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How to Get a Dubai investor visa

Guide to E-Trader License in Dubai | Benefits, Costs, & Assistance

The years in which we have seen the surge of small businesses managed from home. For that reason, the e-trader license in Dubai has become such an important tool to have nowadays.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the e-trader license in Dubai. If you have a small business or are trying to start one, here you will learn all the benefits that come from getting the e-trader license in Dubai. Let’s observe:

  1. What is the E- Trader license for Dubai businesses?
  2. Why does my business need an E- Trader license?
  3. How can I get an E- Trader license in Dubai?
  4. Who is eligible to get an E- Trader license?
  5. What do I need to issue an E-Trader license?
  6. What is the cost of an E- Trader license in Dubai?
  7. How can Connect Zone help you get your e trader license?

1. What is the E-Trader license for Dubai businesses?

Thanks to the internet and social media, selling something nowadays has never been easier. Given the amount of money that is invested into these platforms, it is only natural for business start-ups to focus mainly on social media. For this reason, the Department of Economic Development in the UAE has introduced the E- Trader license in Dubai.

In 2017, the D.E.D (Department of Economic Development) in Dubai, decided to introduce the E-Trader license. Their goal was preventing fraud and the sales of fake products online. Therefore, the E- Trader license in Dubai is the result of the surge of online businesses, but also, online defrauding.

The e-trader license in Dubai is the best option for those wanting to sell their products or services online. UAE nationals and GCC nationals that live in Dubai and possess this license are capable of doing online business confidently. In addition, online buyers from all over the world can feel safe buying from a licensed source.

2. Why does my business need an E-Trader license?

If you plan to start a small business, the e-trader license in Dubai is an essential tool to have. For small businesses that rely mostly on online sales, the e-trader license in Dubai offers the ability of legalization. This allows small businesses to sell and offer their products and services online.

However, this license offers many benefits to small business owners. The e-trader license in Dubai, will not only make your business legal but also provide you with all the benefits of a legally established business. For instance, presenting your services or products at exhibitions and conferences, or even, copyright trading your creations.

For inexperienced entrepreneurs with self-owned businesses, the DED also offers workshops and training for e trader license owners. These workshops and events held by the DED, give you the opportunity of networking and educating yourself on new topics.

2.1 . Here are some other benefits:

  • Having 100% of the ownership.
  • Being able to open a corporate bank account.
  • Copyright trademark protection.
  • Is the cheapest license there is in Dubai.
  • Having access to training and workshops.
  • Being able to run ads on different websites.
  • Access to networking and exposure of your brand.

3. How can I get an E-Trader license in Dubai?


The process of getting the e-trader license UAE is considerably simple. However, making sure you have the right documentation can be tedious. If you want to get your e trader license UAE and make sure, everything is error-free, Connect Zone is more than glad to take you through this entire process.

With over twenty years of experience, providing pro services over all the UAE. Connect Zone is here to guide you and provide you with the assistance you need. These, are the steps to follow in order to get your E trader license in Dubai:

  • Get yourself registered on the DED website.
  • Next, you will have to provide information regarding the social media accounts you are currently using.
  • Finally yet importantly, make the necessary payments in order to get your e trader license UAE.

3.1. Restrictions for the e-trader license in Dubai

As much as we would want to have this license, the e-Trader license in UAE is not for everyone. You can find a few hurdles in the way of getting your e Trader license in Dubai. Therefore, here we show you some things to take into consideration before applying for your license:

  • This license does not include nor provide you a residence Visa.
  • Since this license is for small businesses, you will not be able to hire staff.
  • If you want to lease a commercial building or office for your company, you will not be able to do that with the e-trader license. This document is for small businesses managed from home, meaning, businesses located in a commercial building are not eligible for this license.
  • Since the e trader license UAE is for self-owned business, you will not be able to involve friends or family.
  • As well as other activities regarding your business, that Connect Zone can give you consultancy on.

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4. Who is eligible to get an E-Trader license?

There are many factors to take into consideration when applying for this license. A common mistake many entrepreneurs make when getting a license, is applying for the license with the lowest possible cost. However, when it comes to the e-trader license in Dubai, not everyone is eligible to get it.

This license, however, is ideal for entrepreneurs looking forward to starting small businesses. An essential tool will help the growth of your business. Although, one of the conditions of having this license, is to always remain a small business.

If your plan is to sell handmade accessories, decorations, or even clothes, this license is for you. On the other hand, if your plan is to sell your items on a bigger scale, the e-trader license in Dubai is not for you. Here, we show you who is eligible to get this license:

  • Freelancers looking forward to getting online recognition.
  • Stay-at-home moms, looking forward to getting a new source of income.
  • Those who want to establish a 100% owned business.
  • Expats with certain Nationality

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4.1. Who is not eligible to get the e-Trader license?

As we have mentioned above, the e-trader license UAE does not suit everyone’s needs. Here are a few conditions to keep in mind in order to get this license:

If you plan to grow your business and possibly lease a place and hire staff, this license is not for you. The target audience for the e-trader license in Dubai is small businesses. For this reason, any other businesses, wanting to grow their companies need to apply for another more suitable license.

This license is aimed to help small businesses located in Dubai. Thereby, if you are not a resident of Dubai, you are not eligible to get this license. Moreover, if you are considering moving to Dubai and getting this license, you will need to get a residence visa beforehand.

There are a few other impediments for a particular business to get the e-Trader license in Dubai. If you are interested, our team can assist you on this particular subject. Here at Connect Zone, we offer you the consultancy you need to verify your business is suitable for this license.

4.2. Here are a few examples of who is not eligible for this license:

  • Big corporations.
  • Companies with more than one employee.
  • Businesses that sell and offer their service on a big scale.
  • Multi-owned businesses.
  • Companies established outside Dubai.
  • Textile companies.
  • Agricultural businesses.
  • Big restaurants and food chains.

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5. What do I need to do to issue an E-Trader license?

Apart from the other requirements mentioned above, it is important to bear in mind some of the basic documents needed. For instance, you must be a resident of Dubai and have a valid UAE ID. In addition, you should in fact be over the age of twenty-one years old or older.

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In addition to this, your business should be inherently focused on social media websites. Although you can make physical sales, this is not to say you are allowed to lease a place. The majority of your revenue, exposure, and ads should be focused on social media accounts.

When it comes to the required documentation, apart from your valid ID, you will need some other papers. Amongst those, you need to provide your business registration. As well as proof that the social media accounts of your business belong to you.

If you do not yet have your business registration, Connect Zone can help you get your business registered. Connect Zone can provide you the assistance you need to get your license by offering you our pro consultancy services, and our VAT registration services, to register your company hassle-free.

5.1 What should I do if my business is not eligible for the e-trader license in Dubai?

In case your business does not meet the requirements for the e-trader license UAE, Connect Zone can help you find a more suitable option for you. It is understandable that not everyone is fit to get this license, if that is your case, do not worry. There is a variety of licenses that you can choose from.

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Naturally, there are a number of licenses aimed to suit every type of business. For that reason, Connect Zone helps you find the license that is best for your business. From exclusive consultancy for your business to effective assistance on your documentation and registration of your business.

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6. What is the cost of an e-trader license in Dubai?

When it comes to getting a business license, one of the first concerns to come up in our clients is the price. Naturally, for business owners, it is important to balance the correlation between the cost and the benefits that come with it.

However, the e-trader license cost in Dubai it’s what is most attractive for entrepreneurs. The e-Trader license is not the most popular license for no reason. Is the fact that, for all of the benefits it offers, it still manages to be the cheapest option.

If you are still skeptical about how inexpensive this license can be, here we show you what you need to know about the e-trader license cost in Dubai. The e-trader license cost in Dubai is only AED 1,070  and you can renew it annually . But along with it you will have to pay AED 300 for Chamber of Commerce which is mandatory . So in total the cost is AED 1,370 to have your e-trader License ready! This license, in contrast with the rest, is considered the cheapest license available for businesses in Dubai.

7. How can Connect Zone help you get your e-trader license in Dubai?

For entrepreneurs looking forward to starting a business, and yet, not having the monetary resources to start big, the e-Trader license, is certainly their best option. In addition to that, we have to mention how inexpensive the e-trader license cost in Dubai can be. Moreover, of course, the number of benefits it provides to business startups.

If you are curious to know more, please give us a call to obtain more information about how to get an e trader license in Dubai. You can call us on + (971) 433 166 88 and one of our representative operators will gladly answer all of your inquiries.

You can also email us at, and we can schedule a call at the time that works best for you. Alternatively, if you desire to get the information via email, we can send you a detailed guide to help you, fully tailored for your business.
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