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uae golden visa benefits

Top 5 Benefits of the UAE Golden Visa Program – Unlocking Opportunity

The UAE Golden Visa program is extremely interesting for any entrepreneur and investor from around the world. This initiative provides several UAE Golden Visa benefits for those who wish to settle or invest in the country. From the possibility of residing for up to 10 years in the country to the exemption from the need for a local sponsor. In other words, the purpose of the Golden Visa is to open doors and unlock opportunities for those who want to apply.

In this article, we will explore in detail the five key benefits of the Golden Visa in the UAE. From the freedom to work, live, and study in the country to maximum business ownership. In addition to being able to enjoy the ease of traveling with a multiple entry permit. In short, we will discover how this visa can transform the lives of investors and entrepreneurs. Keep reading to discover the UAE golden visa benefits.

Long-Term Residency

uae golden visa benefits

Among the UAE Golden visa benefits is that it offers up to 10 years of residence. In this way, it is a substantial upgrade from regular visas. Additionally, it provides a solid foundation for professional and personal development.

This extended period is advantageous for those who wish to deepen their roots in the UAE. Therefore, obtaining a Golden UAE visa allows you comprehensive professional development and great opportunities for business growth.

This long-term visa allows individuals and their families to integrate into the culture and community in the UAE. Furthermore, this fosters a greater sense of belonging and a better understanding of local traditions and customs.

Business Opportunities

Provides unparalleled access to employment and business opportunities. For this reason, among the advantages of Golden Visa UAE, this one stands out greatly. In addition, the UAE is recognized thanks to its high-level infrastructure and services.

It can also include a cutting-edge technological ecosystem, a modern transportation network, and state-of-the-art medical facilities. In this way, these characteristics collectively create a very favorable environment for professionals and companies to prosper.

Added to this is the ease of doing business, combined with a strategic location, making the UAE a magnet for foreign entrepreneurs and professionals.

Thanks to this access, the doors are now open to infinite possibilities for professional and business growth. Furthermore, all this is in an environment that is globally competitive and innovative, making this one of the great Golden Visa UAE benefits.

Access to Quality Education

Another of the benefits of Golden Visa UAE is access to quality education for families with children. Specifically, it includes a series of discounts on higher education. In this way, it makes it more financially viable for families to afford study opportunities at the highest level.

In this way, thanks to the Golden visa benefits, international universities can now establish their branches in the country. As a result, students can delve into various fields of study and obtain qualifications recognized around the world.

This educational incentive is a clear testament to the UAE’s commitment to fostering excellence. Additionally, it provides families with all the resources necessary for the academic success and growth of their children.

Healthcare Benefits

A UAE Golden visa provides families with access to an exceptional healthcare system. This aspect is fundamental to the country’s high quality of life.

Additionally, this access includes state-of-the-art healthcare facilities that are equipped with the latest technology. Also, they are cared for by world-class medical professionals.

The availability of this highly advanced medical care offers residents a wide range of treatment options. Additionally, a feeling of security and peace of mind regarding your well-being and health.

In this way, this medical care is not the only good thing since you can find other advantages of a UAE Golden visa. Among these are world-class leisure and entertainment options in a living environment that is completely safe.

Financial Opportunities

The Golden visa opens up a large number of investment opportunities. This is especially true for entrepreneurs seeking access to business-friendly policies, finance, banking, etc.

Additionally, investors in certain industries are granted full ownership of their companies through this visa program. In this way, it becomes a great offer for foreign investors.

As part of the Golden Visa UAE advantages, there are tax advantages. Therefore, new foreign companies that want to start business in the UAE will be able to enjoy these benefits.

Foreign entrepreneurs doing business in the UAE can enjoy reduced tax obligations, especially if they are operating in a free zone.

These free zones have special tax and customs regulations. In this way, foreign investors will face a lower tax burden.

Lifestyle and Culture

The UAE is home to a large number of foreign professionals and family members. Added to this, there are international educational institutions with exceptional education.

For this reason, a multicultural and inclusive learning environment is cultivated in the UAE. In this way, you will be able to learn about a large number of cultures apart from that of the UAE, greatly changing your lifestyle.

Real Estate Investment

One of the Golden visa benefits is the exclusive right to own UAE properties, a privilege that greatly distinguishes them in the real estate market.

Furthermore, this benefit will be reinforced by reduced fixed mortgage interest rates. Therefore, much more affordable financing options are generated and facilitate the expansion of property portfolios.

The UAE is known for its very dynamic business and tourism sectors worldwide. Additionally, they have a high-demand real estate market, making this a very attractive opportunity.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the UAE Golden Visa program

What is the UAE Golden Visa program?

A Golden visa is a long-term residence permit that offers benefits to foreign talents. In this way, they are allowed to live, work, or study in the UAE. Therefore, meeting the requirements to obtain a Golden visa is an important first step.

Eligible individuals include investors, scientists, entrepreneurs, humanitarian pioneers, outstanding students, and frontline heroes. In addition, among the types of UAE Golden visas are:

  • 5-year green residence visa: This is aimed at highly qualified professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed. Additionally, 3 executives and family can be added.
  • 10-year Golden visa: A family, domestic support staff, an advisor, a CEO, and executive partners contributing AED 2 million can be added to this visa.

What are the benefits of the UAE Golden Visa for investors and entrepreneurs?

The UAE Golden visa opens the door to a wide variety of investment opportunities, especially for all those entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the favorable business policies of the UAE.

In certain industries, you may even have full ownership of your company. For this reason, it is one of the most attractive places for foreigners looking to invest.

What are the benefits of the UAE Golden Visa for skilled professionals and academics?

Among the benefits that you can enjoy if you are the holder of a Golden visa are:

  • Expanded residence rights.
  • Ability to sponsor your family members and unlimited household helpers.
  • Self-financed work or stay.
  • Extended time outside the UAE.
  • Exclusive healthcare packages.
  • Dubai Police Esaad Privilege Card.

How many countries can travel with UAE Golden Visa?

It is always important to know certain details about the Golden visa. Among these are the new visa rules or the countries you can travel to without needing a visa. Therefore, the countries you can travel to are:


  • Maldives.
  • Armenia.
  • Kyrgyzstan.
  • Azerbaijan.
  • Nepal.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Japan.
  • Singapore.
  • Thailand.
  • Malaysia.


  • Georgia.
  • Montenegro.
  • Serbia.


  • Seychelles.
  • Mauricio.

There are a total of 15 countries that you can travel to without a visa if you have a UAE Golden Visa. Additionally, this list is always subject to change according to each government’s policy.

Access to these countries must also be taken into account. Therefore, you should be aware of any changes if you want to travel to one of these countries or another outside the list.

What are the discounts for Golden Visa holders in UAE?

One of the UAE golden visa benefits is the Esaad Privilege Card, which is provided free of charge to some select categories of Golden Visa holders in Dubai.

Thanks to this exclusive card you will have access to various benefits and discounts. Specifically in automobiles, property, hospitality, healthcare, health insurance, and banking services. As a result, the UAE golden visa benefits are higher.

It can be said that the Esaad Privilege card improves the overall value of the Golden Visa in the UAE. Especially by adding a layer of financial and lifestyle advantages that are hard to overlook.

What is the salary for Golden Visa in UAE?

The first thing you need to know is that the Dubai Golden Visa aims to attract and retain exceptionally talented professionals, executives, and investors. Specifically, those who want to obtain a long-term residence in the UAE.

Any holder of this long-stay permit can enjoy the UAE golden visa benefits. That is, travel, study, work, and even sponsor family members without problems.

The Golden Visa system has further boosted the UAE’s position as one of the most advanced centers in the world. Specifically, for global businesses and lifestyles, attracting people from all over the world to the UAE.

A Golden Visa offers long-term residency for 10 years to people earning more than AED 30,000 per month. The other option is through AED 2 million or more. You can even own an off-plan property valued at AED 2 million or more.

Who is eligible to apply for the UAE Golden Visa?

  • Scientists and doctors: Require approval from the Ministry of Health and Prevention of the United Arab Emirates. In addition, a letter of recommendation from the relevant scientific councils is necessary.
  • Inventors: They need a letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Economy. Especially, the one that validates the patent and adds value to the economy of the UAE.
  • Creative people in arts and culture: Require a letter of approval from the Department of Arts and Culture of the UAE.
  • CEOs: Valid university degree and at least five years of experience in the same position and a minimum salary of AED 50,000.
  • Athletes: A recommendation from the General Sports Authority of the UAE or sports councils.
  • Science and engineering specialist: Relevant qualification and employment contract.
  • Outstanding Students: Those high school students with the best grades and college students. Also, having a high GPA from popular institutions.
  • Public investment investors: Deposit AED 2 million in an accredited investment fund in the UAE. Additionally, you can own a business with at least AED 2 million in capital or pay a minimum of AED 250,000 per year in taxes.
  • Real estate investors: They have to own property in the UAE worth at least AED 2 million or purchase property through a loan from local banks.
  • Entrepreneurs: Possess an innovative economic project worth at least AED 500,000. In addition, it has the support of an auditor from the UAE, the relevant authorities of the emirate, and a business incubator accredited in the country.

How long is the validity of the UAE Golden Visa?

Currently, thanks to the government of the UAE, the validity of all categories of the Golden Visa increases from 5 to 10 years. As a result, it is an even more attractive option for those who want to work and live in the UAE.

Additionally, Golden Visa holders can enjoy a multiple-entry visa for a period of 6 months. Thus, you can complete the Golden Visa procedures.

You are also allowed to stay outside the UAE for longer than 6 months. Therefore, foreigners have 6 months to modify their status and obtain another residence visa or leave the country.

The grace period after visa cancellation or expiration is longer than 30 days to 6 months for Golden visa holders and their family members. Therefore, foreigners now have a period of 6 months to modify their status and obtain another residence or leave the country, if necessary.

Finally, you have to know that fines do not apply during the grace period. However, if the Golden visa holder does not cancel or renew the visa of his or her dependents, the dependents may be required to pay an overstay fine.

Are there any financial requirements or investment thresholds for the UAE Golden Visa?

Yes, for investors who want the Golden Visa in the UAE, a financial threshold generally includes a minimum investment in real estate. This investment has to be valued at AED 2 million or its equivalent in other eligible investments.

Are there any restrictions on Golden Visa holders regarding travel outside the UAE?

Holders of a Golden Visa and some other categories can enjoy the privilege of staying outside the UAE. Specifically, for a period of more than six months without affecting your residence permit status.

How can I apply for the UAE Golden Visa?

Currently, there are two equally practical and good ways to apply for this long-stay permit and therefore, enjoy the UAE golden visa benefits, we describe them below.

Application through the ICA

If you want to apply for a Golden visa, you can do so through the ICP smart services online platform. The process is very simple, you just have to present the necessary documents and be willing to move to the United Arab Emirates.

Application through GDRFA

Eligible applicants can apply for the Golden Visa through the GDRFA website through the following steps:

  • Go to the GDRFA Dubai website.
  • Select the Golden Visa service you want and are eligible for.
  • Fill out the form to apply for the Golden visa in the UAE.
  • Attach the essential documents and pay the fees.
  • Submit the Golden Visa application in the country.

On the other hand, those eligible have to apply for the Golden Visa through the GDRFA Dubai Smart App, using the steps given below:

  • Download the GDRFA-Dubai app (Android, iOS).
  • If you want to make the request and do not have an account, you must register a new user account.
  • Subsequently, you have to select the service you want.
  • Attach the documents for the Golden Visa and pay the corresponding fees.
  • Finally, you have to submit the application for a Golden Visa.

It is important to know that eligible candidates can also apply for the Golden Visa in person through the AMER Center.

Can I apply for permanent residency or citizenship through the UAE Golden Visa program?

Initially, you have to know that a Golden Visa gives you automatic access with a residence permit. However, there is a longer path to obtaining a UAE passport. That is why the answer is yes, a Golden Visa can eventually lead to citizenship, but to do so you have to live in the country for a few years beforehand.

Are there any specific industries or sectors targeted by the UAE Golden Visa program?

Yes, the Golden Visa program is especially for the investment industry. The truth is that it is aimed at a wide range of investors segmented into four main categories:

  • Partner/Investor: Especially those with participation in companies in the UAE.
  • Deposit Investor: It is for people with significant bank deposits in the UAE.
  • Real Estate Investor: It is special for people who want to invest in the Dubai real estate market.
  • Tax Collection Investor: Aimed at people who want to make substantial tax contributions in the UAE.

Can Golden Visa holders sponsor their family members for residency in the UAE?

One of the best UAE golden visa benefits is the possibility that people can sponsor their family members, regardless of the age of the dependents. Children and spouses are eligible for sponsorship, so families can stay together.

Additionally, they have the option to enjoy the UAE golden visa benefits. Even, in the unfortunate event that the main visa holder dies, family members can remain in the UAE. All this under the Golden Visa with a limit until the natural conclusion of the visa term, providing a feeling of continuity and security.

Can I convert an existing UAE visa to a Golden Visa?

If you can, you have to submit the necessary documents correctly, after that you have to wait for approval. In this case, initial approval will take at least 48 hours.

It is important to note that you will have to cancel your current visa. In addition to performing a complete medical evaluation again. After completing these steps, you will have your new Golden visa within three to five business days. Thus, you can enjoy all the UAE golden visa benefits that you saw previously.

Are there any age restrictions for applicants of the UAE Golden Visa?

Currently, there is no age restriction to apply for a UAE Golden visa. That is, an applicant can apply for any category of the Golden Visa as long as they know and meet the necessary eligibility criteria.

How can I renew my UAE Golden Visa once it expires?

uae golden visa benefits

If you want to renew your Golden Visa in the UAE, initially, you have to submit a renewal application before the expiration date. That is, you will have to provide updated documents, such as copies of your visa and passport. Of all the documents, the most important is proof of continued eligibility for the Golden Visa category.

Finally, you have to keep in mind that renewal may also require an updated health insurance policy and a medical fitness test.

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