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Emirates ID – Everything You Need to Know

The Emirates document ID is a mandatory card for UAE residents and citizens and is issued by the ICA (Federal Authority for Identify and Citizenship). This physical identification card must be carried by all citizens and residents all the time. However, the National Identity Institute recently announced a new digital/electronic version of the card while applicants wait for their physical card.

In this article, you will learn everything regarding how to get an E-version of the Emirates ID and the step-by-step procedure. Similarly, by the time you finish reading, you will understand the benefits and who can apply for this ID in Dubai and the UAE. In other words, the new identification document has additional electronic and visual features that will stop identity fraud in the country.

1. What is an Emirates ID?

It is the main resident card and identification for all UAE residents and citizens. It is a national database that holds all residents’ information and it is mandatory to be carried at all times. The Emirates Identification Authority (EIDA) is the government body in charge of issuing the identification card.

Likewise, this identification card has an electronic chip that contains all important information about the resident such as, fingerprints or biometric data, basic details and the photo. Residents can use the card in plenty of transactions such as paying fines, registering vehicles, and paying phone and internet bills.

Similarly, the UAE government is planning that the emirates ID takes the place of the residents’ driving license and debit card. In the year 2016, the Emirates identification card replaced health insurance cards.

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2. How to get your electronic Emirates ID in 3 steps

In early August of 2021, the UAE government presented a new generation of Emirates ID cards. This new generation of cards includes the date of birth of the holder, enhanced protection of the holder’s ‘non-visible information’, a 3D picture and a longer validity period of 10 years.

The new generation of emirates ID will also have additional data such as employment information.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has begun issuing the new advanced version of the Emirates ID. However, you can use the electronic version of your physical ID on the ICA smart app, the app is totally free to download on Android and iOS stores. Similarly, UAE residents can use this electronic version for all government services and it is valid like its physical version.

That is to say, the ICA has organized with all business and service providers, as well as the authorities concerned to offer their services based on the new version of the Emirates ID.

The Federal Authority made a tweet about the new phase of upgrading all national identity documents, “according to the transition to the new generation of passports and identity cards”. There are three steps to get a new electronic identification card:

  1. Download the ICA app via iOS or Android.
  2. Scan the QR code to generate an electronic card in your document wallet in the app.
  3. Use the e-version of the identification card for all UAE services.

3. Is the digital version of the Emirates ID free?

The digital and electronic version of it is available for free on the Federal Authority for Identify and Citizenship website. Likewise, it is available on both Android and iOS devices.

4. Is the e-version of the Emirates ID legal?

This new version of the Emirates identification ID in Dubai and the UAE is valid for all institutions and all government-related services that require the physical Emirates ID. This process of getting an e-version of the identification card is simple and is available for free on any device.

However, the it is an important identification for both UAE nationals and residents. You can also check the status of your card process online. Having an emirates ID has several advantages such as opening a bank account, apply for a Dubai driver’s license, secure a home internet package, etc.

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5. How to acquire an Emirates ID card?

Individuals who want to obtain an Emirates ID card as a UAE national, GCC national or ex-pat will realize that is an easy-to-follow procedure. The government is trying to make the process as simple as possible so more and more people apply for it and bond to the process of an innovative future in Dubai and across the UAE.

Companies sponsoring ex-pats (not including GCC nationals) can apply for acquiring the Emirates ID by themselves.

Application: Individuals who want to obtain the Emirates ID card must complete the application form. Applicants can complete the application at an approved typing office or online.

EIDA: at the EIDA office you must fulfill standard information such as photos and fingerprints. After that, they will give you a receipt that you must keep in order to collect your ID when is ready.

After the application form has been submitted, applicants receive an SMS on their phones. This message will set a time and date, as well as the EIDA branch you must visit.

After that, will need the following documents:

For UAE nationals:

  • Family book.
  • Valid passport.
  • Emirates ID application.

For UAE Residents:

  • Passport
  • Work permit or visa
  • Emirates ID application.

Fee: AED100 annually.

Tracking: you can track your application process on EIDA’s website by typing the account number.

Delivery and collection: the EIDA will send the emirates ID card to the applicant’s local post office. Similarly, although you can check the process status online, the EIDA will send an SMS to your phone.

Most importantly, applicants must collect their IDs in a 90 days period or it will be discarded by the EIDA.

Renewal: when your ID card expires, you must follow the same process all over again.

6. Things to know about the Emirates ID

  • Carry your card: as we mentioned earlier, it is mandatory for all UAE residents and nationals to carry their identification ID all the time. Not carrying it can lead to legal mishaps.
  • Lost identification card: since carrying your Emirates ID card is a mandatory requirement and you must carry it all the time; you need to replace it as soon as possible in case you lost it.
  • Changing your name: if holders get married and change their name, they must notify the EIDA.
  • Children: all Dubai and UAE citizens must have a valid Emirate ID; including newborns and children.
  • Wrong details: if you realize that any of your printed information is wrong, you must visit an EIDA office and correct the details.

7. How to renew your identification ID?

All Emirates ID has their own expiration date, this depends on the validity period of the card. For example, all UAE residents and citizens have a month from their expiration date to renew their card. After this period, they risk a fine of 20AED every day. This fine can accumulate up to 1,000AED.

UAE nationals are usually requested to renew their ID 30 days before the card expires. This is different with ex-pats, since they only can apply once their card expired.

The process of renewing is the same as the first application which was first processed. ID holders can renew online or through any of the typing centers.

These are the renewal rates based on their validity period:

  • 1 Year: 290 AED.
  • 2 Year: 390 AED.
  • 3 Year: 490 AED.

8. Documents required for renewal

All documents required for the renewal of the Emirates identification card are the same as the first application process. However, the only additional thing you need in this case is that you must hand in your old Emirates ID card. This applies to all UAE citizens and residents as well as GCC residents.

In other words, ex-pats instead of showing their entry permit, they must hand in their residency visa under the renewal process while applying for the identification ID renewal.

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9. Losing your emirates ID card

The UAE government has also given guidance if you’re your Emirates ID has been, stolen, damaged, or if you lost it. There are some basic procedures you must follow if any of the previously mentioned mishaps happens to you.

  • Firstly, the holder must report that has been lost or stolen. Therefore, this event will be reported to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and your identification card will be deactivated at once.
  • Secondly, if the holder lost the card outside the country; you must inform the UAE embassy.
  • The cardholder must apply for a replacement card and follow the previously mentioned process.
  • After that, the cardholders must pay all the necessary fees and their card EIDA will issue within 2 days.

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