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Steps to product registration in Dubai

Steps to product registration in Dubai

The UAE offers various opportunities for merchants from anywhere in the world to manufacture, distribute, import, and also re-export a large number of products, including food, cosmetics, health, and hand sanitizer, among others. Dubai is the center of commerce for many international markets. For this reason, a whole process for product registration in Dubai has been created to ensure that only high-quality products are manufactured and distributed in this emirate.

In this article, you will find information about the product registration process, the different products you can register in the UAE, the benefits you can acquire by registering them, and also how we can help you register your product.

  1. What is product registration in Dubai?
  2. Product registration process 
  3. Why is product registration in Dubai compulsory?
  4. Food product registration
  5. Cosmetic product registration
  6. Health supplement registration
  7. Ministry of product registration
  8. Benefits of product registration in Dubai
  9. How can we help you with the product registration in Dubai?

1. What is product registration?

Product registration in Dubai is a process carried out by the government authorities of a specific country to register any product manufactured or imported into the country. Through this process, you can register a large number of products. And each of them must be duly registered before import, promotion, and sale in the UAE.

In Dubai, the government entities in charge of carrying out this process are the safety and health section of Dubai Municipality, the Food Department, and the Ministry of Health. The principal gubernamental entity is Dubai Municipality (DM) while the other departments depend on the product to register.

1.1 Facts about the product registration in Dubai

  • All products and consumer goods registered in Dubai are classified in a single system. This makes it easy for traders, customers, and the government to get information about all the consumer products in Dubai.
  • The product registration process ensures that each product, whether it is a packaged food product or a cosmetic product, has all the necessary information on its label. In this way, the customer obtains clear information about the product that he is going to buy.
  • For the registration of cosmetic products in Dubai, the Dubai Municipality checks for the presence of any substance that may be harmful to the body. The same happens with food products, any substance that is not suitable for human consumption cannot be imported into the emirate.

2. The product registration process in Dubai

The steps you must follow to register a product in Dubai are the following:

2.1 Establish a company

The product registration can only be completed through a company established in Dubai or a free zone. Keep in mind that only a local UAE company that has an appropriate business activity can register its products with Dubai Municipality.

Also, the company must have a valid trade license.

2.2 Registration with Dubai Municipality

After establishing your company, the next step is to register it with DM. This requires some basic information about the company. For example, the trade license of the company, contact details, and email address. If you need help with this process, Connect Zone‘s professionals are the ideal partners to carry it out on your behalf.

2.3 Submission of documents

The third step of the registration process is the delivery of the necessary documents to apply for label assessment of the product as per the product category. You must submit a sample of the product to CPSS. When the assessment of the label is ready, Dubai Municipality will issue a Label Assessment Report containing all product information.

3. Why is product registration in Dubai compulsory?


Some of the reasons why the product registration in Dubai is compulsory are the following:

  • The main reason this process was implemented was to restrict the trading of harmful and fake products in the local market. Also, one of its goals is to ensure the quality of the products and the safety of the consumers.
  • Dubai Municipality is responsible for controlling the entry of all products to the UAE market to ensure customer safety and product quality through product testing, product inspections, and also product registration.
  • Every product imported into Dubai for local trading must be registered in DM and obtain a registration certificate, which may be asked at the time of shipment clearing.

4. Food product registration 

In Dubai, there is a vast market for food products, which makes this emirate the ideal place for the manufacture and import of food products. The UAE government is committed to offering comforts to its citizens and ex-pats.

To ensure this, the authorities created a strict product registration process that aims to allow only the best food products in Dubai, free from all types of harmful effects. Through food product registration, entrepreneurs can manufacture, import, distribute (in the local market), and also re-export products to other countries.

4.1 Food supplement registration

Some of the requirements that you must meet to register a food product are the following:

  • The main requirement is to register the product with DM. The Dubai Municipality registers all food products on its Food Import and Re-export System (FIRS)
  • You will need to provide certain documents to the DM, including the email, trade license, fax/telephone number, location in Dubai, and also name and mobile number of the company’s representative.
  • For the approval of the food product label in DM, the company must mention the country of origin, shelf life, and also storage conditions on the label.
  • You cannot apply for prohibited items. For example, poppy seeds, alcohol, among others.
  • In the case of imported products, you need to submit additional documents. For example, the original health certificate, packing list, country of origin, and the Halal certificate from an approved Islamic organization.
  • The product name, brand name, expiration date, and also the net weight must be mentioned on the label of all products. Using incorrect labels or false descriptions will result in a fine from AED 10,000 to AED 100,000.
  • The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology will thoroughly test the quality of the food product.
  • The account and the name of any food product must be unique.

4.2 Benefits of food product registration

Some of the advantages you can get are the following:

  • The registration process of food products is integrated with ZAD (a federal portal for food trade). This ensures food safety and increases the value of the Dubai food registry for international trade.
  • Traders will be able to manufacture and re-export their food products in the country of their choice, using the tax-free benefits of Dubai.
  • Registering your product will not only allow you to position it in the high profitable market of Dubai, but you will also be able to place it in other gulf countries.

5. Cosmetic product registration

Dubai is one of the major hubs of international trade and one of its most important products is cosmetics.

5.1 Cosmetic products registration requirements

  • Only those that are intended for teeth, oral cavity, and also external parts (nails, hair, epidermis, lips, etc) of the human body will be classified as cosmetics.
  • All ingredients must be safe for the human body. Any prohibited ingredient or any amount of a restrictive item in one of these products will not allow the product to be registered in Dubai.
  • The main functions of cosmetics are to protect, perfume, cleanse, and correct body odors.
  • It cannot be imported, sold, manufactured, or placed in the market any cosmetic products prior to its registration.
  • In the case of importing products in Dubai, the documents must be certified by the UAE embassy.

5.2 Benefits of cosmetic products registration

  • Tax-free or very low tax opportunity
  • Label protection and brand protection
  • Gives the right to manufacture, import, and also re-export cosmetic opportunities
  • Complete assessment from the government of Dubai
  • Gives access to profitable markets of the UAE and other countries of the Gulf.

5.3 List of cosmetic products

  • Lotions, gels, creams, emulsions, and also oils for the skin 
  • Tinted bases (powder, liquid, bases)
  • Cleansing and conditioning products
  • Anti-wrinkle products
  • Sunbathing and tanning products
  • Deodorants, perfumes, antiperspirants, toilet waters, and also cologne.
  • Nail care and make-up products for making en removing make-up from the face and eyes
  • Sunbathing and tanning products
  • Products for external intimate hygiene
  • Hairdressing products (lacquers, brilliantine, lotions)
  • Products for care of the teeth and mouth

6. Health supplement registration

Health supplement is a field that has generated a lot of attention in recent years. This has led the authorities to maintain stricter control over these products.

6.1 Health supplement regulations

The government of Dubai has regulated the Health supplements as they are imported into the UAE. This means you cannot manufacture, export, sell or import them without registering them in the DM first.

After many fake sellers appeared in the country, the government decided to intervene against those fraudulent companies and kicked them out of business. So, it is important that you run your business correctly, otherwise, they can take legal action against your company.

6.2 Health supplement requirements

Some of the requirements that you must meet to register this type of product are the following:

  • Health supplements are those products that are taken to provide additional nutrition to the body apart from the food. For example, vitamins, herbs, minerals, etc. These supplements can come in the form of tablets, powder, capsules, liquids, etc.
  • It is necessary for the label to clarify that they are food supplements and not proper food.
  • Any type of misleading information or contrary to scientifically proven claims will mean the ban of the product in the market.
  • Some details like ingredients and details about the trading companies are required for product registration.
  • All health supplements may not contain any flavor, ingredient, or color not permitted by the Dubai government.
  • Pharmaceutical companies and other registered trading companies may prepare and trade these products.

7. Ministry of Health products registration

Previously we have mentioned the processes and requirements to register health supplements. However, in the case of products belonging to the Ministry of Health, the process is different.

All pharmaceutical companies must register themselves in their related department. Only after that, they can apply for the registration of pharmaceutical and medical instruments, products, and devices. For this, they should contact the Ministry of Health and Prevention along with other departments as well

7.1 Requirements from the Ministry of Health

  • A local representative or manufacturer must submit the application to the related department of the Ministry of Health. This application can be in Arabic or English.
  • You must submit the documents and the technical requirements alongside the application. Note that these documents will vary depending on the type of medical device or product.
  • After approval, the registration will have a validity of 5 years. After that, it will require a registration renewal.
  • The process to acquire approval from the Ministry of Health can take several months.

8. Benefits of product registration in Dubai

Registering your company’s products brings with it multiple benefits. For example:

  • Hassle-free trade in the UAE and internationally
  • You can sell, import, and also promote your products in the local Dubai market
  • Except for some unethical and harmful products, there is a wide variety of products that you can register.
  • Registering your products will make them eligible not only in the UAE and Dubai, but you can also launch your products in the whole GCC area.

9. How can we help you with the product registration in Dubai?

When forming a company in the United Arab Emirates, you will come across many administrative, legal and economical challenges. This is when the assistance of a business setup consultant, like the professionals at Connect Zone, becomes important.

Hence, we can help you with the entire process of forming your company and registering your products. We will take care of all kinds of paperwork, such as obtaining a freelance visa and a trade license.

Also, we can offer you our VAT and tax consultancy and a wide range of PRO services.

Our team is ready to provide you with all the tools you need for your business. If you want to know more about us you can contact the following number +971 43 316 688 or write us at One of our representatives will assist you as soon as possible.

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