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Company Formation & Business Setup in
Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority - JAFZA

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority License Cost
Starting from AED 15,900 AED 11,900

includes govt fee – See Pricing Details

3 Simple Steps

Company formation in JAFZA in Dubai by taking the following three (3) steps


Step 1

Select package and place order


Step 2

We will register your company

Step 3

You will receive your license

JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free Zone) is one of the biggest Free zones in the UAE. This Freezone specializes in manufacturing, trade, and logistics. Furthermore, it has played a pivotal role in inviting international partners and entrepreneurs to the United Arab Emirates. Consequently, this creates a community of truth and smooth functioning boosting Dubai´s economy.

Another aspect of JAFZA to take into account is that it is the oldest Freezone in the United Arab Emirates, being founded in 1985. When it was founded it only housed 19 companies, but it grew to house more than 500 in 1995 and over 7500 as of today. This includes almost 100 Global Fortune 500 enterprises.

JAFZA Location


Types of Licenses Approved by JAFZA

Trade License: License for activities such as buying and selling products.
Service License: The type of license you need to operate in Jafza is contingent upon your business’s intended activities. If your company primarily focuses on providing services, consulting, or transferring knowledge through intellectual talent, and these activities constitute the majority of your offerings to customers, then a Jafza service license is the ideal choice. One key distinction of a service license is that your business does not engage in the buying, selling, or holding of physical products.
Industrial License: License for businesses that manufacture/produce goods in the UAE.
Logistics License: License for companies that provide services for logistics and the supply chain.
E-Commerce License: License for businesses to register an entity under the selected formation type with the primary method of conducting business only on digital channels.

JAFZA License Packages


Retail License

Starting Price

1 year license


Trade name reservation
Initial approval
License fee
Dubai company address

Corporate Bank Accounts

We work closely with several banks in UAE so we can best assist our clients with opening their corporate bank accounts.

Emirates NBD

Requirements For Business Setup in JAFZA Freezone​

The required documentation for company formation in JAFZA is:

  • Firstly, an application form and a letter of undertaking for the Environment Health and Safety.
  • Secondly, a No Objection Letter from your current sponsor of each resident of the UAE.
  • Thirdly, the original passport as well as a copy of it of all individual shareholders and selected managers.
  • Fourthly, the application form for the Freezone company setup
  • Lastly, the summary of the project

Moreover, there are additional documents required for individual shareholders and corporate shareholders/branch companies. For individual shareholders, the additional documents are as follows:

  • Business profile of every shareholder
  • Manager signature specimen
  • The board resolution to set up the company

As for corporate shareholders, or branch companies, the additional documents are as follows:

  • The certificate of registration
  • An attested signature of manager specimen by the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority
  • An attested and notarized MOA and Articles of Association.
  • A copy of the Chamber of Commerce certificate (this is required only for Branch companies)
  • An official letter from the parent company to set up a branch company in JAFZA (this is required only for Branch companies).


Here are the timelines for establishing a free zone company with IFZA Dubai

Day 1 - Application submission
You will sign and submit your application.
Day 2 - Reservation of name
We will reserve the name of your company with JAFZA Dubai.
Day 3 - Submit documents to JAFZA
We will submit your application along with the required documents to JAFZA.
Day 4 - Trade license is issued
Your trade license will be issued by JAFZA. We will send you a scanned copy for yo to start your business activity.

Why Choose JAFZA for Business Setup in Dubai?

The zone covers a sprawling 1.58 million square meters, generating over 150.000 jobs in the United Arab Emirates, as well as generating trade worth $93 billion in 2018. In addition, the previous year (2017) The Port and Free Zone accounted for 33.4% and 10.7% of the GDP of Dubai and the UAE.

Lastly, it is important to point out that the Jebel Ali Free Zone has a single customs area that helps reduce cargo clearance times and costs. Furthermore, shipping, logistic, and trading companies are often based in this Freezone, which has a lot to offer in the form of a logistics corridor.

Benefits of Company Formation in JAFZA

The main benefit of Company formation in JAFZA is that , it provides to business owners is the Freezone strategic location. Firstly, it provides all its clients with access to a customer base of 2 million people since it is located halfway between the major routes that connect Europe, Africa, and Asia. This location is also a mere 45-minute drive away from the Dubai International Airport, located right next to the Jebel Ali Port.

Apart from this main benefit, business owners receive other benefits such as:

  • 100% Repatriation of capital.
  • It allows for 100% foreign ownership.
  • There are no currency restrictions.
  • Since it is a Freezone, it does not have any corporate or personal income taxes.
  • Abundant energy.
  • As with other Freezones, it does not have any restrictions on hiring foreign employees.

Company Formation in JAFZA and Residence Visa Issuance Process

Company formation in JAFZA process

Simply put, in the Jebel Ali Free Zone the company formation process is quick and straightforward in comparison to other Free zones. Firstly, you will need to choose which type of company your business will be. Afterward, you will need to submit the required application and documentation work.

Secondly, once you have successfully submitted the required documents, you will receive initial approval for your company. Thirdly, you will be able to select an appropriate office space from JAFZA. Furthermore, you will be able to opt for JAFZA regulated contractors for appropriate fit-out office service or do it yourself.

Fourthly, when our office space is completed, your lease agreement will be prepared, and you will collect the keys. In addition to this, the legal documentation needs to be prepared and submitted to authority. After this process is completed, JAFZA will issue your license, and your company will be up and running in 10 days.

Company liquidation procedures

In case a business owner wants to close down a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone, there is a different process required for it. This process follows the next steps:

  • Firstly, you will need to complete the de-registration form for an FZCo or an FZE as well as return all certificates to the registration section. Furthermore, you must also submit the liquidation statement from the company auditors to the registration sector.
  • Secondly, you will need to hand over the keys along with the de-registration form. In other words, alongside said form, you will need to submit the Lease Termination Form with the keys to the license.
  • Thirdly, you will need to obtain DEWA clearance. This letter is only for a warehouse, plot, LIU, shops, and restaurants.
  • Fourthly, the Termination sector will request Etisalat to provide an outstanding report or a clearance letter. Furthermore, you should also provide the clearance letter to JAFZA. This letter should come from the Road and Transport Authority (RTA).
  • Fifthly, you will obtain clearance on all outstanding dues from the Finance sector. Moreover, a liquidation report needs to be filed, reviewed, and approved by the Finance Department before you can obtain the clearance.
  • Sixthly, you will need to cancel or transfer all visas under the Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Lastly, JAFZA will publish the declaration of your company´s liquidation in the local newspaper for 15 days. This is done to ensure that 3rd parties do not have an objection to the liquidation. After all that, the manager´s visa, company license, and registration will be canceled.

Business Renewal

To renew your business, you will need to pay the following:

  • The license fees
  • Office Facility fees
  • The establishment card costs

The renewal of the Jebel Ali Free Zone license costs the same as the company formation in JAFZA. This renewal process can be done without the need to visit the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority.

Furthermore, for this process, you will need to provide your company’s audit. This audit is done through any United Arab Emirates licensed and accredited auditing company. Companies that have a plot of land and sublease facility can renew their license every 3 years.

Residence visa issuance process

Evidently, like every other Freezones, in JAFZA, companies are eligible for residency visas. JAFZA issues 1 residency visa to companies every 10 square meters of their office space. Moreover, the visa costs in this Freezone are:

  • JAFZA cost: AED 2.923
  • Medical check: AED 690
  • Emirates ID: AED 370

Additionally, health insurance is required in this Freezone, with the cheapest package costing AED 600-800 (this health insurance also needs to be renewed annually). Lastly, it is important to take into account that the residency visas are valid for 3 years. 

Optional Office Space Solutions

Flexi desk
Flexi desk +
Dedicated office
Private office
Personalised office
12 month price
AED 5,760
AED 8,640
AED 13,440
AED 18,240
1,400 (per square meter)
  1. Conference rooms can be used based on usage with flexi desks and flexi desks+
  2. IFZA P.O Box cost: AED 1200 / year
  3. Call handing charges: AED 150 / month
  4. In case of private and personalized offices an additional utility fee is payable at 6% of the office rent
  5. Additional phone line: AED 75 / month per connection
  6. Additional workstation: AED 100 / month
  7. Small meeting room: AED 75 / hour (during office hours) or AED 100 / hour (outside office hours)
  8. Conference room: AED 150 / hour (during office hours) or AED 200 / hour (outside office hours)
  9. Printing; AED 50 for 100 pages
  10. Parking space for flexi desk and flexi desk+: AED 250 / month
  11. Outgoing calls: Call + 10% (deposit of AED 500 required for any individual office lines or any international call forwarding requirement)
  12. In case of dedicated, private and personalised offices one (1) month rent is required to be deposited as security

Flexi desk

It is a furnished shared desk that can be used for a maximum of ten (10) hours per week from Sundays to Thursdays from 8:30 A.M to 6:00 P.M. The flexi desk includes a wifi connection, company address at the IFZA free zone, meeting room usage of one (1) hour per month. Conference rooms can also be used on additional payment.

Flexi desk+

It is a furnished dedicated desk located at the free zone. There is no time restriction on usage of these desks. Additional facilities include wifi connection, meeting room access of five (5) hour per month, and one (1) parking space. Conference room can also be accessed on making additional payment.

Dedicated office

This is a dedicated office space of nine (9) square meter in a shared space. The office space will comprise of one (1) workstation and will come with access to wifi, meeting rooms for five (5) hours per month, conference room for one (1) hour per month, and one parking space.

Private office

IFZA offers private offices of 12.5 square meter fitted with one (1) executive desk or two (2) workstations. This office can be used 24 X 7. Ancillary services include wifi connection, meeting rooms for seven (7) hours per month, conference room for two (2) hours per month, and one (1) parking space. Private offices can be used 24*7.

Personalized office

A personalized office at IFZA is an unfurnished space of twenty (20) square meter and above. Along with a personalized office, a user gets access to wifi, meeting rooms for seven (7) hours per month, conference rooms for five (5) hours per month, and two (2) parking spaces. Like private offices, personalized offices can be used 24×7

Key Features

Here are the key features of JAFZA

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority Dubai
International Free Zone Authority Dubai is the one of the most promising upcoming free zones in the UAE.
Type of Company
Limited liability company in free zone with minimum of one (1) shareholder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most common questions related to Jebel Ali Free Zone Area, UAE.

Company Formation refers to the legal structure of the business.  This legal structure governs the organization and defines how many shareholders the company has.

On the other hand, a Business License controls the business´ activities and operations. Firstly, a business license determines if the company is able to manufacture legally, trade goods, or provide services. Furthermore, a business license determines what specific business activity the company may conduct.

Even though both company formation types allow for all the license types and can be used to set up companies in JAFZA, both of them have their notable differences.

JAFZA considers a Free Zone Enterprise (FZE) a single shareholder or a single proprietorship company. In this type of formation, the shareholder can be an individual (person), or a non-individual (company).

On the other hand, JAFZA considers a Free Zone Company (FZCO) a multiple shareholder or partnership firm with more than one shareholder. Like an FZE, in this company formation type, the shareholders can also be individuals (people) or non-individuals (companies).

Yes, a company can be taken into account as a shareholder for the FZE, FZCO, and PLC formation types. Furthermore, since FZCO and PLC require more than 1 shareholder, they can have a combination of individuals and companies as shareholders.

Yes, an entity is able to apply for multiple business formations within JAFZA. Nevertheless, Freezone treats each formation as a separate company name. However, the shareholders can still be the same.

Can I transfer a license from the Mainland to the Jebel Ali Free Zone?

The estimated time to complete the company formation in JAFZA is between 3 to 14 business days.

Yes, there is. The Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority is the responsible regulatory authority that issues all licenses in this Freezone. Furthermore, according to Ministerial Decision number 100 of 2020; all companies are required to submit the Economic Substance Report.

Moreover, certain categories require approval from other regulatory authorities. For example, for activities regarding import or export of any goods that fall within the Food and Agriculture industry, you will need additional approvals and certifications from relevant authorities within UAE.

As of today, there is no financial requirement for company formation in JAFZA for an FZE or FZCO. Nevertheless, it does require a share capital sufficient for the activities for which is licensed. This is in line with the United Arab Emirates Commercial Companies Law.

Government Departments

We can help you with the processes in the following government departments.

Government Department

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