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product registration in Dubai

Connect Zone offers product registration in Dubai

Dubai is one of the places that offer the best opportunities to import, distribute, manufacture, and re-export a large number of products. For example, food, cosmetics, hand sanitizers, and many others. This emirate is the center of trade between different markets on an international level, for this reason, the UAE government has tried to make the product registration in Dubai as efficient and easy as possible.

In this article, you will find information about product registration in Dubai, the various products that you can register in this emirate, the benefits that registering these products gives you, and how we can help you with this process.

  1. What is product registration?
  2. How to register a product in Dubai?
  3. Benefits of registering a product
  4. Cosmetic product registration
  5. Food product registration
  6. Health supplement registration
  7. Ministry of Health product registration
  8. How can we help you register your products in the UAE?

1. What is product registration?


Product registration in Dubai is a process carried out by the relevant government authorities to register any manufactured or imported product. Different types of products go through this process. And each of them must be registered before import, promotion, and sale in Dubai. Several authorities, such as the Safety and Health section of Dubai Municipality (DM), the Ministry of Health, and the Food Department, conduct the product registration process.

This process ensures that each product, whether it is a package food product or cosmetic product, has all the necessary information on its label. In this way, it ensures that the customer gets clear information about the products they are going to buy. For cosmetic products, Dubai Municipality is responsible for checking the presence of any substance that may be harmful to humans. The same happens with food products, everything that is not suitable for human consumption cannot be imported into Dubai.

All products registered in this emirate are integrated into a single system. This makes it easy for traders, customers, and the government to get detailed information about all the registered products.

2. How to register a product in Dubai?

2.1 Set up a company

The product registration in Dubai can only be processed through a company in the emirate or in one of the UAE free zone. You must have a valid trade license to be able to operate in the country. Please note that only a local UAE company with the appropriate business activity can register their products with Dubai Municipality.

2.2 Registration of the company with Dubai Municipality

After forming your company in Dubai or in the UAE free zone, the next step is to register it in Dubai Municipality. This requires certain information, for example, the trade license of the company, contact details, email address, etc.

2.3 Submission of the necessary documents

The third step in the product registration in Dubai is the submission of the required documents to apply for the label assessment of the products as per the product category. In addition to this, you must provide a product sample to the CPSS.

When the assessment of the label is done, then the Dubai Municipality will deliver a label assessment report which comprises a product description.

3. Benefits of registering a product

Some of the benefits that you can acquire when registering your products are the following:

  • The product can be imported, sold, and promoted in the Dubai Local Market
  • Except for a few unethical and harmful products, there is a wide variety of products that can be registered in Dubai.
  • Registering your product in Dubai will make it eligible not only in Dubai and the UAE, but you can also launch your product in the whole GCC area.
  • Hassle-free trade in the UAE and internationally.

Note that the product registration in Dubai is valid for 5 years for each registered product.

4. Cosmetic product registration


One of the most important items to import in Dubai is cosmetics. In order to export and import these items, the government of the UAE needs them to register according to international standards:

  • This registration can be only done through local companies that hold a valid trade license in Dubai Mainland or the UAE Free Zones.
  • These products must meet the requirements set by the health and safety departments.
  • Cosmetic product registration is compulsory. In other words, all companies that wish to sell, import or distribute cosmetic products must register those products.

4.1 Important aspects to keep in mind about cosmetic product registration

  • The main functions of cosmetics are to protect, cleanse, change appearances, perfume, correct body odors and keep it in good condition.
  • Those products included in “cosmetics” are those that are intended for the oral cavity, teeth, and external parts (lips, nails, epidermis, hair, etc.) of the body.
  • You cannot sell, manufacture, import, and place in the market any cosmetic before registering it with the relevant authorities and licensing its brand.
  • All the ingredients included in the cosmetic must be safe for the human body. Any prohibited ingredient or unsafe amount of any restrictive item will make it unsuitable for registration in Dubai.
  • There are different authorities for the registration process depending on the cosmetic product. For this reason, the authorities may require specific documents for the licensing and registration process.
  • In the case of importing any cosmetic product in Dubai, these documents must be certified by the UAE Embassy.

4.2 Why is cosmetic product registration compulsory?

The cosmetic products industry is one of the top industries in the world. The UAE has a great market and the cosmetic business is growing every day. The main reason why product registration in Dubai is mandatory is to provide safety to residents of this emirate.

Cosmetics are those constitutes that change the appearance of the face or the texture of the body. Both natural and artificial items are used for the preparation of cosmetic products. This is why the government of the United Arab Emirates is very keen to make sure the quality of such products through comprehensive and modern assessment.

4.3 Benefits of cosmetic product registration

The benefits of registering your cosmetic products are the following:

  • Tax-free or very low tax business opportunities.
  • Access to profitable markets of UAE, Dubai, and other countries of the Gulf.
  • Label protection and brand protection.
  • Right to manufacture, import, and re-export cosmetic products.
  • Complete assistance from the government of Dubai.

4.4 List of cosmetic products

Some of the accepted cosmetics in Dubai are the following:

  • Lotions, gels, creams, and also oils for the skin.
  • After-bath powders, make-up powders, hygienic powders, etc.
  • Shower and bath preparations (foams, salt, oils, gels, etc.)
  • Face mask (with the exception of peeling products)
  • Shaving products (lotions, foams, and also creams)
  • Skin-whitening products
  • Tanning and sunbathing products.
  • Hairdressing products (lotion, brilliantine, and also lacquers)
  • Deodorant soaps, toilet soaps, etc.

5. Food product registration

Dubai is the perfect place for the manufacture and import of food products. To ensure this the government has created a complete procedure for food product registration in Dubai. This process is, generally, quite strict because one of the priorities is to allow only the best food products in Dubai, free from all types of harmful effects.

5.1 Relevant factors about food product registration

  • The first requirement is to register the food product with Dubai Municipality. This entity is responsible for registering all food products on its food import & re-export system (FIRS)
  • You will need to submit certain documents to Dubai Municipality. For example, email, trade license, location in Dubai, fax/telephone number, and name and number of the company’s representative.
  • All products must include the following: Product name, brand name, net weight, expiration/manufacture date. Using incorrect tags or posting false descriptions can result in a fine from AED 10,000 to AED 100,000.
  • In the case of imported products, you must present the following additional documentation: An original health certificate from the country of origin, a packing list, and also a Halal certificate from an approved Islamic organization.
  • For food product label approval in Dubai Municipality, the company must mention the country of origin, shelf life, and also storage condition on the label.
  • The food officer will take a sample of your product, which will be lab-tested in the food department in Jebel Ali for standard checking.
  • You cannot apply for prohibited items, for example, alcohol, poppy seed, and others mentioned by authorities.
  • The name and account of any food product must be unique.

6. Health supplement registration

Dubai is one of the most lucrative places for traders and merchants from around the globe. But it is also one of the strictest regarding the quality of various products. This is the case with health supplements.

6.1 Critical aspects of health supplement registration

Some of the most important requirements that you should take into account are supplement requirements the following:

  • Pharmaceutical companies and other types of companies must market and prepare these products.
  • It is necessary to put on their labels that they are food supplements and not actual food.
  • Health supplements include those products that a person takes to provide additional nutrition to the body apart from food. For example, minerals, herbs, vitamins, etc. They, generally come in the form of tablets, capsules, liquids, powder, etc.
  • Any type of misleading information or contrary to scientifically proven claims will result in the ban of such products.
  • The health supplements cannot contain any flavor, color, or ingredient banned by the government of Dubai.

7. Ministry of Health product registration in Dubai

All pharmaceutical companies must register with the respective department of the Ministry of Health and Prevention. Only after that, companies will be able to register medical and pharmaceutical products, devices, and instruments. Note that health supplement registration in Dubai is a different process.

7.1 Requirements from the Ministry of Health

  • You must submit the documentation and the technical requirements together with the application. The documents and requirements will vary depending on the type of device or product.
  • The local representative or manufacturer must submit the application in the related apartment of the Ministry of Health. This application can be in Arabic or English.
  • After approval, the registration will be valid for five years. After that time, you must renew the registration.
  • Approval from the Ministry of Health may take several months.

7.2. Benefits of Ministry of Health product registration

  • After the registration of certain products, companies can manufacture, import, and also re-export devices and medical products to other countries as well.
  • Due to the adoption of international standards, products registered in the Ministry of Health and Prevention are accepted in GCC and other foreign countries without much hassle.
  • The UAE has a vast market with an affluent and health-conscious population, so there is a large scope for the growth of medical products in Dubai.
  • Medical tourism has increased in recent years, especially in Dubai. Thousands of people come to the emirate to take advantage of world-class medical facilities at a much lower price compared to other advanced countries. This increases the scope of the UAE and Dubai markets.

8. How can we help you register your products in the UAE?

Connect Zone is a business setup consultancy and company formation agency with more than twenty years of experience. Helping new and experienced entrepreneurs build the company of their dreams.

With hundreds of happy customers, Connect Zone is the ideal partner to register products for you, we will take care of all the necessary paperwork, and we will be the communication bridge between your company and the corresponding government entities. Also, we can help you with other types of procedures. For example, we can assist you with your visa application process, and the opening of a bank account.

Do you want to learn more about product registration in Dubai? Do not hesitate to contact us at +971 43 316 688. Alternatively, reach us through the email One of our representatives will attend to all your concerns.

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