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Freelance Work in Dubai

How to Start Freelance Work in Dubai | Connect Freelance Guide

Carrying out Freelance work in Dubai has become the goal for several professionals from around the world. Since the UAE is one of the top destinations to work and live, it’s common for people to want to come to this place to have a great quality of life.

In the past few years, Dubai has become a place that attracts talented professionals that have created a freelance revolution. Thanks to its thriving online marketplace, freelancers and clients have the opportunity to connect themselves and everyone can get several benefits.

There are several reasons to look for Freelance work from home Dubai, so if you’re interested in knowing how to achieve this, you should keep on reading. In this article, we’re going to explain everything you need to know to start your freelancer career in the UAE. Let’s observe:

  • Things you should keep in mind for freelance work in Dubai
  • Who can work as a freelance in Dubai?
  • What do you need to work as a freelancer?
  • How can you start working as a freelance in Dubai?
  • How can you get a freelancer license in Dubai?
  • What are the benefits of working as a freelance in Dubai?
  • How can Connect Freelance assist you with freelance work?

Things you should keep in mind for freelance work in Dubai

The Freelance work in Dubai has been expanding up to a point where it’s estimated that 65% of freelancers live in this place. As you can see, there’s a freelance market that’s continuously growing and if you want to take advantage of this trend, this is the time to do it.

However, you may still have some doubts about this process and you may not be sure whether making this decision will be the best for your career.

The truth is that freelancing offers peace of mind, flexibility and the opportunity to continue increasing your knowledge and expertise. For this reason, Dubai may be the best place for you since it’s an economic hub that offers several opportunities for freelancers.

What is freelancing?

Perhaps you’re a full-time employee that want to incur in the freelance world, or you may be a young professional that is looking to earn money and gain experience. In this case, you must know what freelancing is and how you can take advantage of this employment model.

Freelance refers to working independently, which means it’s a self-employment model that allows you to work freely and select the clients and projects that you want to take.

In this regard, if you’re looking for Freelance jobs online and you want to live in Dubai, you can do it by obtaining the license that will allow you to offer your services legally.

Who can work as a freelance in Dubai?

It’s important to know who can carry out the Freelance work in Dubai. Not every career has a high demand of freelancers, so it’s essential to consider if your profession can allow you to flourish in Dubai working as a freelance.

However, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t belong to any of the most demanding freelance professions you can’t work as a freelancer. It means that you have better chances of thriving but you’re free to carry out your profession as a freelancer even if there’s not a high demand for it.

What are the best freelance professions in Dubai?

If you want to work as a freelance in Dubai, it’s better for you to choose one of the following professions or career because this way you’ll have more options available to work:

  • Writer and Copy-writer
  • Translator and interpreters
  • Web developer and mobile app developer
  • Teacher
  • Graphic designer
  • Expert in SEO or SEM
  • Careers in creative design
  • Legal services

There are several paths that allow you to freelance in, you just have to look for the best Freelance jobs in Dubai online so you can start getting clients and offering your services.

What do you need to work as a freelancer?

If you’re planning moving to the UAE and start your Freelance work in Dubai, you need to consider what you need to do it.

There are two important things you need to offer your freelance services in Dubai which are the following:

What is the freelance license?

With the freelance license you’re able to get Freelance jobs from home. It’s a valid document that allows you to legally work and offer your services as a freelancer, independent contractor or sole practitioner.

However, it’s essential to know that there are different options for the freelance license. It depends on the activity you’re going to carry out. In addition, the requirements may vary by permit provider, so it’s important to do a careful research of what you need to provide to obtain your license.

Why do you need a freelance visa to be a freelancer?

In the UAE, it’s essential to have a visa to enter the country and to live there. You need a freelance visa dubai along with your freelancer permit.

If you’re under your spouse or parent visa, you don’t need to apply for a new one. But, if you’re outside the UAE or you have a tourist visa, you must apply for freelance visa.

How can you start working as a freelance in Dubai?

To start the Freelance work in Dubai you need to carry out several steps. Let’s observe the following:

  1. Define your business activity: the first thing you should do is define your freelance activity. Keep in mind that you must have accreditation to offer you professional services. In addition, it’s best to search for the high-demanded professions so you can get more clients.
  2. Choose the jurisdiction: you must choose whether you want to work in Mainland or in a Free Zone. Each one of them offers several benefits so you must evaluate which one adapts better to your requirements.
  3. Apply for the residence visa and work permit: fill the application form and submit it with the necessary documents
  4. Payments: pay the fees to collect your freelancer license and visa

Once you have carried out these steps and got your license, you’re able to get Freelance work from home Dubai.

How can you get a freelancer license in Dubai?

Since obtaining the license is a mandatory step to carry out Freelance work in Dubai, you must know how to get it.

Let’s observe the following stages you must go through to obtain your freelancer license:

  • Get the necessary documents: before starting the application process, you need to gather and attest the documents you’ll need to submit.
  • Translate the documents: it’s important to translate your documents to Arabic by using a certified translator
  • Fill the application: provide all the necessary information
  • Develop a business plan: some jurisdictions require the freelancer to provide a business plan focused on the freelance activity
  • Submit the application: once you have everything ready, submit the application to the relevant authority
  • Get provisional approval: if the authorities grant you the provisional approval you can get the customer confirmation.
  • Sign the confirmation letter: submit the confirmation letter signed along with your documents to get the final approval
  • Make payments: pay the necessary fees for the freelance permit, visa sponsorship and office space (if required)
  • Sign the sponsorship agreement
  • Collect your permit and visa

Which documents do you need for your freelancer license?

Here we have a list of the most common documents you must submit when you apply for the freelancer license. Keep in mind that the requirements may vary depending the Free Zone where you apply:

  • Valid passport
  • Bank details
  • NOC from your sponsor
  • Bank reference
  • Education certificates

With your license you’re able to look for Freelance jobs online and even work as an independent contractor for a company.

How much time does it take to collect the freelancer license?

When you carry out the process to obtain your freelance license you want to obtain your document as soon as possible so you can start working immediately.

The entire process for the application for the freelancer license may last up to two weeks. Once you apply for your license, you can wait for up to 10 days to collect it so as you can see it’s a pretty quick process.

If you’re interested in getting a sponsor so your entire application process is easier, you can contact Connect Freelance to assist you. We can provide you everything you need so you can get your work permit fast and hassle-free.

What are the benefits of working as a freelance in Dubai?

It’s important to know all the benefits you can get by carrying out Freelance work in Dubai. Here we have some of them:


Getting Freelance jobs in Dubai online will allow you to experience freedom. You won’t have a boss or a manager supervising you. Experience the liberty of making your own decisions and do things your way.

Time flexibility

When you work as a freelance you get to work at your own pace. You can carry out the tasks whenever you feel like your productivity and concentration are high.

This is a great benefit because it allows you to focus on your family or any other activity that you’d like to carry out.

Better work-life balance

In Dubai, you can experience a great quality of life, and if you work as a freelancer, you’ll have the flexibility that will allow you to have an excellent balance between your life and your career.

You won’t have to deal with overtime hours, and you can choose the time and place where you want to work. This gives peace of mind and flexibility.

Higher income

Having a single full-time job may give you enough to live in Dubai, but if you work as a freelancer, you’ll have the opportunity to get more clients and thus obtain a higher income.

In addition, you can select the clients that you want to work with, so you can choose to work for those that give you better offers for your services.

How can Connect Freelance assist you with freelance work?

If you want to get assistance with Freelance work in Dubai, here in Connect Freelance we can help you. You don’t need to go through the process of obtaining the license alone since we can offer assistance with this matter.

Finding the correct license for your business activity can be complicated, but you don’t have to worry because we have a team of specialists that can provide the best service so you can obtain the result you expect.

We can help you get Freelance jobs from home, you just have to contact us. You can start having the best life in Dubai and grow professionally thanks to our support.

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