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Company Formation & Business Setup
in Sharjah Mainland

Business Setup in Sharjah Mainland

Receive top-notch services for your company formation in Sharjah with Connect Zone.

With us, you can obtain the support you need to obtain the necessary visas for investors and employees. Connect Zone offers professional guidance to streamline the business setup and immigration process in the area.

We can give you continuous assistance, even if your business is already established, with us you will have a life-long partner!

Setting Up A Company in Sharjah Mainland
Types of Business Licenses You Can Get In Sharjah Mainland

Types of Business Licenses You Can Get In Sharjah Mainland

Sharjah Mainland is one of the most prominent business hubs in the United Arab Emirates. To operate a business in Sharjah Mainland, one must obtain a valid business license. The Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) is responsible for issuing business licenses to entrepreneurs and businesses. A business license is a legal document that allows the holder to conduct business activities in Sharjah Mainland.

The application process for obtaining a business license involves submitting the necessary documents. The SEDD will also need to verify the company’s legal status, and it must meet the requirements of the Sharjah Commercial Companies Law before the license is issued. Obtaining a business license is an important step that will help to ensure the success of company formation in Sharjah.

Here are the licenses you can obtain for your Sharjah Mainland business setup:


Commercial License

A commercial license in Sharjah is required to be able to operate a business legally in Sharjah and is issued by the Department of Economic Development. The license allows businesses to conduct commercial activities, rent or lease premises, and hire employees.

Professional License

Professional License

The license guarantees that the business is legally registered and operating in accordance with the laws and regulations of the UAE. It is important for businesses to obtain a professional license from the DED in order to operate legally and receive the necessary government approvals.

Tourism License in Dubai

Industrial License

The Sharjah Industrial Area offers a range of services to businesses, including the Industrial License. This license is necessary for all industrial establishments that operate in the area, and it allows business owners to set up their operations in the emirate.

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Tourism License

A Tourism License in Sharjah is required for any business that provides services to tourists. This includes tour operators, travel agents, hotels, restaurants, rental car companies, and other tourism-related businesses.

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Trade License

With us you can obtain it! Obtaining a trade license in Dubai can be a daunting task for many businesses. However, with us, the process is made easier, faster, and more efficient. With our help, you can set up your business in Dubai in no time.

Sharjah License Packages

With our packages you can obtain your Sharjah business license in a cost-effective way!

  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • MoA
  • License fee
  • Dubai company address
  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • MoA
  • License fee
  • Dubai company address
  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • MoA
  • License fee
  • Dubai company address

Benefits of Establishing a Company in Sharjah Mainland

Ability to deal with the UAE or GCC governments

Robust Infrastructure

Sharjah Mainland has a robust infrastructure in place, which includes a well-developed road network, reliable electricity and water supply, and high-speed internet connectivity.

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Business-friendly Regulations

Sharjah offers a business-friendly environment with regulations and procedures to set up and operate businesses. Facilitating company establishment in Sharjah.


Cost-effective Environment

Company formation in Sharjah Mainland is more cost-effective than other parts of the UAE. This makes it attractive for companies who want to save costs.


Access to a Growing Market

Sharjah Mainland is strategically located near the other Emirates, giving companies the ability to access a growing regional and international market.


Tax Incentives

Companies that set up operations in Sharjah Mainland are eligible for certain tax incentives, making it more attractive to establish their presence in the region.


Highly Skilled Workforce

Sharjah Mainland has a large pool of highly skilled & experienced professionals to choose from. Easing the recruitment for optimal business operations.

There is also no requirement for a yearly audit

Strategic Location

Sharjah Mainland is strategically located near the other Emirates, giving companies the ability to access a growth globally.


Access to Resources

Sharjah Mainland has access to a wide range of resources, including skilled labor, raw materials, technology, and financial resources.


Government Support

The Sharjah government provides a wide range of support and assistance to companies who choose their Sharjah business setup.

Connect Zone

Company Documents

When setting up a company in the UAE there is a process you must follow. The final step of this process is receiving your trade license. This document will allow you to operate legally, set up a corporate bank account and have employees. This license will explain the exact activity or activities of your company and what type of license it is e.g. commercial. It will also have each shareholders and the manager of the company listed.
The procedures for renewal, cancellation or issuance of your trade license will be fully completed in the licensing authority your company is setup in. There are three different types of jurisdictions throughout the UAE:

Free Zone

Free Zone

There are over 45 free zones throughout the UAE all specializing in different industries and following their own rules and regulations. The fact they all have different rules means they all have different procedure as well. This is why obtaining, renewing an cancelling the can be extremely lengthy as unless you know the full process you will face challenges along the way.



Mainland company setup in uae are formed through the government licensing department of each individual emirate. For any task to do with your license you must do it through the Department of Economic Development in that Emirate. In different Emirates the processes and timeline will be change meaning having the help of an expert makes everything a lot smoother.



There are several offshore jurisdictions to choose from. These companies are registered in the UAE however; they do not operate in the UAE. Each offshore authority has its own set of rules & regulations which must be followed.

Steps For Company Formation in Sharjah Mainland

Trade Name and Initial Approval
The first step to start business in Sharjah is to select the right name for your business. Our team has the necessary knowledge to help you obtain the initial approval from the authorities according to your trade name.
Document Signing and Submission
Subsequently, we will help you go through the document signing and submission process for your trade license. In this way, you will be able to obtain your AOA and MOA for your Sharjah business setup.
Tenancy Contract and Approvals
Then, we can give you the support you need to find the ideal office space for your company formation in Sharjah. As a result, you will receive the necessary tenancy contract for your final approvals.
Trade License is issued
Finally, you will be able to receive your Sharjah business license. Our team has the necessary expertise to enhance the trade license issuance process and provide you with the resources you need for a successful result.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most popular questions regarding company formation in Sharjah Mainland:

The cost of company formation in Sharjah depends on the type of business you are setting up. This cost includes the cost of company registration, licensing, and other related fees. It also varies depending on the type of business and the number of shareholders.

The process for establishing a company in Sharjah involves obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, choosing a suitable legal structure, registering the company with the Department of Economic Development, and opening a corporate bank account.

A wide range of businesses can be registered in Sharjah, including trading companies, manufacturing firms, professional services firms, and e-commerce companies.

The documents required for company formation in Sharjah Mainland include a valid passport, UAE residency visa, business plan, Memorandum of Association, and legal documents.

Government Departments

Corporate Bank Accounts

We help you start your bank account for an easy business setup in Sharjah.

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