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how to check grace period after visa cancellation

How to Check Grace Period after Visa Cancellation

All the expatriates and foreign entities must hold a residence visa if they are planning to dwell in the city on temporary basis. Therefore, it is equally crucial to stay updated with the cancellation of the visa.  This way, you can apply for the renewal before the date of expiry and save yourself a lot of efforts and trouble.  However, the declared law of UAE government gives the liberty of few days so that the visa holder can manage things accordingly. This period is known as grace period. It varies with many factors like the type of visa, reason of cancellation etc.

Give this guide a read to acknowledge the details of how to check grace period after visa cancellation and what is the grace period after visa cancellation. This way, you will be informed by the advancement in status of your visa. The renewal can be done before the time of expiration so you don’t have to pay extra money or deport the country if things persist to go south.

Contact Immigration Authorities

By doing the following actions, the holder of a UAE visa can check the visa cancellation grace period online:

  • Go to the ICP webpage.
  • Select the search parameters.
  • The ICP website offers a number of selections.
  • Select the “File #” option from the “Search by” menu.
  • For instance, you can select the “Residence” option under the “Select type” option.
  • Select the “Emirate Unified Number” under the “File Type” menu.
  • The visitor is now required to enter some data and private details.

There are other methods that you can choose as per your convenience to contact immigration authorities. By these, you can check grace period after visa cancellation in dubai.

  • Phone: Use the ICP website to get the exact phone number for your emirate (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.)
  • Email: Try sending an email to the ICP. (This may take a while)
  • In-person visit: you can also stop by their center if you are the citizen of UAE.

Check Official Government Websites

The Government Official Websites are available to tap into the status of visa cancellation and grace period. The convenient thing to do is visit the websites of GDRFA or MOHRE to get the understanding of your concern. This will be followed by entering your visa details in the given portal.

Review Visa Documents

To observe and determine information regarding your grace period after visa cancellation, reviewing the official documentation might disclose or help navigating the process. This could be te employment contract on which you were hired or the visa-related paperwork.

Consult with an Immigration Lawyer

Considering the intricacies and possible changes in grace periods, speaking with an immigration lawyer might be advantageous. An immigration lawyer can assess your particular circumstances (visa type, cause for cancellation) and offer the most current and correct guidance on your grace period and other legal remedies. In addition to providing piece of mind, this can guarantee that you abide with UAE immigration laws.

Check with Employer or Sponsor

You can consult your or with the respective member of the company you were employed to, for the duration of grace period. This is applicable to those who were terminated from the employment.  This way, the employer might share the important details and the implied period that you can avail after annulment of visa.

Contact the Embassy or Consulate

The embassy or consulate that helped you gain visa of residence in the UAE may act as a useful resource in determining the grace period. They must have some authentic information about the grace period based on your previously provided details.  This may result into the proper guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Checking the Grace Period after Visa Cancellation

Q1: How long is the grace period after visa cancellation?

In the United Arab Emirates, the grace period following the cancelation of a visa is different for different circumstances. However, recently it was generalized to the range of 60–180 days for many resident visas.

Q2: Can I stay in the country after my visa is canceled?

Only if the renewal of the visa has occurred before the date of its expiration, an individual will be allowed to stay in the country. However, depending on the kind of visa, people can be permitted to remain in the state for grace period following the cancellation of their visa.

Q3: What should I do if I’m unsure about the grace period?

If you are not certain about the grace period, you can check through the aforementioned various methods that you can try for the verification.

Q4: Can my employer or sponsor provide information about the grace period?

Your employer might know the details of your exact grace period if the reason for your visa cancellation is termination or deployment. If your visa annulment reason is different, you need to access the official immigration authority for the knowledge.

Q5: What are the consequences of overstaying the grace period?

Overstaying your visa grace period in the UAE is a serious offense and can lead to several negative consequences. These include Fines that you will likely to pay every day, impossible to obtain new visas for the UAE in the future. Moreover, in severe cases, you might face deportation and a ban on re-entering the UAE for a specific period.

Q6: Is there a way to extend the grace period?

There will be no grace periods for tourists from the UAE after 2023. The government views any additional time spent in the nation after the visa expires as an unlawful stay. For each day that is spent in violation, there is a daily fee of AED 50.

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