubai South since the Freezone comes with an integrated urban ecosystem. This ecosystem helps businesses in developing substantial cost-effective business formations as well as time management. Simply put, Company Formation in Dubai South delivers entrepreneurs with an opportunity of taking advantage of its convenient location.

Moreover, the Freezone also offers a logistics corridor for the world. This corridor has prominent connectivity to land, sea, and air. Consequently, this reduced operational costs as well as made a significant impact in proceeding transportation. Lastly, DWC Dubai South delivers pre-built offices, extensive warehouses, customized office space, etc. Additionally, companies in Dubai South cannot carry out banking business and any financial or investment activities on behalf of a 3rd party.

3.1 Benefits of Dubai South

There are many benefits of Company Formation in Dubai South, the main ones are:

  • Mainly, a company in Dubai South Free zone allows 100% foreign ownership as well as 100% repatriation of capital and profits.
  • There is no corporate or personal income tax.
  • Since the United Arab Emirates has one of the best markets in the whole world, there is a wide range of business activities available.
  • Furthermore, the Dubai South Free zone has a unique industry as well as a purpose-built infrastructure.
  • There is no requirement for a visa security deposit.
  • It has a secure and regulated environment. The Freezone licenses a full range of business activities.
  • The company formation process is quick and simple.
  • There is an exemption from all imports and exports duties. Nevertheless, you cannot import to the Mainland.
  • It has effective and simple leasing options.
  • Lastly, since it’s in Dubai, the Freezone is in a strategic location that constantly boosts opportunities.

Bank Accounts

We work closely with the following banks for opening bank accounts for our clients.

Emirates NBD

Types of Dubai South licenses and business activities approved for Dubai South

4.1 Licenses

The Dubai South Free zone has the same types of licenses as most of the other Freezones. As we already mentioned before, there are 5 types of licenses available in the Freezone. They are:

  • Commercial license
  • Service license
  • Educational license
  • Industrial license
  • Logistics license
  • General trading license

Moreover, all of these licenses except for the General Trading license cost AED 10.000 per year. The General Trading license costs AED 20.000 per year.

4.2 Business activities

The Dubai South Free zone has a wide range of activities that businesses can choose for Company Formation in Dubai South. They are available in the following groups:

  • Commercial
  • Service and Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Freelance permit
  • Lastly, E-commerce

Nevertheless, some of these activities for DWC Dubai South companies setting up might need an attested degree or experience in a similar field. Furthermore, it is not permitted to combine non-related activities under the same license. Moreover, it is also not permitted to combine commercial and service (consulting) activities.

Lastly, if you cannot find your required business activity in the Dubai South Free zone, you should consider DMCC company formation. It provides almost all of the same activities that the Department of Economic Development uses, but in a Freezone.

Company Formation in Dubai South and Residence Visa Issuance Process

Company formation in Dubai South process

Since DWC Dubai South is a Freezone, its company formation process is similar to other Freezones. Firstly, the business owner must submit the application with the required legal documents. For this, the business owner must be physically present in the country. This is obligatory to verify its signature. Nevertheless, if the owner cannot be present, this can be done through Power of Attorney legalized in the UAE embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After submitting the application, the business owner or owners must get approval for their company´s name and activities. Then, they will need to proceed with the company registration process. This registration process consists of:

  • The pre-approval
  • A visit to verify your signature. As previously mentioned, this will require your physical presence.
  • After that, you will need to sign the lease agreement.
  • Lastly, after you have paid all necessary fees, you will obtain your license.

Lastly, after your company´s registration process is completed, and you have your license and lease agreement collection, you can start incorporating your business in the DWC Freezone. However, you need to take into account that the timeline to incorporate your company in the Dubai South Freezone is between 7-10 working days.

5.2 Significant details for Dubai South Freezone

  • Firstly and most importantly, the number of shareholders and directors required vary based on the facility. For companies with a shared desk or a shared office facility, the number is 1-3. However, for companies with a permanent office, the number is 1-6.
  • Secondly, the company´s manager must be a United Arab Emirates resident.
  • Thirdly, the minimum capital of an LLC Company in the DWC Freezone is AED 300,000 with each share costing AED 1. Moreover, if the capital of the company is AED 1.000.000 or more, then the business owner will need proof of capital.
  • Fourthly, the audit report needs to be filed with the registrar at the time of license renewal. However, this is different for newly opened companies. They instead need the audit report for the 2nd year renewal and onward.
  • Lastly, the business owner must provide the company´s shareholders, directors, and managers’ details to the Dubai South Freezone

5.3 Company closing down procedures

If you want to close down your company in the DWC Freezone there is a different set of procedures you will need to complete to do so. The processes are:

  • Document submission: You will need to submit a written confirmation with the intent to close the company together with the application form. Furthermore, the shareholder must submit the Shareholder Resolution.
  • Payment: After submitting these processes, Dubai South will review and process your application, and approve it. Then they will send an invoice for the Freezone fee for the company liquidation that costs AED 1.400 to the registered email address.
  • Clearance from customs: If the business activities are related to trading, then custom clearance is also applicable.
  • Visa cancellation (if applicable): The business owner can cancel their visa (or visas) after they submit de-registration documents and payment is done. Their requirements are as follow:
    1. A signed and stamped cancelation form
    2. Copy of the passport and the visa as well as the original visa
    3. An original Emirates ID
    4. Copies of the trade license and the establishment card
    5. An original employment ID
    6. They are as follows: AED 272 for normal, AED 534 for urgent, and AED 587 for outside.
    7. Then, the visa cancellation process will take effect from 3-4 working days.
  • Lastly, the de-registration process takes effect 30 days after the business owner submits the required documents and the publication of the de-registration notice.

5.4 Residence visa issuance process

After the Company’s Formation in Dubai South, the company will issue and arrange visas after obtaining the license. The company can apply for a shareholder or employment visa, both of which have a validity period of 3 years.  Furthermore, there also are a lot of details to take into account for the visa issuance process:

  • A Free Zone Establishment (FZE) gets 1 visa for every 8 square meters of leased space in the DWC office. Nevertheless, the number of visas cannot exceed a reasonable allocation that the Free Zone Administration determines.
  • The company can register in the Residency Department only if they have an establishment card. This establishment card has a cost of approximately AED 1.800.
  • The minimum age required to obtain a residency visa is 21 years old.
  • A United Arab Emirates resident cannot stay outside of the country for more than 180 successive days. Otherwise, their visa will be invalid and canceled.
  • The cost of a visa is approximately AED 8.000.

Optional Office Space Solutions

Flexi desk
Flexi desk +
Dedicated office
Private office
Personalised office
12 month price
AED 5,760
AED 8,640
AED 13,440
AED 18,240
1,400 (per square meter)

Dubai South Freezone offers a full range of facilities, including:

  • Flexi Desk and Flexi Desk+
  • Flexi Offices
  • Permanent desks
  • Smart fully furnished offices
  • Executive offices
  • Warehouses

All of these offices are fitted out with the rent including utility fees. The average rent cost for these offices in the DWC Freezone is AED 1.300-1.600 per square meter per year. Furthermore, the business center also offers phone answering and mail receiving services.

Documents required for Dubai South location company formation

Generally speaking, the documents needed for Company Formation in Dubai South are:

  • A copy of the passport of the business owner or owners.
  • Copy of the entry stamp or visa of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Company´s phone number and email address.
  • Residence and correspondence address.
  • Shareholding ratio.
  • Lastly, the company´s name.

Nevertheless, these documents can vary depending on the company´s type.

7.1 For LLC with an individual shareholder

  • Passport copy of the individual shareholder.
  • A board resolution that gives signatory authorization or a Power of Attorney by a 3rd
  • Passport copy of the director or the company secretary.
  • Passport copy of UAE visa of the general manager.

7.2 For LLC with a corporate shareholder

  • The certificate of incorporation.
  • Notarized, attested, and legalized Memorandum & articles of incorporation.
  • Board resolution to establish a new company.
  • A notarized, attested, and legalized certificate of good standing.
  • A board resolution that gives signatory authorization or a Power of Attorney by a 3rd
  • Passport copy of the director or secretary of the company.
  • A clear and valid passport copy of the UAE visa of the general manager.
  • Certificate of good standing. You need to notarize, attest, and legalize them.
  • Lastly, the ultimate beneficial ownership documents. You need to notarize, attest, and legalize them.

7.3 Branch companies

  • Certificate of incorporation of the company.
  • Notarized, attested, and legalized Memorandum & articles of incorporation.
  • Board resolution to establish a branch, simply signed by an authorized signatory.
  • Certificate of good standing, valid trade license, or equivalent. You need to notarize, attest, and legalize them.
  • A board resolution that gives signatory authorization or a Power of Attorney by a 3rd party.
  • Passport copy of the UAE visa of the general manager.
  • Notarized, attested, and legalized certificate of good standing.
  • Lastly, the ultimate beneficial ownership documents. You need to notarize, attest, and legalize them.

Key Features

Here are the key features of Dubai south

International Dubai soth Free zone authority
International Free Zone Authority Dubai is the one of the most promising upcoming free zones in the UAE.
Type of Company
Limited liability company in free zone with minimum of one (1) shareholder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most common questions related to International Free Zone, Dubai, UAE.

Simply put, yes you do. One of the many benefits of Company Formation in Dubai South is that it allows 100% of foreign ownership of the business as well as 100% repatriation of capital and profits.

The Dubai South Free zone is the new name given to the DWC (Dubai World Central) Freezone in 2015. It’s located near the Al Maktoum International Airport.

Yes, an entity can have different licenses if the activities it carries out require them.

Simply put, yes. You can nominate a person as director or company secretary if they are a shareholder of the company. Moreover, if they are a United Arab Emirates resident, they can also be the general manager.

You will need a minimum capital requirement of AED 300K for Company Formation in Dubai South.

The company´s secretary must not necessarily be a resident of the UAE. Nevertheless, the nominated or designated general manager must be a UAE resident.

Not at all, you can establish your company in DWC Dubai South on 100% ownership of the ex-pat

The number of directors can vary from at least 1 director to up to 7. Furthermore, at least one director must be readily available at any time.

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