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How to get an event management license in Dubai?

The Dubai event management market is booming. In most parts of the Gold City, you can find great amounts of people attending huge tech showcases, luxurious weddings, or investment conventions. As a result, many event planning professionals come to the UAE and get an event management license in Dubai to set up their own businesses.

In this article, you will learn everything about how to get an event management license to work in Dubai Mainland or any of the Free Zones. Likewise, the different documents and requirements you might need. You will also discover more about:

  1. What does an event manager do?
  2. Why invest in Dubai’s event management market?
  3. Why do you need an event management license to work in Dubai?
  4. Step by step process for event management license application
  5. Use of event management license to apply for visas
  6. How can we help you get an event management license in Dubai?

1. What does an event manager do?

Behind every successful event in the UAE, there is a mastermind who backs it up with a good action plan. That is to say, event managers. They are professionals who focus on organizing, planning, supervising, and evaluating social, promotional, or corporate events according to their client’s requirements and expectations.

The event manager’s main role is to ensure everything runs smoothly and on schedule. Regardless of the event type, event managers seek to efficiently draw in the target audience and make sure their experience is memorable and enjoyable.

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Moreover, among other activities individual event managers or event management companies take care of are:

  • Creating a detailed action plan that meets the client’s demands, needs, and goals for the event.
  • Assigning and supervising staff activities
  • Monitoring that the event’s schedule is followed to the letter.
  • Submitting a format with the post-evaluation of the event to the client. Event managers also conduct this assessment.
  • Contact special guests, speakers, lecturers, and any other type of host or entertainment figures.
  • Meeting constantly with clients to learn exact specifications for the event.
  • Preparing several itemized proposals that include timelines, possible locations, legal constraints, staffing, and budget
  • Arranging facilities such as parking, traffic control, security, transportation, first aid, entertainment, and media.
  • Supervising the equipment dismantling and removal. Also, clearing the venue efficiently
  • Constantly seeking new customers and opportunities
  • Providing hotel reservations for attendees, special guests, speakers, or hosts.
  • Promoting the event in social media, press, and other means.
  • Ensuring the sale of tickets or receipt of invitations.

1.1 What kind of projects can an event manager in Dubai do?

There is a wide range of activities that an event Business management company can carry out in Dubai. Consequently, thanks to the wide variety of renowned organizations, start-ups, tourism destinations, and VIP options, event managers can organize:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Showcases
  • Concerts
  • Fashion shows
  • Theatre performances
  • Product launches
  • Corporate events, such as parties, trips
  • Trade fairs
  • Weddings
  • Award ceremonies
  • Gala dinners/parties
  • Conventions

2. Why invest in Dubai’s Event Management Market?

Dubai is a city full of life, tourism, and investment opportunities. Throughout the year, more and more companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, and regular people hold high-style promotional, business, or social events across its Mainland and Free zones.

Therefore, establishing yourself as an event manager in Dubai can be a great opportunity. By doing so, you will get access to a market full of local and foreign shareholders who need to promote, organize and optimize their workshops, trips, conferences, seminars, and other events.

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Furthermore, setting up an event management business in Gold City is a cost-effective option to increase your corporation’s potential and reach new heights. Thanks to the different license packages the UAE offers to entrepreneurs, event management business setup cost remains low.

Lastly, by obtaining an event management license in Dubai, you have the possibility to apply for a long-term residency visa for you, your employees, and your beloved ones easily and in a short time.

 3. Why do you need an event management license to work in Dubai

One of the reasons event managements business owners require an event management license in Dubai is to provide a clear, legal, fair service to their local and foreign clients. In this sense, the event management license grants major credibility to event planning companies in the different UAE jurisdictions, allowing them to work seamlessly and hassle-free.

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Similarly, after gaining this license you will have access to the rest of the services found in the license packages such as Flexi-desks, warehousing facilities, residential visas, and an extensive list of national and foreign potential customers.

4. Step by step process for event management license application

Before formally applying for an event management license in Dubai, there are some steps you must follow to make the whole process go smoothly. For example, collecting some documents, establishing your business plan, choosing an available name for your company, and paying the corresponding fees.

Another key point is picking in which of the Dubai jurisdictions you would like to set up your event management business. Remember to choose a location that matches your organization’s mission, vision, and objectives and that you feel comfortable in.

In short, after completing each one of these steps, and with the right counseling, you will obtain your event management license in a short time.

Step 1: Summarize your event management company’s operations

There is a wide range of activities that event managers can undertake in Dubai mainland and free zones, such as event promotion, organization, or post-event evaluation.

However, some of them are restricted. In order to avoid banning and penalties, write down and submit the services your event management company performs. This will also help you adjust your company to the UAE guidelines.

Therefore, to obtain your event management license in Dubai successfully, the activities you should avoid are:

  • Importing or exporting products
  • Facility management
  • Training activities
  • Talent agency-related activities
  • Organizing an event without prior approval from the local authorities

Step 2: Choosing an available name for your enterprise

Although it may seem irrelevant, this is an essential step. It is important that your organization’s name complies with the rules of the UAE territory.

Therefore, be sure to pick a name that is unique and available within the Dubai registries. Likewise, avoid using any offensive or blasphemous words or making references to renowned organizations or companies.

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In case you want to use your personal name for your event management company, use your full name. That is to say, initials or abbreviations are not allowed.

Step 3: Choosing the right business set up area

When getting up an event management license in Dubai, there are two possible zone options available to consider: A Dubai Free Zone or Dubai Mainland. Both of them offer different advantages, benefits, and business setup options for event management organizations.

First, Free Zones are cost-effective jurisdictions. Exemption from customs duties, full repatriation of goods, profits, and invested capital, no personal and corporate income taxes, and no currency restrictions are some of the advantages provided by areas such as Dubai CommerCity, Dubai Design District, or Dubai Gold and Diamond Park.

However, Dubai Mainland company formation’s main attraction is the possibility of trading directly with the local market without using a local agent (which cannot be done in Free zones).

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However, no matter which one you choose, both options are a good place to create an event management corporation. Both the free zones and Dubai Mainland are strategically located, allowing easy access to the technology, investment, fashion, artistic and social markets.

Also, in both locations you will have full availability to high-standard facilities, offices, and warehouses, fully equipped with the best technological and digital devices.

Step 4: Gathering, organizing, and submitting requested documents

There is a short list of papers you will need to submit for an event management license in Dubai which include:

  • Filled event management license application form
  • Passport copy of owners
  • Business partner Passport copy (if any)
  • Two color Passport-sized photographs
  • Initial approval copy from government authority
  • Trade name registration certificate

Step 5: Pay the required fees

One of the last steps to formally apply for the event management license in Dubai is to pay some small services fees. The amount may vary depending on the jurisdiction where you apply for the permit, but it is around AED 14,500 – AED 15,000.

Some of the formalities you will have to pay for include:

  • Business license
  • Name approval
  • Initial approval
  • LSA notary fees
  • Company seal
  • Tasheel Fee
  • Company service
  • Documentation

On the other hand, if you are applying for an event management license in Dubai for the first time, it might be a good idea to add advisory service fees to the above list.

Step 6: Formally apply for the license

Once you have completed all the previous steps, you can formally apply for an event management license in Dubai. Depending on your organization’s needs, you can opt for a full license package or a non-visa license.

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Another advantage that Dubai event management licenses have is the option to keep working remotely in case you need to. However, the full license package includes access to Flexi-desks, which provides equipped facilities with Wi-Fi, mail services, internet, and telephone usage so, your business can have an address in the UAE territory.

5. Use of event management license to apply for visas

Lastly, if you want to set up a physical office in Dubai and supervise personally your event management company, you have the option to apply for a residence visa using your event management license.

The maximum number of visas you can apply for will depend on the package you choose, the number of employees, and the size of your company. Moreover, you can also serve as a sponsor for your family (children, spouses, or parents) to bring them to the UAE.

6. How can we help you get an event management license in Dubai?

To sum up, now you have better knowledge of how to get an event management license in Dubai, you can start planning your company’s entry into one of the best markets for event planning worldwide.

To achieve this, you will need to find the best consultancy team to set up your event planning business in Dubai quickly, safely, and effectively. With over 20 years of experience, Connect Zone has experience helping small, medium, and large companies to establish themselves in the UAE local market at the best price.

From VAT registration system to local partners, we ensure 24/7 support during the entire company formation process. In addition, with our Pro services, you will enjoy continuous advice after entering the Emirati market.

Would you like to contact Connect Zone to know how to get an event manager license in Dubai? In case you have any questions, call us on +971 43 316 688. Moreover, you can email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

Likewise, if you would like to receive extra information, send your CV or resume to Don’t worry; your personal information will not be stored.

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