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How to start an e-commerce business in Sharjah Free Zone?

How to start an e-commerce business in Sharjah Free Zone?

As the digital era unfolds, e-commerce gains power in the UAE. Therefore, any foreign high-level business entrepreneur who wants to enter the Emirate’s online market needs a solid digital presence and the necessary permits to get skyrocketing sales above all. Consequently, a great way of introducing yourself is starting an e-commerce business in Sharjah free zone.

In this article, you will take in everything about how to Start an E-Commerce Business in the Sharjah Free Zone and lay the foundation for a thriving online organization in one of the biggest digital markets worldwide without problems. In the same vein, you will also learn:

  1. What is the Sharjah Free Zone in the UAE?
  2. What is SHAMS in Sharjah Free Zone for?
  3. Benefits of starting an e-commerce business in Sharjah free zone
  4. First steps to set up an E-Commerce business in Sharjah
  5. How to get an e-commerce license in Sharjah free zone
  6. How can we help you to start an E-Commerce business in Sharjah free zone?

1. What is the Sharjah Free Zone in the UAE?

Free Zone in the UAE is one of the multiple growth options has to offer to online entrepreneurs of all kinds and nationalities. That is to say, these are specific regions of the UAE that have their own rules for trading, embracing a particular type of business. Nonetheless, most go around tech hubs, media, e-commerce, or Freelancing.

Each one serves a certain purpose according to the goods and services traded within it. In the same vein, the main goal is to provide a thriving ecosystem to small and medium entrepreneurs with a yearning for setting up a visionary business.

Here you can discover various potential business ideas to start a business in UAE

Free zones have import/export freedom, different taxes and customs duties, and business rules. As a result, you can find these areas dedicated to technological innovation and digital entrepreneurship in the vast majority of jurisdictions in the UAE. One of the most popular free zones sectors among foreign investors is Sharjah free zone.

With a strategic location, a vast diversity of company structures, and open possibilities for e-commerce business, Sharjah offers to entrepreneurs different areas to establish a high-level business above all. Sharjah free zones are divided in:

  • Hamriyah Free Zone.
  • Sharjah Airport International Free Zone.
  • S.A Regional Trade Center (USARTC) Free Zone.
  • Sharjah Media City (SHAMS).

2. What is SHAMS in Sharjah Free Zone for?

One of the goals of Sharjah Free Zone is to be a prolific home for digital entrepreneurs. Thus, the Sharjah Media City, also known as Shams, was created in 2017 to host content creators, programmers, and freelancing specialists from all over the world.

Shams specializes in holding mass media, creative entrepreneurship, programming, computing, and the e-commerce business in the Sharjah Free Zone.So, it is a technology epicenter focused on creative and digital entrepreneurship with ease of inclusion, growth, and investment for foreigners and nationals alike.

There are other Free Zones you can consider when starting an e-commerce organization. Another good option is Dubai. Read this step by step to learn how you can start a business in any of its Free zones.

3. Benefits of starting an E-commerce business in Sharjah free zone

Since Shams is a zone dedicated to digital creation and e-commerce within the digital world, both e-commerce business owners and start-up entrepreneurs can enjoy multiple benefits to set up a successful business.

Sharjah authorities are aware of the support e-commerce business owners need to succeed. So, a special bonus offered in SHAMS is the remote-work friendly ecosystem where entrepreneurs can have access to facilities all around the city with all the tools and commodities required along the way.

On the other hand, another advantage of Shams is its low cost of investments. For instance, thanks to its popularity, Shams authorities keep prices of technological equipment and work areas low to keep entrepreneurs coming and setting new businesses.

Likewise, other benefits e-commerce businesses in Sharjah free zone enjoy are:

  • Option to apply for a 3-year residency visa for up to 6 persons.
  • No need to have a sponsorship to create the enterprise.
  • Forgetting about service or product registration.
  • Freedom to trade with foreign and national investors.
  • Possibility to repatriate goods and profits.
  • Businesses with long-term growth potential.
  • Low initial and operating investment costs.
  • Possibility of international dealings.
  • Ease of mobilization.
  • No warehouse requirements.
  • The supplier will take care of Product Registration.
  • Complete ownership benefits.
  • No import or export taxes.
  • Access to an e-commerce license.

4. First steps to set up an E-Commerce business in Sharjah

Before launching your e-commerce business in the Sharjah free zone market, there are a few things you should consider first. According to free zone policies across the UAE, companies cannot sell directly to their customers. In other words, it is essential to apply for licenses in Sharjah free zone.

To trade freely, you’ll require suppliers to offer your products to clients. It is important you know perfectly the products, services, and business plan you have in your start-up above all to know what license will you apply for.

Although there are a few restrictions for online business owners, there are also some requirements you must follow. For example, if you need a warehouse, you will need to apply for a warehouse license to store your products.

One of the huge advantages is that your company will not deal directly with the registration of the product with customs. To clarify, his part is only responsible for the intermediaries you will be working with.

In case you want to purchase the products yourself, you will have to pay the customs fees and provide information about the suppliers. In case you are interested in getting a license in another free zone, learn how to do it in this ultimate e-commerce license guide for Dubai free zone.

4.1 What kind of businesses can open e-commerce in Sharjah Free zone?

Any successful business today should dive into the online world. Certainly, the way for turning your product or services into thriving e-commerce is only limited by your imagination. To sum up, if you want to take your business to the next level, you can do it through a site, social media, or mobile apps.

Regardless of what you have to offer, for starting your e-commerce business in Sharjah free zone you will require a license and permits to operate freely in the UAE. Keep in mind that the main requirement to apply for an e-commerce license is an innovative, unique, creative business.

Not everything is limited to social media. There are up to 120 economic activities you can choose to apply for an e-commerce business license such as manufacturing and professional services of most professional sectors. Also, you’re not limited in this way. It is possible to combine activities for your license submission.

Here we leave you a wider list of careers that opt for this permit:

  • TV, Movies, and Radio production.
  • Broadcasting activities.
  • Web design.
  • Data processing and hosting.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Information service activities.
  • Programming and Web Development.
  • Entertainment.
  • Consultancy Services.
  • Photography.
  • Graphic, Fashion, and Interior design.
  • Production.
  • Scientific Development and Research.
  • Marketing.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Publishing activities of books and journals.
  • Translation.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Social Media Influencer.
  • Music recording and production.

4.2 What documents will you require to get an ecommerce license Sharjah Free Zone?

After considering the key points to fulfill, it is time to obtain a special license to open a successful ecommerce business Sharjah free zone. To do so, you will have to collect some essential documents to get your permit and start your online business.

For applying you will need:

  • Shareholder Passport and visa.
  • Copy of your sponsors’ Emirates ID/Passport.
  • Filled application for an Ecommerce License Sharjah.
  • Memorandum of Association Draft.
  • NOC of Sharjah.
  • A local service/civil work agreement.

To apply for one or several residency visas before asking for your e-commerce license, there is a process you must follow.

Follow this step by step on how to UAE visa residency.

4.3 How much will it cost to get an Ecommerce license Sharjah free zone?

The price of the ecommerce license Sharjah free zone may vary.  For example, it will depend on multiple factors such as the size of your company, the number of visas you want to apply for, extra fees or consulting services, among many others that could come up.

An approximate cost would be between AED 15,000 and AED 50,000 depending on the license package you choose. Another cost to add to the list is document clearing, read more about why document clearing is so important in business setup 

5.  How to get an ecommerce license Sharjah

For opening an ecommerce business Sharjah free zone is crucial to follow a series of steps so that the process is done correctly, quickly, and safely. Among these steps are:

  1. Gathering all the required documents and keeping them organized for submission.
  2. Register your company name according to the guidelines. Make sure the name is unique and most importantly, available in the market.
  3. Picking up the requirements for an office or warehouse.
  4. Establishing your staff needs firstly and keeping in mind a supplier for your product secondly.
  5. Choosing your e-commerce license package and paying the correspondent Shams Fees consequently. However, it may vary if you’re a company owner, a single shareholder, or a freelancer.

If all your papers and documents are in order and you have paid the corresponding fees for the process, then you will be ready to obtain a license in Sharjah to start working in one of the best tech markets in the world.

6. How can Connect Zone help you to start an E-Commerce business in Sharjah free zone?

If this is your first time requesting this type of license, a helpful hand would be good. In case you need guidance to get the license faster, keep in mind an extra expense you should add to the list by hiring a consulting firm to help you out.

Next, to start an e-Commerce business in Sharjah Free Zone as soon as possible, we advise you to ask for professional help to complete the process without trouble. Therefore, Connect Zone is ready to advise you on how to set up a thriving business in Shams easily.

We offer different services to help you establish a great business in the UAE without setbacks. Likewise, we are ready to assist your business with VAT registration services, document clearing, data verification, and translation, among others. Certainly, a helping hand is always good and you can get it with our local partner services.

Would you like to contact Connect Zone to how to start an e-commerce business in Sharjah free zone? If you have any questions, call us on +971 43 316 688. In addition, you can email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

In addition, if you would like to submit your CV or resume, please enter to or send an e-mail to to receive more info. Moreover, the info you send won’t be stored. We expect your message.


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